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Anime Verbal Abuse and Personal Attacks


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[size=1]Seeing as how much of this forum is devoted to a competitive card game it?s no surprise that this forum has become overrun by harsh and personal attacks towards the members who frequent it. Something as simple as a card game should not become a catalyst for any disagreements that our members may have. Lately arguments in this forum have grown out of hand, and the purpose of this thread is to remind members that while constructive criticism is always welcome, cruel remarks about a member, their decks, playing strategies, experience are not allowed in any way.

If you see a member who violates this, or any other rule on our forums it is highly recommended that you use our Private Messaging or "Report This Post to a Moderator" features. They are the most effective ways of notifying a moderator about such problems, and by arguing back at them you would be breaking the rules as well.

Please remember this the next time you post in this, or any of our lovely forums. Consider this your first and last warning on the subject, any offenders will be dealt with immediately from this point on.


-Shy[/size] :whoops:
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