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Writing Inuyasha Fanfic... The End of the Shikon no Tama


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The End Of The Shikon No Tama
Sengoku, 1560. Four years after Kagome first fell through the well, for Kagome the final battle between good and evil was about to begin.
In those four years Sesshomaru and Inuyasha joined forces against the evil Naraku and Kagome managed to get her jewel shards back from Kikyo.
Naraku and Kikyo kidnapped Rin and Shippo in order to lure Inuyasha and company into a trap. Angered by the actions of his arch nemesis and his deceased lover Inuyasha lost his temper and was about to go charging off into battle, but was stopped by Sesshomaru.
Just as angry as Inuyasha, but with slightly better judgment Sesshomaru kept Inuyasha from doing anything too terribly stupid. He instead had a planning session with everyone about what their course of action should be.
After two months of planning and tracking Inuyasha and company came upon their quarry in a large meadow close to what is now Kyoto. There a horrible battle raged on for three days.
On the last day of battle Inuyasha and Sesshomaru managed to get Rin and Shippo back, with relatively little injuries. While they were getting the children back to the relative safety of the group, Kagome was mortally wounded while trying to hit Naraku with one of her arrows.
Naraku saw that the arrow was going to hit and most likely kill him, so he deflected the arrow, which as an end result struck Kikyo. Angered by this betrayal Kikyo ran to Kagome?s crumpled form and picked up her discarded bow and arrows.
Kikyo?s aim was true as she set her sights for Naraku?s left shoulder, where all his jewel shards were hidden. Her arrow hit just right of her mark, hitting Naraku in the middle of his chest. With most of his body obliterated Naraku fled the field of battle and Kikyo?s fragile shell of a body started to disintegrate. It took all her strength to keep herself together. Inuyasha realizing for the first time that Kagome was hurt and rushed to where her body lay. Kikyo looked down at Inuyasha struggling to wake Kagome when he knew it was in vain.
With the soft voice of the Kikyo he once loved Kikyo told Inuyasha that she regretted everything that she?d done sense she came back, and the only way she could try to atone for what she?d done was to make sure that Kagome was given the proper burial of a miko and make sure the Shikon no Tama was burned with her.
Although she barely had enough strength left Kikyo bent down and kissed Inuyasha and in the process disintegrated completely.

Four years later, Sango and Miroku were married and although they had problems they had produced two children. Both of the children were like their parents, but they were also like their namesakes, Kagome and Kohaku. Although they didn?t know that both Kohaku and Naraku were still alive they chose to honor the ones they loved in life.
Inuyasha and Sesshomaru often came to visit the happy couple and play/train their children. Through the years only Sango and Miroku?s decedents knew that the brothers were demons.
Shippo and Rin became close and although they never officially got together they were often by one another?s side until the day Rin died.
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Well, you also have to consider the fact that I am taking what I call a writer's privilage with the storyline and making it into something I work with. All the original characters, like Inuyasha and the like are still Rumiko Takahashi's creations. All I did was take her creations and put them into a slightly different setting.

That is why it's called a fanfic. The fan, in this case me, takes what is already there and makes it into something different. I took the storyline from about the 36th or so episode and created this. I'm sorry if I don't follow all the movies and the anime to the point, but that would take away from the fun of writing a fanfic.

I don't mean to yell at you or anything like that, but I feel that I should elaborate upon what you have already said. Please don't take offence by my words. I greatly appriciate all criticism any of my work recieves. It shows me that I still have things to improve upon and make better. I would be greatly saddened, if no one saw anyway to critique anything I managed to produce. So again, I thank you for your comments and I will take them into consideration in my further writings.
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This was also supposed to go with the prologue in my first post for the shikon no tama fanfic....

1877, eleven years after the beginning of the Meiji era began.
Inuyasha and Sesshomaru have successfully started a business and were doing well. At their headquarters in Tokyo, Sesshomaru befriended a wondering samurai by the name of Kenshin Himura. Intrigued by Kenshin?s style of swordsmanship, the Hitten Mitsurugi style, Sesshomaru began to study under Kenshin.
While studying under Kenshin, Sesshomaru met Miss Kaoru, Yahiko and Sonosuke, some of Kenshin?s friends. He also met a mysterious woman that vaguely reminded him of someone he used to know.
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Now for Chapter One of The End of the Shikon no Tama.......Chapter One
Modern Day America

Danyella walked her usual two laps for P.E., musing over the weird feeling that she?d been having. Like someone is watching her. For the last week the feeling has been haunting her. Even though she tried to see the person watching her, they?d always managed to avoid her searching gaze.
I don?t get it. I know someone?s watching me. I just can?t seem to find them. My friends all think I?m crazy. They think I?m just making it up for attention. Well?
?Hey! What the hell? Put me down.? Danyella yelled at her assailant. But instead of complying, they pushed off of the ground and started to fly. Wide eyed and frightened Danyella turned her head to look into the face of someone she thought only existed in anime and things like that. A fictional character.
?I need to talk to you. Don?t scream or try to run away when I put you down.? His voice was deep and had a cruel undertone.
?But? but how?? Danyella asked.
