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Anime Saint Seiya Hades: Chapter Sanctuary


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Hi there everybody, how are you doing!? hope you are fine... I've decided this time to post a thread about Saint Seiya, as we all know Saint Seiya is one of the most popular animes around the world... Saint Seiya The Hades saga is the best saga in entire Saint Seiya History, the OAV contains 13 episodes for Sancutry chapter then there will be more episodes for the Hades world (Underworld) chapter but yet nothing confirmed... Well I saw the 13 OVAs and what I can say... Well it's just the greatest OVA I've ever seen, I am not saying it because it's Saint Seiya but because it's really a very good show really... Saint Seiya started out in 1986 as a manga by Masami Kurumada and published in Shonen Jump, and have been reprinted in book form by Shonen as well. In October of 1986 Saint Seiya showed up on Japanese TV as an animated series produced by Toei Doga... Also Kuramada published the Saint Seiya Hades Manga as well but now after years of waiting and waiting, Now they finally animated this great manga and brought as the OVA Saint Seiya Hades: Chapter Sanctuary in 13 OVAs, that was really just like a dream to Saint Seiya's fans but luckily they animated the Hades Manga... well guys I wanna say that I took some informations from some French, Italian, English, Spanish's web sites related to Saint Seiya so thanks refers to them, also thanks refers to Silver Dragon for the characters story I learned their story and edited or took some words from here and there to collect the characters' story and proiles... You can find alot of informations about Saint Seiya in many Saint Seiya's sites but sadly most of the sites are not in english, mostly are French, anyway I would like to thanks them for their help because I knew more about Saint Seiya so thanks... So now let's get going...


The story: 10/10
The characters: 10/10
The Animation: 10/10
The musics: 10/10
Voice Cast: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

[color=blue]THE STORY:[/color]
Well some of you may don't like the story if they don't like the deep stories, I mean Saint Seiya have a really very big and deep story, the story based on Greeks legends and other mythologies along with other cool stuff, about temples, saints and their lords...etc I know this sometime might be boring but yet the story is very deep and very cool at the same time, if you watched Saint Seiya before you will notice the different between the Hades saga's story and the other sagas of Saint Seiya, since the story is about ressurection of Hades's and his specters, going to underworld facing monsters or group fighters, helping each others, betrayers...etc Fighting for future of the world as everybody thinks, but yet it's not only this, it's deeper than this, I can't say anything more since they didn't released the ova's but I have been reading the manga since years, and the manga story and the OVA are the same, and I guess it's the best... The story is about the ressurection of Hades the king of the underworld along with his armies, who want to kill the queen Athena to get rid of her and to become the only leader in the universe, so the warriors have to do something to help her and defend her even if it costs them their own lives so that's the beginning of the biggest story... Also reviving some of the of the dead saints like the Gold Saints, Saga, Camus, Shura and Shion along with the Silver Saints just like Misty, Argol...etc I guess the story is new since you really don't know who is the bad one and who is the good one if you don't know the old story it will be pretty hard to understand just like me when I first saw it... I mean sometimes you see the bad guys are killing and doing bad things then at the other hand you see them that they are sad for killing and for losing their old friends from the old saga...etc also the good ones are fighting the good ones just for unknown reasons just like helping, training them and things like this... I really have nothing else to say and I can't say anything more but as for me The Hades saga is the best saga and you have to watch this part of Saint Seiya because you will be amazed for sure, and the story is very cool and I like it more than anything else, there are fighters who fight for themselves, fighters who fights for justice some for evils and some for their friends, you will see different kind of fighters...etc I am sure many of you gonna like the story...

[color=blue]THE CHARACTERS:[/color]
As we all know Saint Seiya have alot of characters, more than 50 characters, and more than 15 main characters... There are alot of groups and each group have at least one or more cool fighter, Saint Seiya features all type of characters, the emotinal, the serious, the funny and even the bad ones as well... In respect to other animes but still I guess I can't find any anime that have cool characters like the characters in Saint Seiya's series... As for me I would like to give it a full rate for the characters since they have my favorite type of character of all time just like Saga, if you saw it from the beginning I am sure you will like this guy too, he is kinda a sad character and that's my type of character who is always cold, sad, strong and also sometimes you see him fighting for evils, sometimes for justice and sometimes for himself, there are many characters like Saga in the series, we also have Kanon, his twin brother, once were a servent of Posiedon and now a saint of Athena's saints and fights for the justice, he also have very great moves, and most of all the Hades Saga features and shows the great Wyvern Radamanthus, he is one of my favorite character too and I always wished to see him in an anime type while I was reading the manga because these are the ones who I always wished to see in the anime... There are many other cool characters such as Shaka, Milo, Shiryu, Ikki...etc I can't name all of them because there are too much and I like almost everyone of them, even the heroes are pretty cool unlike other animes, I admit I usually like the villains but in this great series I also like the heroes too, I can name some of them like the Dragon Shiryu or Pheonix Ikki along with the gold heroes just like Mu, Aioria, Milo...etc The best thing that Saint Seiya have groups, just like Golden Saint Group which have characters of themselves, Silver Saints, Bronze Saints, Steel Saints, Specters...etc you will also amaze after watching their great cloths, such an amazing designs on the characters, also don't forget that each character have his own speciality and have elements such as Wind element, Sun Element, Dark Element, Fire, water...etc Also the main villain have alot of great servents and he is a pretty cool villain, his name is Hades of course... Just see their stories and I am sure you are going to like these amazing characters... I know some of you might say if there are girls or not! Well they also have female fighters like Marin and Shina, also some villain females and Saori (Athena) is a female too, so both of girls and boys gonna like Saint Seiya's characters oh yeah not to forget that there is also old ones and kids just like Kiki, Master Dokho... You all find all type of characters that's why I like the series... I have nothing else to say but Saint Seiya features the best characters...

