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Anime Finally the 5th Saint Seiya's Movie


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Well as the subject says, they finally confirmed that they will make a new film for Saint Seiya, and it's now the 5th movie of the Saint Seiya... I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw the news and I was gonna be dead after watching the two great artworks for the new movie ;) finally a new Movie for Saint Seiya... We need to celebrate guys ;) and here are the pics, hope you like it:



As for the Story, well the story takes a place after the Hades's Chapter and the beginning of the Tenkai Hen Chapter (Zeus's Chapter) the villain is Artemis, there are some new characters... It's really good to see new characters but it's sad that the Gold Saints aren't there anymore, I hope to see them again by some way...

Here are some informations I got about the film, thanks refers to the Saint Seiya's forums and Kyo-San, the name of the movie is still a rumor but I will write it though...

Japanese Name: Saint Seiya Kamigami to No ketsubetsu
English Name: The good-bye with the Lords
Running Time: 60 to 90 minutes
Director: Masami Kuramada
Music: Seiji Yokoyama
Art Director: Shingo Araki & Michi Himeno

* The movie will this time last longer than the previous ones
* The opponents of Athena and her Saints will this time be Artemis and Apollo
* Seiya, due to his battle against Hades, will be in a chariot at the beginning of the movie, his cosmo depleted
* the Bronze saints will be wearing their 3d-generation bronze cloths and not their God Cloths.

I just can't express how happy am I for this new film... Now after the confirmation of this new film, I am hoping the confirmation of the Saint Seiya Hades: Chapter Underworld... That's what I hope for... That's what I have for now... See ya around guys...
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