As they touched the ground he put her down and looked at her with cold eyes, evil eyes. Eyes that belonged to someone else. Frightened Danyella tried to pull away, but his grip on her arm tightened until she was afraid the bones would break. Tears squeezed out of her eyes as she screamed for him to let her go. Danyella tried to hit him, but every time she ended up missing or was blocked.
?Stop, now.? His voice showed all his impatience. ?You are in danger. A very powerful, a very evil man has been watching you, following you. He thinks that you could be carrying the key to the whole world and he wants it.? His cruel voice grating on her ears.
?Who is this man you speak of and what does it have to do with me? I have no clue about this key thing.? Danyella said, still trying to get away, but she tried put up a brave front.
?This man looks to be just a little older than you, but do not be deceived, he is much older. A wretched creature, long white hair and amber eyes. He always wears red and carries with him a samurai sword.? Now his tone was mocking and those evil eyes darkened.
?What am I suppose to do when I do actually meet him? What?s his name?? Danyella asked, she didn?t trust this Sesshomaru impersonator.
?His name is Naraku, you can?t do anything against him, but run and call my name. I won?t be too far away.? This Sesshomaru impersonator said with a wry smile.
?And what is your name?? Danyella asked as she shifted her weight, she didn?t like this strange man and wanted to put as much space as possible between them.
?My name is Sesshomaru and I am trying to keep you safe.? The man said as he reached forward and grabbed Danyella?s wrist, pulling her close enough for her to hear the wind rustle his hair.
?Unfortunately, it?s time for me to return you to your class.? He said inhaling the sent of her shampoo, and gathering her up into his arms pushing off the ground again, to fly her back to the locker room entrance. He put her down and was gone in, like smoke in the breeze.
Danyella shuddered and walked into the locker room. She felt dirty. Danyella sat down on the bench in front of her locker and felt like crying. The rest of the day Danyella was unusually quiet and reserved.
After getting off the bus Danyella?s goodbyes to her friends were almost inaudible. Walking home with her head down and in deep thought.
It doesn?t make any sense. Inuyasha shouldn?t look a little older than me. Sesshomaru is evil and he wouldn?t be trying to save my life. In fact he should have killed me when he had the chance, in the meadow, rather than telling me about Inuyasha... Wait a minute what am I talking about? They?re all fictional characters and I ate something that I shouldn?t have eaten last night.
Danyella started to turn the corner onto the street where she lived. Danyella was quite surprised when she ran headlong into another person.
?I?m sorry. I di?? Danyella?s words stopped at her lips. The person she had bumped into was no other than Inuyasha.
?Inuyasha.? Danyella whispered.
?How did you know my name?? Inuyasha asked, understandably surprised.
?I? uh? (cough) um, well ahh, I can explain that.? Danyella started uncomfortably, she scratched her head and started again, ?I believe Naraku came to me today. But he was disguised as Sesshomaru, I couldn?t be sure. He kept talking about how I have the ?key to the world? and how you?re the evil demon Naraku, not Inuyasha. But that didn?t make any sense because Sesshomaru despises humans and wouldn?t try to save them? well except for maybe Rin, but that doesn?t count.? Danyella paused for a breath and Inuyasha held up a hand.
?Just how do you know all this?? He asked.
?Now that I can explain with relative ease. Come with me and I?ll tell/show you.? Danyella said as she started walking to her house again, but stopped when Inuyasha didn?t follow her.
?Hey Inuyasha is it true that whenever Kagome said ?Sit? did you? oops. Sorry.? Danyella said as she turned around and saw Inuyasha lying face down on the street with his feet sticking in the air.
?How did you do that!?!? Inuyasha yelled as he looked up.
?Umm, I don?t know.? Danyella said as she hurried back to Inuyasha to help him up.
?You have to explain everything. NOW!? Inuyasha said firmly.
?Ok, follow me. I can explain everything I know.? Danyella said as she handed Inuyasha a notebook and told him that he was now a new student at her school and that he had gotten on the wrong bus and needed to use the phone at the house.
?Your name is Kevin and you are in my P.E. class. You got that?? Danyella asked as she and Inuyasha walked into her yard.
?Yeah, but why?? Inuyasha asked intelligently.
?Because my grandma is very nosey and I don?t think she?d like it if I told her that you were a half demon and that you just decided to drop by for a visit. You?ll understand everything else once I explain. However, I can?t explain very well without the help of visuals. OK?? Danyella said as they reached the front door.
?Ok.? Inuyasha agreed, then they walked into her house.
Danyella told her grandmother who Inuyasha was and why he was here, that he would also be helping her with some homework. She also told her grandma that he?d need to use the phone, so his parents wouldn?t be worried when he didn?t get home right away. Danyella grabbed the phone and walked down the hall to her room. Inuyasha had no choice but to follow in her wake. Danyella practically plowed into him as he was just walking in the door as she was walking out.
?C?mon you have to see this.? Danyella said as she held up a tape. She walked into her grandmother?s room and went to the T.V. Danyella inserted the tape, grabbed the remote and plopped down on the bed.