[color=blue]THE ANIMATION:[/color]
Saint Seiya The Hades chapter has the coolest animation I've ever seen in animes, I know there are other animes have cool animation just like Sprited Away, Blood The Last Vampire, X...etc but this one is the best in my opinion, they use alot of anime style 3D which give it the cool effects, also not to forget that the graphics looks soooooooooo cool, you just see the old ones and see the Hades OAV and you will notice the different between them, thanks to the OVA's group... Also the anime have alot of great backgrounds effects and there is no more same scene, they have used the computer stuff perfectly and I appreciate their efforts, just see when Milo fights against Kanon, man you will notice how the animation looks also don't forget to see the scene when Seiya transforms with his armors, man they used 3D on this and that's why it came out so good...The fighting scenes are pretty cool, it still has the old school feelings, but better effects had been implemented. I love the way how Seiya did his Pegasus Meteor Punch on Cancer Death Mask, it?s a must see! Not to mention about Shiryu doing his moves as well... And the best of all when Saga do his super attack "Glaxian Explosion" just see and for sure you will be speechless, Man I can't say anything more you just see and you will know what I mean...

[color=blue]THE MUSICS:[/color]
Well I don't know what to say about this but as we all know Yokoyama Seiji was behind this, this mean for sure Saint Seiya's musics will be very cool... I think that Saint Seiya have the saddest musics of all time in anime world, they have a very cool musics, the openning and the ending, also not to mention the sad musics when Aldebran die or when Milo attacks Kanon, when Shaka's fight against Saga and co, when and when... Man the music outta there was very sad and I like it sooooo much as you all know I like sad musics, to your knowledge Saint Seiya not only have sad musics but they have other cool musics just like Pegasus Fantasy, Harp's them...etc I really can't wait anymore for the Hades World Chapter... I am sure you are going to like Saint Seiya's musics especialy the ones in the Hades chapter, but yet I miss Abel's sad theme, not to mention when Orpheous plays his music, I can't imagine that... Saint Seiya series have alot of great musics done by great artists so you can accept anything from them... Oh you might be asking if they still have the old musics from the old series! Yeah they have it, you can hear the old musics in the new series and that's pretty cool, since they still use their old stuff ot run the anime, I am done here you just go and hear then tell me what you think ;)

[color=blue]VOICE CAST:[/color]
Saint Seiya's seiyuu and voice actors are the greatest ones and the most popular ones, the voices are very cool and suites the character and his style, I mean just hear Rhadamanthys's voice (Koyasu Takehito), man as you know Rhadamanthys is a pure evil and his voice is damn pure evil too :D not to mention that Pegasus Seiya is voiced by the same man who voiced Amuro, he also voiced Hiroshi for Jeeg, Kyosuke for Orange Road, and Tuxedo Mask for Sailor Moon. Dragon Shiryuu is also voiced by the man who voiced Bright Noah, Shingo from Goshogun and of course Haran Banjo. Andromeda Shun is also voiced by the same man who voiced Vegita from DBZ and also Kou Uraki and that dude who is trying to be like girls from Dancougar who loved Shapiro so much. And I like the most of all is Saga's voice actor, Okiayu Ryoutarou... There are many other great voice actors we've heard their voice at many other series, also Kanon's voice is very cool kinda remind me of the same actor of Raven from Virus Buster Serge... I don't think I can find a better voice actors and suites the character as well very easily, of course that's my opinion, everybody has his own opinion... But I am sure you will like these screams and shouting... Saint Seiya Hades's features the biggest names for the voice actors such as Koyasu Takehito, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Furuya Tohru, Suzuoki Hirotaka, Kusao Takeshi, Ikeda Shuuichi, Namba Keiichi, Tobita Nobuo ...etc All I have to say that they are the best...

Well the new Saint Seiya Hades OVA is my favorite anime at the current time, so what can I say!? I can only give it the full rating and I guess it's really deserves the full credits, I know some of you might not like the new series that's maybe because he don't know the story and what happened before, but if you watch it chapter after chapter I am sure you will like it so much, as I said before Saint Seiya is perfect almost at everything, for the story, I don't think I can find a better story than Saint Seiya's great and big story or maybe it's only me... I also like stories which are originally legends & mythology... As for the characters, Saint Seiya features many cool characters, there are many of them just like Saga, Rhadamanthys, Ikki, Mu, Milo, Shakka, Camus, Shura...etc where can I find these great characters in other animes, I know that every anime have at least one cool characters but Saint Seiya have not only one or two or three, they have many of them and more than 20 cool characters of course it's a personal opinion so don't blame me for saying these words... As for the animation, I can't say anything but the animation and the graphics are very cool and well done especially when they show fighting scenes and fast movements scenes, as for the musics, we all know how it's great and there is no need to say anything more, if you like sad and old style musics then this will be your choice I guess... The anime also have a very cool style for their fighting scenes, characters...etc along with cool voice actors and most popular or biggest names in the anime world...etc what else should be said, I know whatever I saw or how much I will write there will ton of words that can be said about this great show... Even it's only 13 OVA but yet I prefer to series of 100 episodes or more, I am not just saying because a Saint Seiya fan but because it's really the greatest anime I've ever watched... I have nothing else to say but Guys you have to watch this great series and I am sure you will like and you wont lose anything by watching it...
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After the defeat of Posiedon's and his marines against Athena and her saint, The Lord Of Darkness and Underworld has finally revived after his defeat 200 years ago by the hand of Athena and her saints, he is none other than the darkness master Hades... Hades declares war on the whole mankind this time and had decided to take on Earth once again defeating his enemies and wishing to kill Athena along with her saints because Athena is the only person who is standing in Hades's way and his unlimited ambitions... He has revived some of the dead Gold Saints and told them that if they betray Athena and kill her he will give them an Eternal Life and if they failed they will die once again... So once again the life of Athena is in danger but this time it's surrounded by absolute darkness, will she gonna survive the attack of Hades and his 108 Specters!? Now Athena's saints can't leave her alone facing the death without doing anything, something should be done before the time is up... So now the war begin once again, this time Athena and her saints against the King of the UnderWorld Hades and his Specters... Who is going to survive this big war!
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Name: Saori Kido
Function: Athena
Age: 13 years old
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Birthdate/sign: September 1st - Virgo
Blood group: A
Origin: Greece - Sanctuary

Saori is Athena, the queen of Wisdom... Saori is The head of one of Asia's largest (and fictional) business consortiums, which is how she can afford that huge mansion, gardens, personal jet planes, and so on... She has the soul of Athena in her body and finally awakened as Athena... Saori is a very kind girl that loves everybody around her and don't like the fightings and the wars... She doesn't have much power as a normal human but since she is Athena she has incredible powers and always supports her saints in the battles against the evils... Athena is known to be a very sweet girl among her friends, and very polite too. She is never rude but maybe she is argument sometime because she lived as a rich girl and everything she desires she get it so maybe that may has some effects on her personality... She always helps her friends, and always takes her time to live her life as a normal girl even though she has a big duty and that's is fighting so hard for all mankind and to bring peace upon the world to make everybody happy, to make both sides happy, that's what she wishes for the most, maybe that what makes her really special and that's the true reasons why many people loves her not because she is Athena but because of her own kind personality...



