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Dark Core is the last release of a trend started way back into Labyrinth of Nightmares, with the release of Offerings to the Doomed, and continued with the mediocre Double Snare of Legacy of Darkness.

Then came Pharaonic Guardian and Book of the Moon, with so much uses it should be anyone's casual deck. But now, with the release of the new card Dark Core, comes the ultimate way to deals with 80% of troublesome monsters!

I mean, how can I get better, in an era of Sinister Serpent, then removing completely that big sucker from the game? Or do so with such things as Witch, Zaloog, Tomatoes, GAF etc?

Then comes Quick Save.

Way back when Labyrinth of Nightmares was released, I pride myself in noticing immediately the possibilities laying within Bazoo (Who didn't appear standardly in decks before a month after or so, with all the hype around Gemini and Ring). Now I announce you the possibly biggest thing since Bazoo: Quick Save.

It may seems nothing at first. But what could be bad about negating an attack (targetted monster is no longer on the field, and there is no replay as number of monsters didn't change), and summoning a very powerful monster? (Jinzo comes at mind, but also a serpent or tomato in defense mode, or even a BEWD!) Yup, we would think at first that the card only apply to level 4 or amazoness monsters, but no! ANY monster can be summoned with it!

The best thing is, two amazoness are extremely playable in control/burner decks: Swords Woman and Fighter.

Now, I'm really thinking about an amazon deck...
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Quick Save I can't see getting popular outside of Amazoness decks. Even if a Control or Burner deck throws in a Swordswoman or Fighter, the card would still be too situational for them to really consider using. Most people, if they want a free high level monster, will use recursion.

Book of the Moon...has never been in any deck I've built, nor have I seen it in any deck in my local metagame.

Dark Core might see use as a counter-measure for Jinzo in a few decks in preferrence to OttD or Fissure. However, it hurts your hand, and Hand Disruption decks have gotten popular with the arrival of Don Zaloog and Yata.
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