Inuyasha stood in the doorway as the tape began to play. The first episode began to play and slowly played out until the end of Sesshomaru?s first appearance on the show. As the episodes kept going, Inuyasha walked closer to the T.V. and sat down in front of it. He almost looked like a little kid, the way he sat looking up at the screen, watching the anime play out. When the last of the three episodes with Sesshomaru ended, they sat in silence for a few minutes before either one said anything.
?Inuyasha?? Danyella began softly. Inuyasha?s head slowly turned toward hers.
?Inuyasha, I?ve seen a lot of these episodes, but I don?t know the whole story. All I can tell you is what I?ve seen so far and what I?ve guessed on my own.?
Danyella began to tell Inuyasha everything that she knew and had guessed. By the time she was done the shock on Inuyasha?s face had changed into that of thoughtful consideration. Although he asked a few questions, Danyella had pretty much free reign in the conversation.
?So is that how things really went?? Danyella asked.
?Kinda, though some of those things never really happened. The Yura of the Hair demon never existed, or if she did I never met her. Though some things were not even done justice. Take Miroku for example, he was ten times more lecherous in real life.? Inuyasha said.
?HA! I?m sorry, but this is the Americanized version. If we were watching the real Japanese version, wow, you wouldn?t be saying that.? Danyella interrupted. Inuyasha smiled at her and nodded his head, what she said was true. The Americanized version of any anime was gonna be a lot different than what he expected.
Inuyasha?s thoughts drifted inward and Danyella noticed Inuyasha just sitting there, a kind of far away look on his face. It was a look Danyella wasn?t quite sure of. ?Inuyasha, are you ok with all this??
?I don?t know. I mean was I really ok when all of this started 500 sim-od years ago? I don?t know if I?m ok with it, but I do know that I?ll deal with it one way or another.? Inuyasha said as the light came back into his eyes.
Danyella stood up and rewound the tape, popped it out of the VCR and took it back to her room. Inuyasha followed her. The phone rang and Danyella answered it. Having nothing else to do Inuyasha walked around her room and looked at various things. Posters, a stereo, a lamp, some pictures, a computer? The pictures! One looked so familiar. Inuyasha looked at it fixedly at the picture.
Somewhere in the back of his mind something clicked. He?d seen her before. Back in Japan, before the Meiji Era came to an end. Sitting on a hill, under a tree. He was enjoying a day away from everything with this woman and a few friends. There was a small stream trickling on his right and on his left was this beautiful woman, her long two-tone hair cascading down her back. The woman was smiling and holding what looked like the Shikon no Tama, and not only that, but it was whole.
?Inuyasha. Earth to Inuyasha. Hello, is anyone home?? Danyella was shaking his shoulder gently.
?Who is that?? Inuyasha asked, pointing to the picture on the wall.
?Why, that?s me two years ago. Mom, Aunt Tina, my friend, Marcie and I went to Florida for a week. Marcie and I got this at one of the places we visited.? Danyella shrugged. ?Why??
?No reason, she looked kinda familiar, that?s all. I should probably get going.? Inuyasha said as he pulled out his cell phone and called someone.
When Inuyasha got off the phone they walked out to the front yard and sat in some garden chairs under the shade of an umbrella. They talked a little more about Inuyasha and the whole jewel thing. After a little while, a black sedan pulled into the driveway and who else got out, but Sesshomaru.
?Hello there.? Sesshomaru said, and Danyella knew for sure that the person she talked to earlier was, without a doubt Naraku.
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Chapter Two
The Next Day

The next day at school, Danyella was so preoccupied that she didn?t even notice Inuyasha in all of her classes until after lunch and he came up to her.
?Hey, Danyella. Are you ok? You?ve been quiet all day.? Inuyasha said as he walked up to her.
?Hi Inuuuu?Kevin. How are you? I didn?t realize you were here.? Danyella stumbled over the words. Trying to keep his demon-ness a secret. It would have been a little obvious if she were calling him Inuyasha all the time? she did hang out with quite a few other anime fans and most of them knew of the Inuyasha anime.
?Yeah, I uh, changed my classes so I could be in all of yours. We have a lot to talk about you know.? Inuyasha said, catching on quickly.
?Now why would you wanna do that?? Danyella said in a teasing voice and shaking her head a little.
Inuyasha smiled and nodded. ?Because as I said earlier, we have a lot to talk about. Like this guy who won?t leave you alone.? Inuyasha said as a friend of Danyella?s walked up.
?What guy? Who?s not leaving you alone?? Danyella?s friend asked.
?Hey Brandon. He?s just some weird creep that keeps bugging me, on the way home and things like that. Have you met my friend Kevin? He just transferred into all of my classes. I would have introduced you guys earlier, but I was sidetracked. Sorry about that.? Danyella said. She didn?t want to say anything about how Naraku had kidnapped her for five minutes the day before in P.E. She knew that Brandon would be worried and try to protect her. Not that they were going out or anything, but he was just a really good friend.
?Hey, Danyella, do you think it?d be ok if I walked you home today. This guy has me worried and I wouldn?t be a good friend if I didn?t offer to at least try to do something to keep him away from you.? Inuyasha said as the bell rang and the three of them headed off for class.
?You don?t have to. I would feel kinda weird if my friend was acting as a bodyguard. Don?t get me wrong, it?s nice to know that someone?s worried about me and all, but it would be wrong of me to let you come along and you ended up getting hurt or something.? Danyella said as she waved to some of her friends.