Name: Seiya
Constellation: Pegasus
Age: 13 years old
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown/Red-brown
Birthdate/sign: December 1st - Sagittarius
Blood group: B
Origin: Japan
Training grounds: Greece - Sanctuary
Fighting techniques: Pegasasu Ryu Sei Ken (trans: Pegasus Shooting Star Fist)
Pegasasu Sui Sei Ken (trans: Pegasus Comet Fist)
Pegasus Rolling Crash (pron: Pegasasu Ro-ringu Kurashu)

The main character in this anime, Seiya is considered as one of the Bronze Saints... Seiya is really a very rare character... Seiya is hot-blooded, and acts before having time to think, which usually results in him getting beaten to pulp... He has lots of dreams which he hopes to accomplish some day and one of his dreams is to find her sister and live happily with here once again... A very kind characters who likes to fight for the sake of this beautiful earth, for the sake of every human being and for all mankind... Seiya never really knows what the defeat is, he is the kind of character that doesn't know what is the defeat or don't like the word "Give Up" whatever happens, even if he is facing a true danger he can't forget his smile, this character is full of willing, even beaing beaten up he will keep getting up, even if each bone in him is broken until the very end... Seiya is a funny character who likes to joke around with his friends and likes to see the smile on everybody's faces... He has a very warm heart that he will sacrifice his life for the sake of friendship or for saving the people he loves... Seiya's ideals are noble at heart, and only desires to fight for justice and thwart evil. His rants normally end in violence... A joyful young man who has high spirits and filled with joy and friendship, Seiya is a pretty mature person for his age. Always filled with dreams, and a huge lover of the sky, Seiya has never let anything stand in the way of his goals. His strong will and determination has allowed him to soar over every hardship, and leads him further into the heavens...



Name: Shiryu
Constellation: Dragon
Age: 14 years old
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Grey-blue (manga: red-brown)
Birthdate/sign: October 4th - Libra
Blood group: A
Origin: Japan
Training grounds: China - Rozan
Fighting techniques: Rozan Sho Ryu Ha (trans: Rozan Ascending Dragon)
Rozan Kou Ryu Ha (trans: Rozan Highest Rising Dragon)
Rozan Ryu Hi Sho (trans: Rozan Dragon Flight)

He is one of the Bronze Saints... Shiryu is a very calm and reserved character. He thinks a lot before he speaks, but usually stays rather quiet... Shiryu respects everybody around him and likes to see them all happy just like everybody else of the Bronze Saints, He is also the most mature of the Bronze Boys. In battle, he is very different. He becomes fiery, proud and extremely courageous. Honour and duty are the most important things in his life. Shiryu tends to become suicidal during battles, he wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice himself for his friends or duty. Perhaps Shiryu thinks too much before acting during battles, getting badly injured as he does so. In society, Shiryu is rather distant. He doesn't show his emotions, and rarely becomes angry. He keeps a respectful distance of the others... Shiryu fights for the mankind for himself for the one he loves and he would gladly give his life for them. Shiryu is a very kind man, mostly because he is so determined to impart justice, and his love for his friends. His opponents also consider him a very honorable fighter, and a very wise man too... He despises evil and will fight whomever fights for that cause. Shiryu trains very hard every day to show the world that he is one of the strongest fighters around the world, and to proves that he can be used in battles as a true warrior, as a true Saint...



Name: Hyoga
Constellation: Swan (Cygnus)
Age: 14 years old
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Pale blue
Birthdate/sign: January 23rd - Aquarius
Blood group: O
Origin: Russia
Training grounds: Oriental Siberia
Fighting techniques: Aurora Execution (pron: O-rora Ekusukyu-shon)
Kholodnyi Smerch (pron: Ho-rodoni Sumeruchi; trans: Freezing Tornado)
Diamond Dust (pron: Daiamondo Dasuto)
Kaisuto (trans: Circle)

Hyoga is also one of the Bronze Saints... Hyoga is a tragic character. He seems rather cold and distant, but he is certainly very much attached to parent figures, such as his mother and master. Hyoga is usually quite sociable, he likes taking part in activities with the other Bronze Boys and has an agreeable, mild personality. He can be very frank and direct at times, which sometimes hurts some of his friends, but he never intends to do so. Hyoga is always a cool and serene guy, a good natured fellow at heart. He also seems to be very serious in the fights and don't likes to joke around or maybe it's because of his sad past... Hyoga loved his mother so much sadly his mother has died in front of his eyes, years passed but yet Hyoga can never forget his mother... Hyoga is a character that doesn't like to be defeated and don't like the fighting unless if needed... He still doesn't have a main goal but for sure one of his goals is to see everybody is happy and to live happily with the people around him, Hyoga was trained by Camus and Crystal Saint, he have alot of great attacks such as "Diamond Dust" and "Aurora Execution" and he has learned these attacks from his master Camus the man who was just like his second father... Hyoga is a very cool character and respected by everybody around him and that's because of his personality...



Name: Shun
Constellation: Andromeda
Age: 13 years old
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Hair colour: Green (manga: dark blond to medium brown)
Eye colour: Blue-Green (manga: light brown or blue)
Birthdate/sign: September 9th - Virgo
Blood group: A
Origin: Japan
Training grounds: Andromeda Island
Fighting techniques: Nebula Chain (pron: Nebyura Chie-n)
Nebular Storm (pron: Nebyura Suto-mu)
Nebular Stream (pron: Nebyura Sutori-mu)
Thunder Wave (pron: Sanda U-e-bu)
Rolling Defense (pron: Ro-ringu de-ifu-ensu)
Spider Net (pron: Supaida Netto)
Casting Net (pron: Kyasute-ingu netto)
Spiral Duct (pron: Supairaru Dakuto)
Boomerang Shot (pron: Bu-meran Shotto)
Whirled Trap (pron: Wairudo Torappu)
Great Capture (pron: Gure-to Kyapuchua)

Shun is one of the Bronze Saints... Shun is Ikki's younger brother... He is brave and mature enough to go on ahead, Shun is a very gentle character, who is pacific and kind. He hates battles and has trouble to kill his enemy, as he considers this as sheer waste. He is very sensitive and quite shy when it comes to relationships with others. He gets on well with everyone since he is a kind hearted boy, though his brother is easier for him to handle when they are alone together. Being the youngest of the Bronze Saints Shun never ever liked the fightings, he hates blood or fighting or killing and can never think of killing someone... But yet that doesn't mean he can't fight or he is not strong, Shun is really a strong character that have a will of steel, Shun follows his Bronze friends in their fights, with the innocence and humor of a young man... Shun doesn't let the feeling of hatred and vengeance displayed in some battles get to his heart. Being an innocent young saint, he is reluctant to such emotions. Shun looks at life as a precious gift, and is thankful for everything he has, his elder brother Ikki, his friends and the people around him...



