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Anime Transtech: Transformers


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After the Beast Machines saga (my fave Transformers series ever) came to a close, Hasbro wanted a return to vehicular Transformers that also carried on the Beast-era storyline.

They designed a line called "Transtech", but it never got off the drawing board. Instead, they used RiD as a stopgap while they created Armada. (gag)

I've been finding picks of the "Transformers that Might have Been", and thought I'd post them.

Characters planned for this line include: Cheetor, Silverbolt, Rattrap, BlackArachnia, Megatron, Immorticon (?), Soundwave (?), Starscream (!) and Depth Charge (!).

The most interesting fact is that rather than a return of Optimus Primal, this line would have featured Optimuis [b]Prime[/b]. His pic is posted below, for your veiwing pleasure.

(I'll post other pics if anyone is interested at all.)

Sadly, this line will not see release.
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Guest Stealth Knight
I've never heard of that transformers series. From the looks of that Optimus Prime picture, the series looks pretty cool. Too bad it didn't come on T.V. Do you think that you could show anymore pictures so that people (and me) could judge from that?
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