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Writing Forever World Poems (i might get these published!)


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I welcome the darkness,
As if it were light,
Into my heart it flows.

My blood runs cold,
My heart beats fast,
My eyes shift across the room.

To the window,
To my desk,
To the knife,
To the mirror.

Where my reflection,
Waits for me,
To join it,
In my own little World.

High in the sky,
Past the clouds,
And moon,
Into the stars.

The realm of darkness,
It calls to me,
To where my heart,
Has already gone.

It has waited for many years,
For me to return,
And to regain my throne,
As Princess Chi.

Forever it waits patiently,
Yet always calling to me,
Whispering to the stars,
Who say to me.

Return, Return!
You belong with us,
In the night sky,
Forever shrouded in Shadow.
how do you like that? constuctive responces please!
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thanx t man.
and heres a new one!

Forever dreams,
Dance thru my head,
Pestering me beyond sanity.

I have felt the river,
I have seen the bridge,
I have walked the path across.

The visions in my head,
Grow stronger every day,
Brighter, more clear,
As the black and white fade away.

Today I have seen,
My death your death,
The end of time.

The end of time will come someday,
When my visions will fade away,
Turning the rainbows to black,
And the people to white.

My body will be destroyed,
And all life will perish,
But no matter what,
I will still have my,
Own little world across the bridge.

(i have no clue where this came from, it just came in a vision.)
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Well I think they are both really good, I know how they just seem to come out of nowhere at times... T-Man...If you think these are disturbing then you haven't really read much poetry... Especially mine...Mine is VERY disturbing if you think this art is... Anyway.. I think they're great poems... They have really good imagry... I like that... tty'all later....:D
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blood is stained on my walls,
on my hands,
and in my heart.

forever i must hide this secret,
never to be found,
hiding it with all my might,
only leaving hints as i begin to die.

the pain comes,
and every thing turns black.

the shadows have come,
i think,
the pain will go,
i think,
but my soul will stay,
forever bound to this secret.


thank you i know i'm crazy, but i will always be me.

And another:

[COLOR=skyblue]Forever Meadow

Is only an ilusion,
Set by the human mind.
But the meadow,
In not imagonation,
Nor is it reality.
The Meadow is there,
It always has been,
Always will,
But man started to destroy it,
Creating a path,
A burned out dirt path,
That leads the evil minions,
To my mind,
Slowly stealing my sanity.[/COLOR]

or in other words the chickens steal my sanity one by one.
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T-Man, I'll show you disturbing. Anyway. Do you happen to write much, Ryu Sakura? Boths poems are written fairly well, but they could flow a little better if you had choosen different words. You should try revising some, I couldn't understand some of the miss spelled words. I [U]had[/U] liked the last one the most, but not so much any more. Reason being you put that thing about the chickens. Oo So now I like the "Chi," poem better. It's the second most well written of the four. (first being Forever Meadow") In other words great job, Ryu Sakura. Very nice, hope to read more from you. ^^
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As i lie there dying,
you walk in the door,
i thought you came for me,
but you came for it,
nothing more.
you ripped out my heart,
and took it away,
now i slowly start to deacay,
as my dream fades away,
I will never be with you again.

i have no clue where this idea came from but i like the turn out! :rotflmao:
starting tomarow i will take requests for poems in your siggys, all i ask is a pic to inspire me, a tittle and a link to this thread when i've given it to you.

[updated Nov. 19, 03]

I stand there,
Lonely, waiting for,
Someone who will never come,
Someone who was never here,
Someone who is not existent,
Someone who never was,
Someone who never will.

Although the memory of them,
Is fresh in my mind,
I feel them hold my hand,
A hand of empty and faded photographs,
A hand who I never held,
A hand who never was.


Fading away as the days go by,
I look to the sky,
Trying to grasp what color was sawn,
Holding on till all is gone.

I stepped into to the shadows,
For I could not hold on,
I shivered with fear from my heat to toes,
Nothing is left all is gone.

No sound,
No light,
No sky,
No ground,
No fight,
No lie.

I had lost it all,
I faded into death,
And as I fell,
The sound drains away,
Leaving nothing but a cold bitter silence.


Truth be told,
He called.

Lies be gone,
He sung.

But I cant,
Whispers a soft voice.


Blame in on me,
Lies I did not say, I did no wrong,
As you accuse me,
Can?t you see,
Knowing I am me, and not she?

And that I did nothing wrong,
Nothing at all,
Did no wrong for you to accuse me.

While I stand there denying what you say,
How can you not see the perpetrator standing there with thee,
Isn?t it she not me who has cast bad wills upon us,
Tisn?t me! I yell, only to be bound tighter into the web of lies,
Exclaiming I did not, for she did wrong not me.


Mooing at the Moon,
Oh, how I moo,
Oh, the moon.
I moo all night when the moon is,
Near, mooing away, till it is day,
Getting nowhere, nothing done,
Until I decide to moo at the sun.

[Updated: Decembre 20, '03]

The Kindness

The kindness you showed me is a sweet tune,
And if there was a moon tonight,
I?d pull it down for you.

The gentleness in how you said it,
Made me feel true.

But in truth I?m no more then,
A little Truth for you.

I was sent her to help you out,
To make you see the truth.

But I got blinded in my haste,
And now you are too.

If I could change something I did,
It would be this:

It?s only possible to get true bliss,
When you help other who are true.

They can help you find a way,
And make dreams come true.

The only way you?ll pass in life,
Is to do what you feel is true.

But in truth I did nothing more,
Then blind you.

~For a friend~

by the way Decembre i french for december. (the french months are bouncing in my head...)

[UPDATED January 1st]

I came up with this while listing to ?Numb? by Linkin Park. Note: there are Quotes from the song they will be in ??.

?I'm tired of being what you want me to be,?
How controlled can?t you be?
?Every step that I take is another mistake to you,?
How can I be more like you?
?Can't you see that you're smothering me,?
I can?t see how you?re not smothering me.
?Is be more like me and be less like you,?
what do I have to do to make you see?

wow, that turned out bad. O.o


Why do you mock me?
Your feathered wings flash in the light,
Your little eyes glinting with spite.
Do you mock me for my dream?
Or because I can?t go on to achieve?
The times change you say,
But I am still a little lost angel with no wings.
My dreams fall apart,
I can never fly.
Never join you in the sky,
Stuck on the ground unable to leave this spot.

i kinda like that one...


Anger the feeling you feel inside,
Strong and deep almost makes you die.
You jump of a building with a gun,
Shooting at people walking by never getting done.
You?ll never die with that feeling inside,
Though it poisons,
Your soul and mind.

i think that one is odd.

Tell a Story.

Tell a story of dreams come true.
Tell a story of what you can do.
Tell a story of where all is well.
Tell a story of an old bell.
Tell a story of an angels dream.
Tell a story of clouds of cream.

no clue where this came from.
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