?Well I do need your help with some class work and all.? Inuyasha shrugged.
?You?re not gonna let me say ?No,? are you Kevin?? Danyella said with a suspicious look.
?No, not really.? Inuyasha said, looking kind of sheepish.
?Well, in that case, I guess that I?ll have to let you, now won?t I?? Danyella said, as they walked onto their next class.
Danyella was quiet all throughout the next period and on the bus ride home. When they got to her stop, she was surprised to see the same black sedan that Sesshomaru drove, waiting for someone. Danyella assumed that it was Sesshomaru, probably waiting for Inuyasha to get off the bus.
?Come on.? Inuyasha said, when he noticed Danyella walking in the direction of her own house.
?Why?? Danyella asked.
?Because we have some things to talk about and we?ve already cleared it with your mom, she knows that you might be a little late coming home tonight.? Sesshomaru said as he got out of the car.
?How come I didn?t know about it?? Danyella asked a little annoyed that her mother wouldn?t tell her anything like that. Hell her mother didn?t even know these two? to her knowledge.
?Because someone was supposed to tell you earlier today and because your mother thought you already knew.? Sesshomaru said, while giving Inuyasha a hard look.
?Sorry, I had a hard time getting her attention today and once I had it, it slipped my mind.? Inuyasha said, finally giving in to the look that was boring down into him.
?Well, I guess it?s ok.? Danyella said as she walked towards the car, taking off her backpack.
Sesshomaru opened a door for her and she started to get in when she notice her friend Sarah walking over from her house to talk with her. She was motioning frantically for Danyella to go to her.
?I?ll be right back,? Danyella said as she walked over to where Sarah was standing. ?Hi. I?m mad at you. You didn?t go to school today. Or yesterday.?
?So? what do you think you?re doing, getting in cars with strange people.? Sarah said, giving the car and the brothers a hard to read expression.
Danyella smiled, ?They aren?t strange people. The one in red is my friend Kevin and the other one is his brother Omar. I have to help them with something and I?ll be home soon. I?ll call you later.? Danyella was already on her way back to the car, so Sarah didn?t have much of a chance to protest.
Danyella got in the car and Sesshomaru was driving them away. Danyella looked out the window and watched as the scenery passed them by.
?Where are we going?? Danyella asked as they got onto the freeway.
?We?re going to a private place, where we can work this whole problem out and see if we can find a solution. There?s a reason why Naraku is after you and we?re going to find out what it is.? Sesshomaru explained as he looked in the rear view mirror and watched Danyella.

Ok Well that was Chapter two... though it looks like no one is reading it... Makes me sad...Oh well...I'm posting it for all of the Inuyasha fans to read so that's all that matters.
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Chapter Three
The Past

Danyella caught her breath as the car rounded a corner and the building came into sight. The building was beautiful, the building itself was huge, but the grounds around it were very expansive and pretty open. There were orchards near the courtyards, cherry trees, peaches and orange trees filling the orchards. And on the very outskirts of the property there were a lot of trees, almost like a mini forest.
Closer to the building there were gardens and smaller thickets of trees and shrubs. The building had a tall tower; it had all the trademarks of a typical Japanese building built before and during the Meiji revolution. There was a wall surrounding the courtyards and other littler buildings that surrounded the tower. It was almost like they had brought a small bit of Kyoto or some other part of Japan with them.
Danyella stared on with wide eyes and gaping mouth. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru watched her reaction with smiles and small chuckles. Even as they emptied the car and headed toward the main buildings, Danyella couldn?t stop staring at her vast surroundings.
They walked to the door and passed through the portal into what seemed like another world to Danyella. Once on the other side they removed their shoes and wore slippers. Still gawking at everything she could Danyella sat with Inuyasha and Sesshomaru at a low table where tea was being served.
Sipping the tea slowly brought Danyella back to herself and she became aware of the glances the two brothers shared when they thought she wasn?t looking. Danyella could tell what was being said in those glances and was annoyed by it.
?Well the least you could do is say what you?re thinking.? Danyella finally said.
?Ahem. Sorry.? Inuyasha said, blushing a little at getting caught and for his rudeness. Then looking at Danyella, Inuyasha continued, ?Danyella, we have to talk seriously about Naraku, the Shikon no Tama and why he thinks you have it.?
The serious look on both their faces made Danyella forget where she was and focus on the one important thing. The one thing that mattered most, above all else. If she didn?t focus on it, she could lose her life, or worse lose everyone that she was ever close to. Naraku could take away everything that had ever mattered to her and make her suffer for all her life.
?I know.? She said, and meant it.
?Well then, tell us everything you know and we?ll try to work everything out.? Sesshomaru said.
?You have to fill me in on anything that?s important that might help us solve this. If I don?t know everything, then we might not be able to work this out. It might help to have someone from an outside point of view giving suggestions and asking questions you might not have thought of in the first place.? Danyella said, giving them both a meaningful look.
They both nodded and Danyella dived into another long, rather one-sided conversation about the anime and her views on how the Shikon no Tama could be destroyed once and for all. She also listened very well as both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru told the story of Kagome, and her last battle, how they came to be on the same side and even how they were involved in many of Japan?s most historical events. One of which was the Meiji Revolution and Restoration.
