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Writing Shadow Hunter


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Yo people, umm this is the first chapter of my short Story Named Shadow Hunters.
Shadow Hunters

Chapter One :

The streets were empty as two men stepped out into the open. Each had a hand gun in his right hand's.

"Just give it up Koji, you're not gonna live."

"Let's just see about that, shall we, Augusta?" Koji smiled and lifted up his .45 colt custom and pointed it at the man.

Augusta fired his hand gun, Koji could see the bullets coming and moved to dodge the bullets, one by one. He dodged them successfully.

"Is that all you got Augusta? Well, why do you think people call me the Shadow Hunter?
Koji slid his gun behind his back, between his belt. He moved his right hand to his side, a leather box held shurikens. Koji brought out three and held them in his hands like playing cards. He flung them at Augusta with amazing speed and accuracy. Augusta took all the hits and fell to the ground, blood gushing from his wounds. Koji landed on the ground seeming disappointed in the fight.

"Augusta you was not even a match for me." Koji laughed and turned around walking down the empty street. As he left the town people swarmed around Augusta.
"He was not even a match!"

Before their eyes Augusta's human like form vanished, and he appeared to be a shadowy figure with dagger like claws.

"OH NO!"

"That was one of those Shadow Creatures that has been killing innocent people and trying to take over the world."

The crowd grew thin and the discussion of the matter seemed to disappear. The shadowy figure disappeared with the gentle breeze that was blowing. Koji knew that Augusta was a Shadow Creature. They did not know him but they considered him the one that has been killing people. Koji stopped in a dense forest, walking to a nearby tree with a dagger carved into it. He pushed the handle of the dagger then the blade. The ground that surrounded him sunk into the earth. Koji stood there leaning against the metal wall. He looked around the Room.

" Tisaki?" Koji yelled through the halls of the building.A young girl around the age of seventeen ran through the halls and stopped, breathing heavily before she could speak.

"Sorry Koji, I was making you a new shuriken." Tisaki smiled and reached him a shuriken carved to look like diamond.
"Why does it look like a Diamond?" Koji moved his fingers around the top of the shuriken carefully to not touch the sharp edges.

"It's made like that so it can hold some more of that poison that we have. Remember the posion that you brought back the other day after destroying another Shadow Creature?" Tisaki nodded.

"Yes I remember, for some odd reason the posion makes the Shadow Creature's weaker than normal..." Koji slid the diamond shuriken into the leather box that was located on his right side.

Walking to the the tree that had the dagger shaped on it, he turned around and nodded to Tisaki. Tisaki nodded back, Koji pushed the handle of the dagger then the blade and the floor under him went up. When it reached the top, Koji was back in the forest looking around for anything that looked suspicious. He saw something that seemed like a blur when it moved. He threw a shuriken into a tree before the blurry figure. It stopped and came out into the open.

"Hello, you seem mighty good with them shurikens. Names, Daigo...Daigo Sasaku. " Daigo laughed and leaned against one of the trees.

"Hmm...thought you was some type of shadow creature with the speed you have."

"Yeah, I train often so that I can get faster and stronger. The speed is not the only thing I am pretty good at." Daigo reached behind his neck and brought out a katana. He slashed out in front of him making a X shape. The X shape seemed to burn with flames. Daigo stabbed into the middle of the X and it was sent flying to a tree. The tree seemed to have nothing wrong with it but seconds later the tree was cut completly.

"Very nice, Daigo, not bad at all. Hmm I know this is kinda convinient, but my name is Koji, Koji Tsuyuma. The thing is I need some help getting rid of these Shadow Creatures. If we get some more people we can over run the Shadow King located in space. I know it sounds weird and you probably never heard of it but its true. That is what I do, I destroy the Creatures that kill innocent people." Koji nodded towards Daigo.

"Yeah I know who you are. I've been following you for a while. I suppose I will join the "Shadow Hunters" but on one condition. When I challenge you to a fight or spar you have to accept no matter what, Deal?" Koji asked.

"Deal!" Daigo replied.

Koji reached out his hand and Daigo did the same. They shook hands and began chatting about how they will find the Shadow Creatures and then destroy the Shadow King. Both Daigo and Koji walked out of the forest and was surrounded by shadow creatures. They flipped into the air and landed on the outside of the shadow creatures. Both began punching and kicking the shadow creatures. One by one they all went down, Daigo and Koji laughed and decided to camp, so they did.

Chapter 2 Next
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