Name: Ikki
Constellation: Phoenix
Age: 15 years old
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Hair colour: Blue
Eye colour: Blue
Birthdate/sign: August 15th - Leo
Blood group: AB
Origin: Japan
Training grounds: Death Queen Island
Fighting techniques: Phoenix Houou Genma Ken (trans: Phoenix Illusion Demon Fist)
Hou Yoku Ten Sho (trans: Flaming wings Takeoff)

Ikki is one of the Bronze Saints, he is Shun's elder brother... Ikki is one of the strongest Bronze Saint of all time if not the strongest, he have the power of the legendary immortal bird Phoenix, whenever his opponent become stronger Ikki gets up with more powers, just like the Phoenix and so he was nick named: "The Immortal Saint"... Ikki was a very kind hearted man and loved everybody around him, he was a nice kid until one day he was sent to Death Queen Island for training and then there begins Ikki's crisis... He lost someone special to him, someone he consider a close friend, someone he loved from the bottom of his eyes... Being beaten up and the death of the one he loves Ikki's lost his temprature and killed his own master by his own hand... After that Ikki lost his faith in everbody and his life changed... Ikki hides himself in the shadows, rarely showing himself in public... However, whenever Ikki appears, he does so with incredible force and violence. He is able to kill many people in just matter of seconds. It almost seems natural to him... Showing that he doesn't care about the people around him, doesn't care about Athena or anyone else but his younger brother but that's not his true personality, Ikki is a very gentle at heart, he will do anything and might sacrifice his life to save them or to bring peace to the world once again... Ikki is a lone wolf, he prefers spending his time away from the others. Therefore he only appears in battles when one of his friends is in danger. His faith in Athena isn't as strong as his love for Shun but yet that doesn't mean he don't care for his duty, he cares alot about his duty and knows what he should do but he likes to act by his own, he hates to be ordered around... So now Ikki became the most feared warrior of the Bronze Saints...
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Name: Shion
Constellation: Aries (The Ram)
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Birthdate/sign: Unknown - Aries
Blood group: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Training grounds: Unknown
Fighting techniques: Crystal Wall (pron: Kurisutaru U-oru)
Crystal Net (pron: Kurisutaru Netto)
Starlight Extinction (pron: Sutaraito Ekusute-inkushon)
Stardust Revolution (pron: Suta-dusto Reboryu-shon)

Shion is the pope of the Sanctuary... He is the leader of the Gold Saints, and the strongest gold Saint of all time... He was killed by Saga in the pervious battles and Saga killed him because he was controled by the evil lord of war Ares... Shion was revived by Hades powers to kill Athena and brings her head to Hades, he was revived to lead the Dark Gold Saint team... He is the strongest Gold Saints of all time, he was Mu's teacher past years so he have the same attacks as Mu have such as "Stardust Revolution" or "Crystal Wall" and "Starlight Extinction" 200 years ago, there was a great battle between Hades and his specters against Athena and her saints... So Shion and Dokho were the only survivors of this battle... Shion and Dokho were best friends past years but now fighting for Hades seems to change something or maybe it make the friendship stronger! His heart might have loneliness and sadness storming it day and night, that's because he don't like to show his true reasons... Shion is a very kind man that will do anything to kill the evil, Shion is a very loyal saint to Athena and have a good experience so that's why he became the Pope of the Sanctuary... Nobody can stand in Shion's way due to his incredible powers, also all of the Gold Saints must obey him because he was the Pope before so they should respect his orders and obey his orders... Shino believes e believes that a Gold Saint must live and die for the sake of the future live, for the sake of Athena and for the sake of mankind...



Name: Saga
Constellation: Gemini (The Twins)
Age: 28 years old
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 87 kg
Birthdate/sign: May 30th - Gemini
Blood group: AB
Origin: Greece
Training grounds: Greece - Sanctuary
Fighting techniques: Galaxian Explosion (pron: gyarakushian ekusupurojon)
Another Dimension (pron: Anaza De-imenshon)
Gen Rou Ma Ou Ken (trans: Demon Emperor Fist)

Saga is also one of the Gold Saints... He is a very strong character that nobody can stand in his way or stand in his ambitions... A very gentle character, he is smart, powerful, fast, have alot of strong attacks which nobody else can handle them but him... He is considered as the strongest Gold Saint and that because he have features that nobody else have it... Rather elegant and with good manners, Saga doesn't seem to lose his temper so easily. He usually remains calm, cool, and precise, as his superior intelligence always analyzes the situation, and exploits it to his advantage. A conspirating and creative person... Sadly Saga's life turned to a living hell after the lord of war, Ares, has gained control over his body... Ares the lord of war used Saga's body to reborn once again and to gain control over the Sanctuary and had done alot of bad things even though Saga don't like to do these stuff but sadly he can't get back his body from the lord of war Ares... But yet Saga couldn't give it up so easily and fought his inner side to take his body back... Even though Saga kicked Ares's out of his body but yet there are many evils who are trying to host his body... Saga is a very kind hearted man and very pure, he don't like to kill people or do bad things but sadly the evils hunts him down yet he can never give up even if he lost the last bit of his energy... Saga is a nice man with his friends and is sometimes very cold with those he deems to be a bother. However, his friends know him to be a warm and caring man. He cares a lot for Athena after all he is one of her Saints, maybe Saga the most loyal saint to Athena, he will do anything and will sucrifice himself just for her sake, he is a man that knows no fear... Saga have alot of strong attacks, and he have incredible body because he can handle strong attacks, even after being beaten up or something like this he gets up again and fights as if nothing happened, he can sense anybody's power even if they are a far distence away... Saga is Kanon's twin brother and he loves him so much and cares about him but it seems he don't like to show him his true feelings and always hiding this for himself... Saga is someone who should never be Underestimated by anyone not even the lords...



