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RPG Tenchi Universe: Adventures of the Galaxy Police [PG-13]

Solo Tremaine

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[SIZE=1]Note- the reason for this rating should not (with any luck) be due to swearing, but simply because of the content in it. This allows for mild innuendo (much like the Tenchi series already gets away with) and a fair amount of violence. Have fun, basically ^_^ But keep the naugthy words down to a minimum please ^_~.[/SIZE]


[i]The Galaxy Police Headquarters, the titanium fortress orbiting the planet Jurai. Inside, elite officers, having passed a rigourous entry exam, carry out their duties. Saving worlds, ridding the galaxy of terrorists and petty criminals.

At the head of this organisation is the High Commissioner. Medals, awards and electronic windows displaying newspaper reports cover the walls of his metal room, all gleaming examples of his success.

In stark contrast, the Commissioner himself sat shakily behind his desk, wringing his hands and sweating. He jumped as the door swished open, a young female Seargent striding swiftly into his room.

"How much damage?" he croaked, his face white.

The Seargent slowly pulled a clipboard from under her arm and carefully handed it to him. He shakily turned over the front page and read down the report.

His head hit the desk with an almighty 'thud'.

"Seven... million... dollars..." his head didn't move from the desk. "How are we going to explain this to the Jurai government?"

"There is the Security Register to consider- if a matter is deemed a danger to civilians it can be kept confidential to the public."

"Damn right these are a danger to civilians!" he spluttered. "But we can't keep it from them forever. I've been covering their tracks as best I can, but..."

The Seargent shrugged. "Is there no way of disbanding the Squad, sir?"

"We still have another year until the Treaty allows us to disarm them, damn bureaucrats. And besides..." The Commissioner 's head rose and he straightened himself on his chair. On his desk stood a small framed picture of him with a small, brown-skinned, blonde-haried girl. She wore a dazzling smile and her large blue eyes shone brightly.

"I won't, as long as she still wants to be an officer. This is the safest way to keep them from harm. Just make sure the Special Branch are ready next time."

"Understood, sir." She saluted stiffly and marched out of the room. When the door shut, she let a slight grin creep onto her face. Through the window, she could see a dark shape floating slowly towards the headquarters...[/i]

* * *

[COLOR=#503F86][i]Gaia. A planet far from the reach of the Galaxy Police Headquarters. From space, it looks deceptively peaceful. Governmental reports conclude it has one of the lowest crime rates inthe Galaxy, making it somewhat of a safe haven for those wanting time to relax on a planet with tropical sunshine, snowy mountains and a booming economy.

Get closer, though...[/i]


"Out of the way!"

A red motorcycle rumbled down a set of marble stairs, knocking statues to the floor and people tumbling over the bannisters into flowerbeds. Its rider wildly flailed a Galaxy Police badge as he passed through, his orange hair and dark blue cloak blowing in the wind.

The bike slowed as he reached the front door of the Estate, glancing at the map readout on the display in front of him.

"I don't get it." he mumbled, widening the area visible. "I'm supposed to be in the Daria city centre. I've followed the directions... I can't even see my position any more."

In the corner of the screen, three green words caught his eye: "Metropolis City Map."


As discreetly as possible, he walked his bulky motorcycle through the Gardens and onto the road outside.

He jabbed a button on the bike, activating the radio.

"Uh, this is Kyru. I got lost. I'll be with you soon."

Jumping back onto his bike, he revved up the engine and sped away towards Daria, flattening some daffodils as he went.[/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]For anyone that's interested, Kyru's bike looks like this: [URL=http://www.ludd.luth.se/users/jingoo/anime/macross/images/repisamulucybike.jpg]Bike[/URL]. You can't see much of it, but it's a cool bike anyway, heh.[/SIZE]
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Guest Skyechild91
[I][COLOR=teal][SIZE=3] Serenity sat quietly in the shadow of a street lamp. Her yellow eyes flickered as bikes, cars, and other vehicles sped by on the road. She uncrossed her arms, and walked slowly down the sidewalk, deep in thought. She felt someone sweep her clok up as he sped by, and she looked up. A boy- no, a man- sped by on his moterbike, causing dust to fly up. She wrapped her cloak about her face, and her silver hair fell back in place. She was mostly hidden in her cloak, her bright yellow eyes peering out. She followed the man at a disance, never losing sight of him. She grabbed her hover bike as she went past it, and hopped on, Kyo-nika on her shoulder. She followed the orange haired guy down the street a few blocks...

OCC: Uh... can Kyo-nnika be her.. thing? Like Ryo-oki... dang i still cant spell it right![/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=#503F86]OOC: Sure, Kyo-nnika can be Serenity's cabbit, heh.


The red motorbike shrieked along the roads, narrowly avoiding six old ladies and a school crossing.

A faint bleeping caught Kyru's atention. The bike skidded to a halt in the middle of a crossroads as he investigated his radio. Three cars swerved to avoid him and ploughed into each other.

"Kyru here," he boomed.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" a voice screeched down the other end. It was Kiyone.

"I'm racing towards the scene of the crime!" Kyru protested. "There could be danger-"

"The only danger here is your driving! Where did you learn traffic codes?" she yelled, the radio shaking with each violent syllable.

"I haven't yet... but I need to go! I need to sort out this crime." He said finally, slamming off the receiver. He revved up the bike and raced away through a red light towards the city centre.

* * *

Back in the office, Kiyone collapsed onto her desk, signing heavily. "I thought one Mihoshi was bad enough, now I have a whole troop of them..."[/COLOR]
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Guest Skyechild91
[I][SIZE=3][FONT=arial][COLOR=teal]Serenity heard Kiyone yell at the young man, and he raced away again. [/I] If your going to run red lights, atleast you could do it without causing damage to pedestrians. And they call him a cop. [I] She thought, all but her bright gold eyes concealed by her cloak. She hopped the interstate on her bike, still following the man with carrot colored hair. [/I] Well, Ryoko, Ill bet its you that caused the crime hes investigating.. And Im going to kill you![I] Kyo-nika clung to her shoulder, then slid down into the front of her cloak against her chest.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/I]
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