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Writing One of my many poems

Guest Ragan

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I was once told I could live forever and there forever be. But even without immortality I could live forever in a memory. For those who thought and forgot me not showed they really cared. ?But doesn?t death scare you, don?t you want your life to be spared?? Sparing my life would prolong my strife and agony would have its way but in a memory I could in any liking stay. ?Aren?t you afraid of the ending day and what may come to pass?? What?s there is mine and I shall find my prize won from my tasks. ? You talk as if you could know, as if you could see, but tell me kind sir do you know what?s waiting there for me?? I could never know because you could never show me what in life you have done, but you will see what?s there to be will come from the battles you have won. And there you see what is right shall be ?neath life?s sinking sun do your best from all the rest and in the end your journey will have just begun.
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