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Writing Silver Kiss


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Guest Skyechild91
::bonks Azure Wolf:: NO dork! Its about wanting someone, getting them, then drifting apart! Or is it a dream.. anywhoo, stop dubble posting and evrithing is good to go!
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I once read a book called "The Silver Kiss" (well, something to that effect), so the first thing that comes to mind is vampiric love....

Or maybe that's not what your poem's about. >_>

I agree with AzureWolf's suggestion. "Drifting into mist" flows far better than "drifting into a mist." Besides, that really enhances the assonance of "drift" and "mist."

Also, it's "smoldering," not "smuldering," and "surprising," not "suprising."

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hehehe sorry, I was typing too fast, I always forget to check spelling. It's always about me getting down what I feel.
~the first ones about a guy i let get away even though I loved him, I still haven't been able to find him
~the second ones about blood lust

(P.S. Dagger, I think I read that book too, I love vampires)
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