Name: Camus
Constellation: Aquarius (The Water Bearer)
Age: 20 years old
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Birthdate/sign: February 7th - Aquarius
Blood group: A
Origin: France
Training grounds: Siberia
Fighting techniques: Aurora Execution (pron: O-rora Ekusukyu-shon)
Freezing Coffin (pron: Furizigu Kofu-in)
Diamond Dust (pron: Daiyamondo Dasuto)

Camus is also one of the Gold Saints who were revived by Hades's powers to kill Athena and brings her head to Hades... He once were fighting only for Athena and fighting the evil but after his death in this chapter he was revived by Hades... Camus is a very cold character and rarely he lost his control and that what makes him a really very strong character... He have alot of great and strong attacks, his special attack is Diamond Dust and he use it alot of times while fighting against the opponent but yet it's not Camus's strongest attacks, he have some other attacks but the strongest attack is "Aurora Execution" he had trained alot of characters in this anime and the most important one of them all is none other than Cygnus Hyoga... Camus liked Hyoga so much and was teaching him almost everything and supporting him and always cares for him as if it's just like father & sun or maybe big brother and younger brother... Camus have a lightning speed and that's what makes him to move here and there very quickly... He is also very good at jumping... Good spirited, nice to other people, strong and brave against the forces of evil, a brilliant young man, and also a very respectful fighter by everybody around... He is also one of the strongest Gold Saints and every saint pays him a very big respect because Camus's deserve it fair and square...



Name: Shura
Constellation: Capricorn (The Sea Goat)
Age: 23 years old
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Birthdate/sign: January 12th - Capricorn
Blood group: B
Origin: Spain
Training grounds: Spain - Pyrenees
Fighting techniques: Excalibur (pron: Ekusukariba)
Jumping Stone (pron: Janpingu Suto-n)

Shura is one of the gold saints... He was revived by Hades's great powers to kill in 12 hours and bring her head to Hades himself... Shura is one of the strongest Gold Saints and he is the one who caused Aioros's death, Shura isn't really an evil but the problem is that people drives him to the wrong way... Shura have a very amazing attack which is called "Excalibur" which can cut entire mountain to 2 halfs... Shura doesn't show too much emotion in his cold face... His melancolic eyes, hidden by some shades. Since he has known nothing more than fighting, it is hard for him to relate with others. He's also not good for sentimental words, but he is a very warm man in the inside... Shura is a very kind Gold Saint who cares for the others around him and his best friends are none other than Saga and Camus... Shura is respected by every gold saint and the other saints in the Sanctuary or out of the Sanctuary... Shura have a very great speed and few who can be as fast as him... Shura's weak point is that he fights and punch before even giving the chance to think, maybe that's his weak point or maybe being like this and fighting bravely till the very end without complaining is the main reason for his powers... Shura is the type of a fighter who likes to attack, attack and attack without giving his opponent a chance for breathing, he also gained the Gold Cloth even when he was still a kid and thats mean that Shura is something else, someone rare...

[color=red]DEATH MASK[/color]


Name: Deathmask
Constellation: Cancer (The Crab)
Age: 23 years old
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Birthdate/sign: June 24th - Cancer
Blood group: A
Origin: Italy
Training grounds: Italy - Sicily
Fighting techniques: Seki Shi Ki Mei Kai Ha (Dark World Waves)

Death Mask is also one of the Gold Saints who were revived by Hades's powers to kill Athena and brings her head to Hades... He is very evil and hardly to make a deal with him, he only knows the fight and death... He likes to kill people just for fun... He have alot of strong attacks which is very dangerous and his most popular attack is: "Sekishiki MeikaiHa" which takes the opponents to the Dead's World (Hades's World) Death Mask weak points is he can't control over his mind, and attacks without thinking and that what makes him to lose his battles... He is unlike the other brave Gold Saints, when he face the death it self he can't show his bravery but he just try to escape as a coward and that's why he doesn't deserve the name of Gold Saint... But yet he is someone that nobody should mess with... A very dangerous warrior and cause of the evil things he did so far he was nicknamed "Death Mask" but yet his real name is unknown yet... Death Mask is a man propense towards violence, and loves to kill his opponents with sadism. He even doesn't care if he takes a hit or two to make the opponent suffer! He loves to use dirty tricks along with using his Illusiuon attacks... Death Mask loves the smell of blood and the sound of broken bones...



Name: Aphrodite
Constellation: Pisces (The Fish)
Age: 22 years old
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Birthdate/sign: March 10th - Pisces
Blood group: O
Origin: Sweden
Training grounds: Greenland
Fighting techniques: Bloody Rose (pron: Buraddei Rozu)
Pirhana Rose (pron: Piranian Rozu)
Royal Demon Rose (pron: Roiyaru Demon Rozu)

Aphrodite is one of the Gold Saint... He might be the weakest of the Gold Saint but yet that doesn't mean he is a weak fighter... Aphrodite is a strong fighter compared to the Bronze or Silver Saints... He looks so much like the girls but he is a guy... Aphrodite knows of no honorable feelings in his heart. He will resort to anything to win, and he will not stop at nothing to leave his opponent in a bloody mass of defeated flesh... He uses alot of tricks, and some poisened roses to kill his opponent, he uses roses as an attack... He is kinda evil just like his best friend Death Mask... Aphrodite enjoys playing around with those foolish enough to challenge him, using the great amount of power that he possesses... Yet he is a coward and don't deserve to be a gold saint, whenever he faces the death he can't be cool and lose his control and become a coward running away from death and strong opponents, but that's not all the time, whenever he sees there is a chance even if it's a small chance he fight till the very end, even if it costs him his life...
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Name: Dohko
Constellation: Libra (The Scales)
Age: 261 years old
Height: 140 cm - 170 cm
Birthdate/sign: October 20th - Libra
Blood group: A
Origin: China
Training grounds: China - Rozan
Fighting techniques: Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha (Rozan 100 Dragons)
Weapons: Spear (Supea)
Triple Rod (Toripuru Roddo)
Twin Rod (Tsuin Roddo)
Tongfar (Tonfu-a)
Sword (So-do)
Shield (Shi-rudo)

