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Writing pta (very slightly mature content)

Guest Chris

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this is a song i wrote entitled 'PTA [Pain in The Ass].' i wrote it because i was told my songs were too depressing and i needed to lighten up a bit. comments a critique.

bleeding-scratching-pain-straining (x4)

they're hemriods
and they're itchy
they're so annoying
they'll make you bitchy

all the straining
causes rectal bleeding
it's so painful
you'll just stop eating

when you have them
you'll cry a lot
see a doctor or (exspecially if)
get an ass donut (you're not on top)

they're such a pain
in the ass
they hurt like hell
when you pass gass

preperation h
works the best
to ease the pain
or this anal pest

now celibrate
and get some slurpies
cuase next week is
genital herpies
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