By the time they were done, Danyella knew a lot more about them, and why they could do so many of the things they did. Like why Inuyasha got into everyone of her classes and why they had a beautiful Japanese style mansion, and tons of land surrounding it.
Silence descended on the three while they sipped their tea, which had gotten quite cold. All three of them were lost in thought, mulling over the problem and trying to decide what to do, when one of the servants walked in to announce a visitor. All of them looked up to see a young lady in her twenties standing in the doorway, looking slightly disheveled and a little frightened.
?Come and sit with us.? Sesshomaru said as he gestured to the open end and sides of the table.
Danyella immediately disliked the girl, and liked her even less when the girl sat next to her at the table. Danyella tried not to show it, but she knew that she was doing a very poor job, because when she turned to the girl to ask her something, she wrinkled her nose involuntarily.
The girl only smiled and looked past Danyella to Inuyasha and Sesshomaru and said, ?Thank you for letting me come in. I got lost. I was trying to walk home and it was getting kinda late. I saw the lights from this place and I thought I might take a chance.?
?This place is almost always open. It is no problem to let lost people get better orientated here.? Sesshomaru said, turning on the charm. It disgusted Danyella to see such an old man taken in by one so young, but she did have to admit, that in his human form Sesshomaru did look to be pretty young.
She glanced over at Inuyasha and saw the same in him. Though Inuyasha didn?t seem to be as taken in as Sesshomaru, Inuyasha had a way of hiding his feelings, no one could be really sure of what he was actually feeling, aside from anger. The brothers had no problem showing and releasing their anger on whoever or whatever was readily available.
When the girl started talking again, she could see both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru being led deeper and deeper into whatever trap the girl had set and Danyella didn?t like it at all. Danyella excused herself and walked from the room. Once she was away from the girl she was able to think clearly, as if she?d been walking through fog and it had finally been burned away by the sun. Danyella knew why she didn?t like the girl.
The girl gave her the same feelings of disgust and hatred that Naraku had given her, when he had kidnapped her. Danyella wandered down the hallway, trying to think of a way to get this girl away from Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, so they could think clearly. Danyella was so wrapped up in her thoughts, that she almost didn?t notice the open door leading into a room filled with old weapons and fighting objects of various sorts.
Danyella stopped in mid stride to look into the room. Suddenly everything became clear.
Naraku thinks I have the Shikon no Tama. That means he thinks I?m Kagome?s reincarnation, because she died just under 500 years ago in the Sengoku Era of Japan.
With that in mind Danyella rushed into the room and grabbed a really old looking quiver of arrows and a bow that looked as if it would fall apart if strung and actually used. She also looked around for two katana. Finally she found what she was looking for, one looked rusty, beat up and really, really old. The other looked almost new, practically unused and when she let it slide along her arm, a faint pink glow followed along the ?cutting edge? of the katana on her arm. She felt no pain and there wasn?t a drop of blood to be seen.
I?ve found the Tetsuaiga and the Tenseiga. Now all I have to do is get that girl away from them long enough for her spell to wear off and for them to kill her. I bet she?s one of Naraku?s puppets.
Danyella grabbed what looked like a string and tied it around her waist, then she tied both the Tetsuaiga and the Tenseiga to the string, in slip knots and ran down the hall, bow in hand and quiver on back.
When Danyella got back to the room, she noticed that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were both quite out of character and the girl was just sitting quietly, sipping tea.
?You there!! What have you done to them?? Danyella demanded, notching and arrow and pulling back, aiming at the girl?s chest.
The girl smiled evilly and looked at Danyella with dark, cold eyes. The eyes of Naraku. When she opened her mouth her voice was not that of a girl, but that of the man Naraku favored most. The young lord, whose castle blew away in a miasma when he needed to flee from danger.
?Stupid girl, do you think you can fire that at me? Do you actually think that arrow will hit its mark? I hardly think so. Now be a good girl and hand over what?s rightfully mine. Give me the jewel!!? As she said this the girl?s form changed and she was no longer a girl, but the young lord of feudal Japan, in modern clothing.
Danyella let fly the arrow and watched as it hit his right shoulder. ?If it was rightfully yours, you would have had it sense it came into being. Midoriko would never want the jewel in the hands of such an evil demon and I will never let you get your grubby paws on it!!?
Danyella had restrung the bow and was starting to aim it, when the air filled with Naraku?s trademark, the miasma. Fighting off its harmful effects Danyella loosed another arrow and screamed, ?Oswwarii!!? The Japanese word for ?Sit.? Had a much more profound effect than Danyella could have imagined.
Inuyasha was flung face forward onto the table, splintering it to pieces and onto the floor beneath it with such force, that it left a dent in the floorboards. Inuyasha came out of his dazed spell quickly and saw Naraku standing before him. The second arrow glowed with a pink light and cleared the air of the miasma.
Danyella pulled the slipknot and flung the Tetsuaiga at Inuyasha. While she was doing that, Sesshomaru, under Naraku?s spell, grabbed Danyella and crashed through a wall, taking the fight out doors and into the air. Danyella hung from his right arm, high in the air, near the top of the tower.
