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Writing Poems...Just for the hell of it...


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[COLOR=darkblue]Eyes of the Gods

Down by the river
I sit and

For those eyes
to find
my soul, and fill

My heart with
gladness. Those
eyes that

Are so kind,
filled with

But tinged with
a deep
sadness of

Which I can't
fathom. The eyes I
love and long for

Are always staring
back at me. I
can't explain

from every
mirror or pond

Or lake or
stream, I
see those eyes

That I love so much.
Someone once said
my eyes are like those

Of the Gods.
Warm and loving,
yet always sadness lingers...

Down by the river.
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[COLOR=orangered] You smile
and wave
so cheerfully.

But I know better,
you cry at night
when you think

No one knows.
your heart aches

Things your
family puts you through,
no one understands

Your plight.
your friends don't
see the trouble you

Are in.
they don't see
how desprately you

Cling to the things
important to you.
your 'friends'

Don't help you in
your time of need.
no matter what,

You will always have a steady
hand to grasp when you fall,
I have glimpsed your

Need and I will lend
you a hand and
stand by your decisions.

Everyone needs a friend
and I will be that friend if
you only ask for

A friend.
you do more than people
realise and

You're never shown
the appriciation you

To know that you're
not doing this
for no reason.

All that you do is
noticed and
I will never forget it. [/COLOR]

Lyndsey, I know times are tough, but I know you are strong enough to handle it, you need help at times and I will always try to help you if you need it. Just hold on and things will turn around. Your friend M-A.
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