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RPG The Bandit Game


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It had been years since any man had stepped foot in the sanctuary of the Temple of Thieves. The Scroll of the Sky Stones has laid undisturbed for centuries, but an air of change blows through the columns of the temple. A time of change has begun and the Sky Stones are becoming restless in their slumber. The Bandit Game has begun and only the Bandit King will come out victorious.

This is the story and each person must start with how they came to read the Scroll of the Sky Stones. This is a mandatory prologue for each characters development, and they all must happen within a week of the first encounter with the scroll.

The characters are:
Ars Suichi: ars_magicae
Zen the VII: Lone Bebop
Rhel " baby boy" Di: Drix D'Zanth
Kylie "Ky" Lupin: erinzyger
Miles Lupin: Geist
Kimana "Ki" Toki: Ohkami
Arunue Kalamara: ArunueShekamari
Alexandra: Arika

The dank smell of corroding flesh and demon feces corrupted the air of the dark corridors between the streets of the City of Thieves. He had only lived here for a mere two months but Ars has already grown accustomed to the rank stenches of the city and also to the countless daily attempts on his life. In the short period of time that he had been in tCoT he had gained quite a reputation and some of the more long term citizens didn't seem to care for this up and coming bandit. He worked for no syndicate, belonged to no gang, and had not a single tie to anyone in the city and yet no matter what the job, he seemed to get to first.
This seemed like just another day in tCoT, but Ars could sense of air of change stirring up the muck air of the city and it made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. But now was not the time to being worrying about such trivial matters as he was currently following a strange girl that had just entered tCoT. She had been asking around about both him and the Thieves Quest, often in the same sentence. She was jeopardizing his carefully laid plans and he was not about to let a nobody like her get away with that. The quest was the reason that he left the tequila gang and the quest was what he had been carefully researching over the last two months and now the quest was what was making him skulk around in demon feces. Damn this girl.
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She lingered around just alittle longer to make sure that she wasnt beeing followed again. Arunue Kalamara had been in the City of Thieves only a short while but she could sense that something was different about the smell of the air. Well for one thing she smelled a stalker...but that wasnt it...there was something else. Something she knew that no one around here had never encountered before.
She turned around sharply as she thought she smelled another person. The scent of the person that had been following her for that short, few days. See, she had aquierred a lot of information about her new challenge. The chalange of this "Bandit Game" she had heard about not to long ago. When she left her home city and wandered into the Milky Way and into the City of Theives. She learned about this "Ars" charecter, who was mainly just "some kid trying to become a theif", and the Theives Quest. She had a feeling she was stirring up trouble but then again, sence when was that new? She brought trouble with her where ever she went. And she kind of liked it.
Arunue sat down on a large rock sitting on the side of an alley way and sniffed the air. I mean, [I]literally[/I] sniffed the air. she had a...well balenced sence of smell. And she smelled living human flesh. The sent of anticipation and anxiousness drifted with the aura. She giggled to herself lightly then took out her prized blade and polished it on her sleve. She was still very much aware of her follower but acted noncholantly to throw them off. She stuck the blade she had gotten from the Bandit she had grown up with back into her inside pocket and stood up. She looked around and drew out a golden wistle.
Arunue brought it up to her lips and blew but only a high pitched sound came out. Like a dog wistle only even [I]more[/I] high pitched. Suddenly a loud thundering sound came from the distance. A chestnut coloured horse emergied on the herizon in a full gallop, thus the noise. As soon as the horse reached Arunue she checked her watch. She said to her self, Hmm...good timing.... Then she jumped on her horse and rode off like a bullet, finally coming back to the smell of disorder in the air. And leaving the scent of her stalker behind. The only thing she could think about was that "Sky Stone Temple" people had been talking about in hushed voices. Maybe if she took just one more quick glance around the city she would be able to gain [I]some[/I] extra knowlage of what this was exactly. And for some reason that she didnt know...the thought of that Ars kid bugged her.

I Now Claim The Title Of "First To Reply To The First Post Of The Bandit Game, And Has A Really Long Name Now"

And Thanks To ErinZyger, Ars Magicae Now Claims The Title Of "God Of Cheese"... dont ask
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Ars had become more and more agated in the last couple of days with all the new people entering the city and everyone asking about the Bandit Game. How it had become suddenly popular, he had no idea, but he didn't care for it one bit.
Arunue had quickly caught on to his presence, she was better than he thought, but he didn't mind that at all. He was too busy as it is and he didn't need to following around some wannabe bandit, she stood out like a sore thumb, riding around on a horse like some high and mighty thief god. He had others to worry about, like this Kylie Lupin, she had been asking about him to, but in a far more subtle way. She was only asking about him though, she didn't seem to care about the Bandit Game, and for some reason that intrigued him, more than usual. Hmm, Lupin, he could of swore that he had heard that name somewhere before, maybe a Miles Lupin, that was it. Intriguing.
There it was, the Tower of Thieves, standing smack dab in the middle of town. He had been thinking so much that he lost track of where he was walking, but he got there anyway. Too many people were asking about the Bandit Game now and he could let anyone find the scroll before him, so he had to risk the Tower's traps now, before he had enough information and before anyone else. This was it, he put his hands in his pockets and started inside.
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Before he could even open the door, Ars felt a cold blade against his neck.
"Like some high and mighty theif god, eh?" Said a cool voice from behind him, "Wanna be Bandit, eh? Well this Wana be bandit has kept herself alive for this long...And Kylie Lupin...yes...intriguing, as you put it...Kilie is also up to messing up my plans...and so are you...Mrs. Lupin is up to no good for either you or me...damn, shes just going to have to stop obbsesing and get a life!" She was talking to herself more now than to Ars.
The blade on the knife shifted so that instead of in a position to slit his throat, it was in more of a posistion to stab him in the throat. "Yes and if I stuck out like a sore thumb I dont think I would be able to sneak up on you....and anyway its a battle stratigy...you act like you dont know a thing and when they least expect it...there on the floor with their throught slit...not knowing what hit them...never expecting that 'wannabe bandit that sticks out like a sore thumb' "
Arunue swung around in front of him and smiled like she had just said a freindly 'hello'. "Well...dont you just [I]love[/I] telepathy? Ars...yes...I would imagine your Ars...I'll remember that scent..." Arunue circled around Ars and leaned over his shoulder, held him around the waist and wispered, "Your a human no doubt...so I wont kill you just yet...and dont even try to get that blade in your pocket...i know what your thinking" her voice turned even more cool and suductive. "I know your every move...and im well prepared and defensed..." she broke away and faced the door." yes...ive been throught here many times...although there are a few things that i still need to be able to get in..." she threw a sideways glance at Ars then back up at the tower.
"The shortest way through is a team trust game foresay..." She turned back around twords Ars. "You need me more than I need you...and I think maybe it would do us both some good to be paired up...any way" She turned back around and looked up again. " I know whats in there...every inch...but...just being able to see through walls, telepathy, mind tricks and being able to get total control over an able persons mind is not going to insure my victory...i need something from you...and you would probably be able to get through here faster if you came with me...and that partner trust challenge...we can get through that...the scroll is on the other side...i saw it...but i cant get in without you ...and i dont think you would servive 5 minuets by your self...come with me?"
She held out her hand again "Partners?...for now i mean...once one of us get to that scroll i can asure you that the other one will probably die by their hands...so i think it would be in both our good intrest if we...were partners..."
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