Danyella knew she had no chance of getting through to Sesshomaru, the way she had with Inuyasha. Inuyasha was her only chance to make it through this situation in one piece. Looking into Sesshomaru?s eyes, she saw nothing but darkness and malice. This was the Sesshomaru that lived in the feudal era of Japan. This was the Sesshomaru before Rin.
Rin, Rin. I need your help. I need your help to show Sesshomaru that life is good and rich, I need your help to show him that life can be good and forgiveness is good.
When nothing came to her Danyella resigned herself to plummeting to Earth from hundreds of feet in the air and dying a hopefully painless death. But Danyella never fell, instead, she just hung there in midair. Danyella looked up to see the same Sesshomaru of the feudal ages, but his hand never wavered and he grip never slipped.
Danyella looked around and saw Naraku and Inuyasha fighting on the ground below them.
Inuyasha has Naraku preoccupied. If Naraku keeps his mind on Inuyasha, then I still live, he can?t tell Sesshomaru to drop me. If I call out, I will only draw Naraku?s attention to me. I would also divide Inuyasha?s attention. He won?t be able to concentrate on fighting Naraku. I?ll die for sure if I do that.
Danyella looked back up at Sesshomaru and stared at him, trying hard to think of something that would trigger his memory and bring him back to himself. Suddenly a thought struck her. If she could somehow remind him of what it was like when he first met Rin, or remind him of what type of impact that Rin had on those around her then she might be able to bring back the Sesshomaru that would never let her die.
?Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru do you remember what happened when you first met Rin? Do you remember what happened after your fight with Inuyasha over the Tetsuiga and Inuyasha learned to use the Wind Scar? How the Tensaiga saved your life and while you were recovering from your injuries, Rin came and left food and water for you. Do you remember what you said to her? You said, ?I don?t eat human food.? Even though her life could have been in danger she came back and brought you more.? Danyella was speaking in a soft, but hurried, voice. She paused for a breath then continued.
?Remember how Rin got beaten for taking food from the village food stores, just so she could bring you some. Do you remember how she came and offered the food to you even though you refused it? The words you spoke to her after she was beaten when she brought you food will ring through time because no matter what you told yourself you really did care. ?Where did you get those bruises? I don?t care. I?m just curious.? Those were the very same words you used. You did care.? Danyella looked down again.
Inuyasha looked like he was losing the battle. It was looking very bad indeed. Inuyasha was holding back, Kagome wasn?t there for him to protect, so he wasn?t fighting with all his strength.
Hold on Inuyasha. I know you can win. If you don?t, then we?re all in trouble. You have to beat Naraku. You?re our only chance.
Danyella looked back to Sesshomaru and continued on. She wasn?t going to give up easily. ?Sesshomaru, Rin touched your cold hart and warmed it. Even though she was just an orphaned child that you would have killed mercilessly had she not shown you courage and honor. Even then, had it not been for the kindness that she showed you. I think you would have killed her in a heartbeat. Now I?m asking you to go deep into your own memories and deep into the darkest cracks of your heart. Past all the locked doors to remember and honor Rin and her memory. Don?t forget all that she taught you. Help me. Help me like you helped Rin when she was dying from Koga?s wolves.? Danyella said these last words with such intensity that it frightened her. Even to her own ears her voice sounded desperate and a little foreign.
Danyella looked down, to check on Inuyasha?s progress. The scene was horrific. Inuyasha was worried; she could see it in his fighting stance and in his movements. Each attack was uncertain and lacking the power needed to execute them. Danyella looked up at Sesshomaru, there was no change. Though her wrist was sweating and hurt terribly.
I?m gonna slip and fall to my death down there. He won?t have to drop me, he just has to keep holding me like this and I?ll slip. Danyella tried to pull her self up a little, using her free hand to help her, but she got as far as a few inches before her muscles gave out and she went back to hanging by one arm again. Ok, first thing?s first. If I live through this, I have to work on my upper body strength.
Danyella?s wrist started to slip from Sesshomaru?s grip and Danyella knew what would happen next. There?d be one instant before she started to feel gravity pulling her down. She?d feel weightless for one moment, then everything would rush by and then blackness. Again she felt herself slip again. A squeak escaped her lips as she looked desperately at Sesshomaru.
Then her hand slipped the rest of the way and she started to fall. Danyella?s high-pitched scream pierced the air as she went plummeting towards the Earth, gaining speed with every second. Inuyasha looked up to see where the noise was coming from. Seeing Danyella fall from such a height, with Sesshomaru doing nothing to save her, angered and awoke feelings in Inuyasha that had lain dormant sense the Meiji Era.
Inuyasha picked up the Tetsuaiga and swung hard at Naraku, who was still watching Danyella speeding towards the ground with an evil smile. Inuyasha struck Naraku hard, on the shoulder, slicing it and his left arm off. With Naraku taken care of for the moment, Inuyasha raced towards Danyella?s falling body. Inuyasha jumped off the ground and caught Danyella ten feet from the ground and landed hard, with Danyella in his arms, scared, but still alive.
