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Writing NightmareMage's Poetry (nothing here yet; update later)


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[U][B]Alone in the Dark[/B][/U]
Sitting here alone,
Alone in the dark.

All alone in the darkness,
Then I see a ray of light.

Only a small ray,
But do you know what that ray is?

It resembles my friends,
And family.

So now I?m only half in the dark,
Only because of this little ray of light.

If it were to disappear,
I would no longer exist?

[U][B]Don't Come Closer[/B][/U]
I must awake from this nightmare,
This bad dream is too much to bear.

There is nothing here to see,
For if you?d only heed.

Please don?t go in there,
I tell you it?s quite a scare.

I can?t bring myself to open my eyes,
And see this thing that I despise.

Please go away from here,
Just please steer clear.

Don?t come closer or you?ll regret it,
Because you won?t be able to crawl out of this pit.

[U][B]Empty Spot[/B][/U]
I have this empty spot in my heart,
My cold, forgotten heart.

It longs for something,
Something I haven?t felt before.

If I only knew this feeling,
This thing that haunts me evermore.

There once was something there,
But it faded away with every waking day.

Will I ever fill this spot right here?
The spot that hurts all night, morning and day.

I wish that someone would help,
But the only person I know is no one.

I guess I?ll sit here and let my heart fade,
Then in the life of darkness I?ll have it made.

As I sit here writing this,
I loose all my memory of happiness and bliss.

My heart has almost disappeared now,
Sometimes I look back and wonder, ?how??

I never used to be this way,
But now I just sit here and sway.

My heart has turned into a black hole,
Nobody will know me anymore?

[U][B]I Love You Now...[/B][/U]
I love you now,
I?ll love you always.

You have never let me down,
But when I?m at home you?ll find me in a daze.

So accept this as recognition,
So that I don?t have to face rejection.

In my dreams I dream of you,
And I hope you do too.

I love you now,
I?ll love you always.

From now until I?m called an old crow,
And till the end of my days.

You are my first love and I want you to know,
That I will never go.

Not even when I?m long gone and only seen in the sunrise?s hue,
Will I ever forget you.

Even though it may not seem that way,
You are in my heart to stay.

I?m lost,
Can anyone help me find my way?

I wonder,
If anyone truly cares if I?m lost.

If nobody does care,
Then I?m doomed to an eternity of suffering.

But if I am thought of,
I?ll find my way with some help.

Have you ever been in a maze that you couldn?t find a way out of?

That?s what I feel like,
Except I?m often standing in a wide-open field.

Can I be helped?
Or am I doomed to suffer in this maze called life?

I wish I knew a lot of things,
But that won?t happen.

I feel as though I?m not supposed to be here,
Here in this life.

Like I don?t belong here,
But somewhere else.

That is all for now. I will update later.
*Note: Not all of my poems rhyme, but some do. More to come. Any and all comments are accepted; some are not very friendly sometimes niether.
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[color=royal blue]I liked your poems. They were mostly rather dark...and those are the types of poems I like best. The rhyming, when it was done, was done very well. I feel like the person described in your poems a lot...so I can relate. The only complaint I have is that it might be better if you separated the poems into stanzas, because that way it would be easier to read. Other than that, they were very good.[/color]
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Very nice. Like Arasoi said, and it will be something I harp on endlessly...stanzas! Having two-line stanzas makes the poem akward to read and detracts from the flow and meaning. However, despite the odd way the poems are broken up, you poems are all excellent, albiet short. They stay focused and don't ramble on, and there's no 'hidden meaning.' Nice style. I'd like to see more. =)

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