Dokho is Dragon Shiryu's mentor as well as a Gold Saint. He is perhaps one of the strongest of the Gold Saints, although he strictly avoids the more showy displays of power some of the other Gold Saints seem to favor... A strong and spirited man, Dokho is not too serious yet not too silly. Acting like a kind master to his students, Dokho does not question the rights and wrongs of people, but instead allows themselves to find their own paths. Dokho's hidden strength can be manifested in quite an impressive way... Dokho was one of the 2 survivors of the last battle against Hades's and his specters, he survived this big war with his best friend Shion... Then Dokho was ordered by Athena to watchj over the tower were she sealed Hades and his specters soul, so years passed and Dokho became an old man... But thanks to the lords which gived him an incredible gift, it's to regain his young body whenever he wishes, that was Dokho's gift... Dokho is considered as the strongest gold saint along with Shion... He and Shion are the strongest Gold Saints, he loves alot about his friend and would gladly help him in his tasks because he trusts more and maybe more than anyone else... Dokho posses a very great powers and feared by most of the strongest enemies, most of the evils and good ones respects Dokho or maybe because they feared of Dokho's awesome powers, but yet Dokho still keeps his friendly heart, and his kind spirit... He is one of most loyal saint to Athena and will sucrifice himself for her, because he knows that Athena fights not for her own but for the love, for the hope, for the future for the people, so he fights along with her to achieve these great goals...



Name: Shaka
Constellation: Virgo (The Maiden)
Age: 20 years old
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Birthdate/sign: September 19th - Virgo
Blood group: AB
Origin: India
Training grounds: India - Basin of the Ganges
Fighting techniques: Ten Bu Hou Rin (trans: sky - dance (?) - treasure - circle)
Riku Dou Rin Ne (trans: endless cycle of rebirth through the 6 worlds)
Ten Ma Kou Huku (trans: Demon Capitulation) - O-mu

Shaka is one of the strongest gold saint... A very strong character that nobody knows the limit of his powers, always tends to raise his own skills and abilities above others... So that's why he was nick named as the closest man to a lord, that's because of his great powers, he can defeat a group of strong fighters in matter of seconds... Nobody can take him down easily even if it was the strongest gold saints and were fighting together just to defeat him... Shaka posses incredible powers, he is feared and respected by everyone around him... He is a very experinced gold saint and maybe the most... Not very moved to words or any kind of sentimental expression, Shaka is a dead serious man who resorts to cut the small talk and dedicate himself to the task at hand. His inhuman powers are so impressive it amazes even the most skeptical of people. Although he is a man of principles at heart, he will not admit or show it in public. Swayed to silence, Shaka will use his mystical magic in the name of good! He shows for the people around that he don't care about the good one nor the evil, all he wants to be with the winner's side... A silent man who does not care about anything that could happen in the outside world, all he shows that he care about his own powers and no one else, Shaka secludes himself in his own world of solitude and silence. But yet sometimes Shaka wishes to be around with his other Gold's friends and to fight as the real heroes for the sake of Athena also for the sake of the the earth he always loved...



Name: Mu
Constellation: Aries (The Ram)
Age: 20 years old
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Birthdate/sign: March 27th - Aries
Blood group: A
Origin: Tibet
Training grounds: Jamir
Fighting techniques: Crystal Wall (pron: Kurisutaru U-oru)
Crystal Net (pron: Kurisutaru Netto)
Starlight Extinction (pron: Sutaraito Ekusute-inkushon)
Stardust Revolution (pron: Suta-dusto Reboryu-shon)

Mu is one of the gold saints... He is a very strong characters, he is a very cold man that doesn't talk much and prefers to keep quiet... He has alot of strong attacks that he can defeat a group of fighters in one attack... Mu doesn't like the fighting and he likes to avoid battles because he knows that there are many ways to solve a problem without fighting... A very gentle and kind hearted man who cares for the people around him... Mu is very polite, and always seems to talk with so much confidence in himself... Mu always seems to have a very serious expression, and grunts a lot. However, he has a very warm heart, as he always takes his time to coexist with nature and encounter himself there but yet he smile around and likes to be stuck with his friends... Mu is a very loyal character to Athena and he will do anything for her... Mu has some magical powers and can teleport, he is good at both attacking and defending himself from the attacks, maybe that what makes him one of the strongest Gold Saint of all time... Mu is quite a cool and calm man, and in fight, he moves like a bird and strings like a mosquito. He is also pretty calm in battle, and does not dispair under any circumstance. He respects all fighters who are very skillful, and also gets disappointed by those who do not show their true power... He is a very brave saint that even if he knows that he can't defeat the enemy he doesn't escape but fight till the very end, because he thinks nobody can destroy a will of a gold saint...



Name: Milo
Constellation: Scorpio (The Scorpion)
Age: 20 years old
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Birthdate/sign: November 8th - Scorpio
Blood group: B
Origin: Greece
Training grounds: Milo Island
Fighting techniques: Restriction (pron: Risutorikushon)
Scarlet Needle - Antares (pron: Sukaretto Nidoru - Antaresu)

Milo is also one of the Gold Saints... Milo is is actually quite honorable fighter... He likes to have a fair match. He will do anything for the cause of Athena, and will not hold back against anyone, even if it was someone too close to him... Milo is a proud, arrogant man, who thinks that his good looks rival his own skills. He also always seems to appear that after a fight, he is not tired... He also makes fun of the opponent's skills, and does not like to be accompanied by weaklings, all he desires to fight in a true battle... Some may say Milo is an evil and ruthless man, but this only happens in the battlefield, where Milo displays an incredible brutality... He is a very gentle at heart and a kind hearted man who likes to help his friends at any costs even if it costs him his life... He will do anything for the sake of the humanity and his beloved planet, the earth... Milo uses a strong attacks and mostly uses his fist in battles, he is very fast character compared to the others, even one of the fastest gold saints... Milo don't like to see people suffering and in pain, even if they were his opponents, but if they were evil he will not care for them not even if itwas his friends but yet he can't stop being sad in his heart... Milo is considered as one of the greatest Gold Saint of all time, a true warrior...