It took a few moments for Danyella to realize that she was still alive, and not only that, she was still holding her bow and arrows and the Tenseiga. Danyella was pushed away from Inuyasha roughly, and she realized how his heart must have ached at that moment for Kagome, or even Kikyo. Danyella got up from the grass and hurried over to where Inuyasha faced Sesshomaru and Naraku in an open part of the courtyard.
Then Sesshomaru started to speak in a cold, hard voice that showed nothing but anger and loathing towards the both of them. Naraku was standing in the background with a smile on his face, and with a jerk of his head Naraku had Sesshomaru charging forward at Inuyasha with his acid whip attacking every possible weakness of Inuyasha?s stance.
?Kago? Danyella get out of the way!? Inuyasha yelled through gritted teeth.
Danyella stood for a moment uncomprehending what she?d just heard, then cold, strong hands wrapped around her and Danyella was being dragged backwards. Danyella screamed and fought with every ounce of will power she had, to free herself. Danyella was getting dragged back, away from the battle and into the outer reaches of the courtyard, closer to the orchards and forests surrounding the grounds.
But finally the hands released her and Danyella whirled around to confront her attacker. Danyella couldn?t stifle the gasp that escaped her lips. The person that had attacked her and dragged her away from the only person she knew for sure who could save her was none other than Kohaku. Sango?s younger brother.
?Ko? Kohaku. How?? Danyella asked in disbelief. Kohaku had to be more than 500 years old and he looked like he might be in his twenties. Then she saw it, a shard of the Shikon no Tama.
That must be what?s keeping him alive? and so young looking. The jewel must not stop the effects of aging on mortals, just slows it down? A lot. How am I going to fight him? A demon hunter with hundreds of years of experience and who is practically immortal. If I run, he?ll surly catch me and if I just stand here he?ll surly kill me or take me to Naraku after Inuyasha dies. What am I going to do?
Danyella made a decision and started to run back towards the fighting and back towards Inuyasha. She felt a hand on her shoulder, trying to restrain her and she spun, fist raised and clenched. Danyella punched Kohaku in the face and bit his hand, which was still on her shoulder. The pain seemed not to affect him, but the punch did knock him off balance. In that split second Danyella kicked him down to the ground and ran back the way he?d dragged her.
Danyella spotted her bow, where she?d dropped it when Kohaku had grabbed her. She could hear Kohaku coming towards her from behind and she dashed for her bow, while drawing an arrow from her quiver. Danyella dashed out to stand a few feet behind Inuyasha and started to nock the bow, but Kohaku was almost upon her.
Damn it. How can I shoot at Naraku, if this damn bastard won?t stop chasing me. Danyella looked ahead as she started to run again, and in front of her, about twenty feet or so away was a large hedge and about fifteen feet to the left and back a little was a large tree. Danyella made a run for it, just barely getting a head start on Kohaku, who was just slowing down. Danyella jumped up and over the hedge, landing in an undignified heap and rolled out of the way of Kohaku?s much farther-reaching leap over the hedge.
Danyella sprang up and sprinted for the tree. Kohaku charged after her with a grunt and a mean look. Just as she was reaching the tree she noticed how close to Naraku she was, and even if he did know she was going to shoot from the tree he wouldn?t have enough time to completely dodge her arrow. Glancing behind her, Danyella saw Kohaku closing in. She had to move fast, she wouldn?t even have time to aim at Naraku if she wanted to shoot from the relative protection of the tree.
Danyella sighed and nocked the bow, raised it and shot in Naraku?s very general direction and started to run again. Suddenly there was a blast, from two directions. Inuyasha had used his Kaze no Kizu attack on Sesshomaru, because Danyella?s arrow purified the air that had been choked with miasma, like Kagome?s and Kikyo?s arrows did.
The other blast was from Naraku himself. Danyella turned her head to shield her eyes from the bright light that emitted from him as he let out a loud, inhuman howl of pain and frustration, before he died and his body started to implode and collapse upon itself.
Suddenly there was silence filling the courtyard. Kohaku had just stopped chasing Danyella and Sesshomaru was lying on the ground with deep gashes and wounds covering his entire body. Sesshomaru didn?t seem to be moving and even though the ground had huge fissures running in lines out from where Inuyasha stood. The Tetsuaiga had transformed again and was lying on the ground at his feet.
?Inuyasha!! Are you alright?? Danyella called trying to make her way over to him, leaving Kohaku where he stood.
Inuyasha looked at Danyella with wide, blank eyes and a vacant expression on his face. Slowly the light came back into his eyes and the vacant expression passed from him. ?I? I hit him. Now look at him. He?s? he?s?? Inuyasha started to say, but his voice trailed off into a half-hearted sobby sigh thing.
?Why don?t you try using the Tenseiga? It can be used to bring back souls from death or near death, right? You can use it to bring Sesshomaru back, because you have nothing but warm feelings for almost anything living.? Danyella said as she drew the Tenseiga and held it out to Inuyasha.
Inuyasha looked at the katana for a moment then reached out his hand tentatively, as if the katana was going to bite him. Then his hand grasped the handle tightly and he took the Tenseiga from Danyella?s outstretched hand and held it in front of him.
