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Writing No Longer


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[color=royal blue][b][u]No Longer[/b][/u]

[i]I miss those days not long ago
When you?d tell me you loved me
Rushing to your open arms
Always filled me up with glee

But now you?ve grown so distant
And it?s instilling me with fear
I just can?t bear the thought that you
Might not always be near

When I express my love for you
There?s nothing in return
The lack of caring from you
Fills my mind with deep concern

Sometimes it seems that you come back
Like you love me for a while
But then affection leaves again
And with it goes my smile

This pain is getting heavier
And there?s nowhere left to hide
Loneliness soon overtakes me
Pressure?s building up inside

It?s all getting so confusing
And I don?t know what to feel
It seems that you don?t love me
Like this is all no longer real

I need for you to tell me
So I can prepare to mend
If you still want me here with you
Or if we?ve reached our very end

No matter what the outcome
There?s nothing I can do
Because I?m hopelessly addicted
I just can?t stop loving you[/i]

This is a poem that I wrote a while ago, when I was rather depressed, and I just wanted to know what people thought of it.[/color]
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[color=royal blue]Thank you. I have other poems, as well, but I'll wait a while to post them. They're all rather depressing, seeing how I write best when I'm depressed. Of course, when I'm unhappy, I write a lot of random, pointless depressing rants as well, and I don't know if you could classify those as poems. They usually just reflect my current mood.[/color]
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