Name: Aioria
Constellation: Leo (The Lion)
Age: 20 years old
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Birthdate/sign: August 16th - Leo
Blood group: O
Origin: Greece
Training grounds: Greece - Sanctuary
Fighting techniques: Lightning Plasma (pron: Raitoningu Purasuma)
Lightning Bolt (pron: Raitoningu Boruto)

Aioria is one of the gold saints too... Aioria is a short tempered and with angry impulses man... He is one of the greatest and strongest Gold Saint of all time... Aioria is Aioros's younger brother... He loves his brother so much and can never ever forget him even whatever happens... He is actually really kind, a very sensible guy, with a soft heart, and who loves his brother and friends very much. He is rowdy and very loud when it comes to fighting, his powers is incredible his incredible strength induces respect among many fighters... Filled with anger and a tenacious fury, the ferocious fighting style of Aioria knows no limits, and will not stop until he defeat his enemies... Aioria have some great attacks that nobody else, and he can defeat a group of opponents in matter of seconds and one strike from his "Lightning Plasma" Aioria is one of the most feared and respected saints around the world... Many believes that when Aioria starts attacking he can't stop or leave the match without beating the hell out of his opponent, just like the king of the beast... Having learned the true principles of honor and discipline from his elder brother Aioros he knows no fear... Aioria is a honorable fighter who battles with respect and admiration for the opponent... He is a very loyal saint to Athena, he will fight till the very end for her sake and for the sake for the future of the world, the future of the kids and for his beloved earth...



Name: Kanon
Constellation: Gemini (The Twins)
Age: 28 years old
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 87 kg
Birthdate/sign: May 30th - Gemini
Blood group: AB
Origin: Greece
Ocean: North Atlantic
Fighting techniques: Galaxian Explosion (pron: Gyarakushian Ekusupuojon)
Another Dimension (pron: Anaza Deimenshon)
Golden Triangle (pron: Goruden Toraianguru)

Kanon is Saga's twin brother... One of the strongest fighter, he have the same look as Saga, he uses strong attacks and most of Saga's attacks, he is a very danger fighter that everybody fears him, maybe even more than Saga himself... Kanon once worked for Poseidon, the lord of the seas... He was a bad guy and evil before, he was the evil deed for making Saga being controlled by Ares, for releasing Posiedon's soul again... But after he relased that the one who helped his life was none other than Athena, Kanon's life has changed... Soon Kanon's evil side has been removed from his heart... He has decided to fight for the mankind and humanity, fighting for Athena the one who helped Kanon's life, now he want to pay this back by fighting as one of the Saint by her side... Kanon is a proud arrogant man, who jokes against even the strongest enemies, he don't care about the number of the enemies nor even their powers, all he knows that he can't leave the battle without being the winner, a very determained fighter who will do anything to achieve whatever is hanging in his head... Kanon true indenity made him a Gemini Gold Saint, he became one of the Gold Saint, he will do anything to serve Athena even sacrificing his life for that... Kanon always hated his twin brother Saga, maybe because he was jelous of Saga's great achivements or maybe because he was a gold saint and the people around respected him so much, but Now Kanon's has changed, he loves and cares about his brother but it seems he don't like to show his feelings to Saga and the others around him, but all he knows that he will the one and only who can take Saga's place, he will do anything for himself, for the sake of his twin brother, for the beloved earth... Kanon possess a very amazing powers that most of the Gold Saints don't have it, maybe that's what make him one of the strongest gold saints and should never ever be understimated by anyone...



Name: Pandora
Constellation: None
Age: 16
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Birthdate/sign: September 3rd - Virgo
Blood group: A
Origin: Germany
Training grounds: Unknown
Fighting techniques: None

Pandora is one of Hades's Secretary, she is Hades's right hand woman... Nobody knows about Pandora's past, it seems she is covering her past for some unknown reasons, she is somehow related to Ikki and Shun... She works for Hades and she orders Hades's Specters for any actions, her order must be obeyed because she is the closest girl to Hades... She has some great magical powers which were given by King Hades to lead the specters and to protect herself from anyone around her... She always play on her harp closing her eyes and thinking of what's going on or maybe thinking about her past... Even if she is one of Hades's Secretary who carries out illegal orders by her superiors, Pandora is not cold-hearted or blood-thirsty as one might suppose by her status, she is a kind girl but maybe not showing that to not make Hades and his specters to notice that... Nobody knows what is Pandora's true goals, or what are here true ambitions... Her life, being controlled by Hades, was filled with lies and ambitions. The wreckless attitude and evil disposition were no more than harsh feelings inflicted in her by her superiors. Her only human trace lies within her love for Shun and Ikki, whom she presumes to be her brothers... Still Pandora don't Hesitates to follow her orders even if she has to do bad things, all she cares for now is to obey the orders and only this...



Name: Rhadamanthys
Constellation: Wyvern
Age: 23
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Birthdate/sign: October 30th - Scorpio
Blood group: O
Origin: England
Training grounds: Unknown
Fighting techniques: Greatest Caution (pron: Gureitesuto Koshon)

Rhadamanthys is one of Hades's specters... He is one of the three leaders (Judges) in the Hades's World... Rhadamanthys is ruthless, unsensitive, and heartless fighter. For him, human life has no meaning, and will not doubt in killing any person, of any sex, and of any age... His cold eyes, and his mortal silence truly makes him sinister at first sight... He is also very skillful at dispatching several people at once, he has a very strong attacks which makes thunders, wind and many other stuffs... He can take people to Hades's World and death world by his great amazing powers... Rhadamanthys is a single, self-important person who cares of nobody but himself... He considers other people to be no more than "bothers"... He is the most loyal specter to Hades, a very loyal character that will do anything just for his master's sake... He is very powerful and nobody can stand in his way and especially the mortals who shows some guts... His furious attacks in battle are to be feared indeed even by the strongest fighters he ever might, he is much stronger than normal Saints, he is a judge in Hell and became one of the leaders not for nothing but because he posses incredible powers... Rhadamanthys is a man whose destiny was that to be a ruthless power monger, he is a bitter man with little to say but a lot to kill... He doesn't have fears he is a very proud and arrogant man, a man who deserves to be one of Hades's Saints...
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Japanese Name: Saint Seiya Meiou Hades Juuni Kyuu Hen
English Name: Saint Seiya The Hades: Chapter Sanctuary
Category: OVA
Genre: Fantasy, Shounen
Episodes: 13
Running Time: 25 minutes
Director: Masami Kuramada
Art Director: Shingo Araki & Michi Himeno
Scenario: Michiko Yokote
Realizer: Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Assistant realizer: Shinji ATA
Story-board: Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Decorations: Studio MAO, Michiyo Matsuda, Miwa Yoshida, Mariko Tôyama, Haruna, Tsukagoshi
Selection Of The Decorations: Hiroshi Takaku
Choice Of The Colors: Kunio Tsujita
Digital Photography: Fumio Hirokawa, Takayoshi Matsuhei, Hirosato Oonishi, Sanae Hanami
Producer CG: Takeshi Himi
Decorations And Effects CG: Hirohei Tanaka, Takuya Yamazaki, Takemizu Iwasaki, Nobukô Morita
Musical Selection: Yasuno Satô
Special Effects: Minobu Katsuoka
Sound Effects: Yasuyuki Konno
Sound Recording: Takahiro, Kawasaki
Assistant Sound Recording: Chikako Abe
Assembly: Shigeru Nishiyama
Recording: Mamiko Ogawa
Advance Of The Production: Yoshihide Moriyama
Year Published: 2002
Company: Toei Animation