I hope this works, because if it doesn?t, then I don?t know what we?re gonna do without Sesshomaru. Inuyasha doesn?t have what it takes to figure out what needs to happen next. Inuyasha is typically a fight and kill first, then if anyone?s left ask questions, forcefully and hope that the information is correct, type of guy We need Sesshomaru?s calm thinking to get us through this.
Inuyasha swung the Tenseiga, in a graceful arc towards Sesshomaru and let it pass through his brother. There was no pink light, but instead an ugly new gash along Sesshomaru?s torso. Danyella gasped and Inuyasha just started at the Tenseiga in his hands in disbelief. It was supposed to be a sword that didn?t cut. But instead it had cut another deep wound into the already very wounded Sesshomaru.
Danyella ran to where Naraku had once stood. She looked on the ground for a small black crystalish ball, and almost missed it lying in a small patch of grass. Danyella smiled a little in triumph as she picked up what she thought was a whole crystal. As soon as her fingers touched it, the ball changed from a bark brownish, black color to a bright, but soft pink.
Danyella stared at the half of a crystal ball in her hand. After a moment of pondering this, Danyella turned to run back to Sesshomaru. She?d seen the Shikon no Tama used to keep people alive, and if she could keep Sesshomaru alive long enough for him to use the Tenseiga on himself, then she could take it back once he had healed himself.
Kohaku had appeared in her path, blocking her way. Danyella clutched the half of the jewel in her hand and glared at Kohaku. Instead of trying to take it from her, Kohaku smiled a genuine, yet sad smile and shook his head.
?I?m not going to hurt you. You can?t use the jewel on him, it won?t work. You need to use the Tenseiga. You?re the only one who can, and I think that if you tried you would even be able to use the Tetsuaiga if you ever needed to.? Kohaku said as he took her hand and led her back to Inuyasha and Sesshomaru.
?Why would I be able to use either of the swords? I?m neither half demon nor whole. Only youkai or hanyou are able to use those swords.? Danyella said, looking at Kohaku.
?Because, if you were able to kill Naraku, purify the fragments of the jewel that he had and shoot arrows the way you did, you must be reincarnated from the miko that protected the Shikon no Tama. If you were? are actually the reincarnation of the miko, then you have the power to use either of the swords.? Kohaku explained as he nudged Danyella in front of Inuyasha.
Danyella thought about what Kohaku said and weighed the possibilities of this explanation. Already the idea of her being the reincarnation of Kagome had crossed her mind, but she wasn?t willing to believe it yet. Why, of all people would she be Kagome?s reincarnation? It was possible, but not likely. On the other hand, if she didn?t try to do something soon, then Sesshomaru would be lost to them forever.
Danyella took the Tenseiga from Inuyasha?s limp hand. He was too busy staring at Kohaku to realize what she was doing. As soon as Danyella touched the Tenseiga, she could feel it pulsing and she looked at Sesshomaru and saw little demons? little demons with sickles.
Her eyes opened wide as she realized that this is what Sesshomaru saw the first time he used the Tenseiga to save Rin.
If I can see them, then I should be able to kill them and bring Sesshomaru?s soul back from the gates of hell!! I can use the Tenseiga!!
Danyella swung, just above Sesshomaru?s body, at the demonic Paul-bearers. The demons vanished and a pink light emanated from Sesshomaru?s body, it seemed to glow and his wounds healed and while everyone else held their breath, Sesshomaru took a slow, shallow breath.
Sesshomaru opened his eyes and looked at the three people crowding around him. Then he smiled at everyone and started to chuckle. Danyella was astonished and Inuyasha was angry at Sesshomaru for laughing at them, when they were worried over him. His fists clenched and unclenched as he tried to resist the urge to throttle Sesshomaru. Kohaku, however just smiled knowingly and waited for something else to happen.
Sesshomaru stood up and looked at Danyella, who was still holding the Tenseiga in her left hand and looking wide-eyed at him. Sesshomaru also took in the fact that Danyella still had her bow and arrows along with the sheath to his precious sword.
?Do you like the Tenseiga? It seems to suit you quite well.? Sesshomaru smiled, but his tone was serious.
Danyella looked down and realized that it must look like she was trying to steal his sword, forged from his own father?s fang. Danyella sheathed the Tenseiga and pulled on the slipknot tying the sword around the string at her waist. Danyella held out the Tenseiga to Sesshomaru with her head bowed.
?I was just trying to get this to you, but I needed to use it before I could give it to you. I?m sorry, I didn?t mean to touch something I wasn?t supposed to.? Danyella apologized.
?No need to be sorry. I should be thanking you for saving my life.? Sesshomaru said as she bowed deeply to Danyella who looked on, amazed at what she was seeing and hearing. Inuyasha saw this and also saw the glint in Sesshomaru?s eyes and knew that Sesshomaru also had other things on his mind than thanking Danyella, but those thing didn?t necessarily exclude Danyella.
Inuyasha cleared his throat and shot a warning glance at Sesshomaru, who looked at him through half-closed eyes.
?Why don?t we go inside and discuss our next move, ok?? Inuyasha asked as he pulled at Danyella?s arm.

That was Chapter Three... :) Hope y'all like it.. I'll have another chapter up soon... But someone please reply or I will stop posting the chapters... I need feedback!!!
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