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Writing Ninja fan fiction... my first. [teen]


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This is my first fan fiction, so if it doesn't live up to the usual you see around here, then TOUGH! It's not based on any particular ninja show, but there's enough of them where it probably doesn't matter.

[B][U]Part One[/U][/B]

[I]Yes... I know you're back Jykon Osenin. I remeber that night too. A foolish young ninja, thought he could challenge me. Something troubles me... who is this Jiko you call yourself?[/I]

Slowly, a dark figure crept out of the concealing shadows. The guard to the next room didn't notice the figure until he was dead on the floor. Silently, the figure ducked into the next room. Jiko closed the door and put down his knife. [I]Taerin is getting loose with security.[/I]

Jiko began to sift through the varrious junk piles on the floor, looking for something. After several minutes of searching, he found what he came for. From the heap, he pulled out two small katanas... his old weapons. [I]You won't know what hit you this time, Taerin.
"Aaahhh... Jykon." Jiko whipped around to see a tall figure standing in the doorway. "I knew you'd come here first."

"Taerin..." Jiko said thhe name through clenched teeth.

"Yes, I'm still here Jykon, just wasting away."

"My name is no longer Jykon, Taerin."

"Oh... that's right... Jiko. I should have known you would change your name to escape my eye."

Jiko looked tense now, "I didn't change my name to hide from [I]you[/I] Taerin."

"Oh yes, a matter of honor is it?"

Part Two comes when I get a reply ^^! I hope you like it!
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Thank you viper, I finaly have room to post part two...

[B][U]Part Two[/U][/B]

[I]A little background info:[/I] Until now, Jiko has been known as Jykon Osenin, and a few years ago, he attempted to infiltrate a large corperate building headed by a man name Taerin Chilkoni. Unfortunatly for Jykon, Taerin was a very powerful fighter, adnd corned him. After only a few minutes Taerin had succesfuly beaten Jykon to a pulp. Leaving him for dead, Taerin ordered the body disposed of, and eventualy Jykon awoke and ran from town. Four years later, he is back under the name a Jiko, not to hide from Taerin but as to not shame his name any further. One missing detail, when Taerin had defeated Jiko the first time he had kept his weapons and hidden them in a junkhouse. And that's where the story picks up in part one.

[I]continuation:[/I] Jiko raised his blades and prepared himself for an all out attack from Taerin. But Taerin did not attack.

"This seems all to familiar... you do remember the last time I saw you?" Taerin's voice was taunting, daring Jiko to lash out. "It was just like this... you were just standing there, with no idea that I would soon attempt to take your life. Now, what happened next?" remembering back to that day, Jiko realized that he had ran. He had ran like he had never ran before. But that's what Taerin would be expecting. Slowly, Jiko backed away, so that he was just below a fragile window.

"You expect me to just come at you? Do you really think I'm as naive as you are?"

"I survived you once, when I was weak, I will survive again, but this time you will not."

"I rather doubt that. Oh, and by the way, there is no way I am falling for that stupid trick." Taerin motioned toward the window that Jiko had been hoping to throw him out of.

Kind of short, but again, the next part will come soon!
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