Athena (Saori): Han Keiko
Pegasus Seiya: Furuya Tohru
Dragon Shiryu: Suzuoki Hirotaka
Cygnus Hyoga: Hashimoto Kouichi
Andromeda Shun: Horikawa Ryo
Phoenix Ikki: Hori Hideyuki
Aries Shion: Tobita Nobuo
Aries Mu: Yamazaki Takumi
Taurus Aldebaran: Genda Tessho
Gemini Saga: Okiayu Ryoutarou
Gemini Kanon: Okiayu Ryoutarou
Cancer Death Mask: Tanaka Ryouichi
Leo Aioria: Tanaka Hideyuki
Virgo Shaka: Mitsuya Yuuji
Libra Dohko: Yata Kohji
Scorpion Milo: Ikeda Shuuichi
Sagittarius Aioros: Yara Yuusaku
Capricorn Shura: Kusao Takeshi
Aquarius Camus: Canna Nobutoshi
Pisces Aphrodite: Namba Keiichi
Pandora: Sakamoto Maaya
Wyvern Rhadamanthys: Koyasu Takehito
Zeros: Bin Shimada
Deep Niobe: Shingo Horii
Ophiuchus Shaina: Koyama Mami
Argol: Masaya Onosaka
Capella: Katsuyuki Konishi
Dante: Issei Kojima
Jabu: Hiderô Ishikawa
Sirius: Hiroyuki Takayama
Algheti: Naoki Imamura
Shun-Rei: Satou Eriko
Tatsumi: Yukinori Hori


Well so now I've come to the end... Well I know I have alot of mistakes with the grammer or the spelling of some words so please excuse me for this, I can't do better for now... I just come to the end of this review and the informations of the characters along with their storyline....etc Once again I wish to thanks some faqs of fighting games and Saint Seiya because I used some words from here and there, at least to do something better than what it was before... Maybe I wrote some wrong informations about the characters profiles or maybe someone knows alot more than me, so if anyone do then please I hope you post them here in this thread and I would very greatful... Also if you have any questions or anything you want to know about Saint Seiya Hades please don't wait just go and ask me, I would be very glad to answers them, it will be my pleasure really... We all know that there are alot of Saint Seiya's websites and I mean ALOT!! So maybe there are alot more informations I didn't wrote in this thread, so feel free to post them around here... As for the Screen Shots there are too much even if it's only 13 OVAs but I can't post them all here... Anyway all I just wanted to say that if anyone want to post anything else, anything related to Saint Seiya feel free to post them here, and even if this thread is not good or broke any rules feel free to close or remove it... One thing more, that if somebody wanna use these informations or the review please don't forget to ask me first, you can send me a private message or by sending me an e-mail on this address: [email]dark_lord_dragon@hotmail.com[/email] even if you did without asking me, please don't forget to put my name and gives the credits to the people who worked for writing the review or for the informations or screen shots...etc so please don't forget this and I would appreciate it really... I know this thread was too much, and the review was pretty big but please don't blame me, I enjoy writing these stuff and especially for the animes that I like, so you might laugh or say this guy is crazy but to me I am enjoying doing this... Hope this thread help anybody to know more about Saint Seiya Hades, even if it's little and I really hope you enjoyed reading this... Thanks for reading so far and to save some time to read this, I really appreciate it... Hope to meet you once again guys, see ya around...

[color=blue]DARK LORD DRAGON[/color]
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[COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=3][FONT=Arial][B]Hello Sir n_n!!!!, is very nice to be posting in here, i'm i memeber since a few minutes ago!, i was looking for some information in google, and i founf this site, i just couldn't stop reading this posts and i agree that's totaly true i'm sure you'll like this amazing anime!, i'm a big fan of siant seiya since i'm just a little girl, and i always liked it!, i'll always do! is one of the ebsts animes i know!, sadly the dubbing actors are changed since the meikai episodes, since the episode 14.... i'm not sure if the dubbing actors for shiryu and the other bronze saints are changed (but i think yes, because i'm alwayt paying a lot of attention to the voices and i think they ar enot the same neither) but they changed tohru furuya... he used to make seiya voice. the pegasus saint, and also shun. the andromeda saint. the old dubbing actor Ryo horikawa is also changed, but the new dubbing actors are doing a great job too, is just that is weird for me to see them with other voices, but they are doing a really good job too!. and i also agree with the saint seiya sundtrack, it have surely the best soundtrack i ever heared!!!!! the melodies are just beautiful... and when you see the scenes, wow, at least i, when i was watching saint seiya, i cryed almost with all the episodes ^^, but resuming the music transmite us something really nice, mixed with the things they are doing or the things they say, even their words, made me cry a lot of times. but i've always think that we can learn a lot form saint seiya, a lot about friendship, loyalty, love, honor, etc, that's my opinion, i really love that anime, and i'm sure that if you watch it... you'll like it surely!, i don't have much to say because sir DarkLordDragon said almost everything!!!, but there's never enough things to tell how amazing this anime is n_n!!!!!!![/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[INDENT][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]A quote of that magnitude is NOT needed and only makes the boards a LOT messier. Readers of the thread have already seen the post once, we don't need to see such a large post, in its entirety, twice. In the future, remove what is not neccessary when quoting somebody! -Arvi[/SIZE][/COLOR][/INDENT]
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