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Writing Angel of Mazes


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Lost within a maze,
I've been search for you
O' descending angel,
I hear your voice
The ringing echoes of forgotten hopes and dreams,
guiding me on my way
But how can this be real?
Seeming like a momentary dream...

I've come all this way
Looking for you,
without even knowing your name
Blindly, walking along,
the edges of fate and time
Passing the corners of happiness,
Lost in the darkness of the night
Even so I've searched for you
But as I go turning the paths,
my heart is slowly torn away...

Walking down,
these blindly laid paths
Only safe in the maze of life,
because of your guiding voice
I often times catch and hold the pain,
of wondering this place alone
In the feelings of insecurity, sorrow, and insanity
But O' sweet angel of mine
Those whispers of yours,
caught on the wind like a dazzling prayer
Your sweet whispers and those sad sighs,
they almost break my heart
Those whispers and sighs carried on the breeze...
They turn my heart into shards of over flowing lies
But these shards makes me wise
And the wisdom they bring
Allows me to get closer to you,
and the end of the maze

Passing the ridges, curves, and turns,
the familiar scenery slips away
And your sweet song fades away on the wind
Answer me and tell me why...
Will I ever find you?
The way out of this maze of insanity and sorrow...
Now fallowing the only memory of your voice,
the long ago voice of the past
I've wondered and dreamed
Searching to find for a reason,
an explanation of why your voice has stopped...
Is this the bitter premonition of good-bye?
Your voice is faded and gone,
blocked by these walls...

I never thought that,
that this would be the last good-bye
O' angel,
I don't want to loose you
Not in here,
not lost in this maze,
not now and not ever
O' angel of mazes,
I've never got a chance to thank you
I never got the chance...
To say I love you...


Constructive criticism please, if it be flaming or other wise. Both are welcomed.
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