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Anime DBZ : Super Battle in the World?


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is this the same as Tree of Might?

I've been collecting movies/specials from amazon.com but when i saw this in HMV for the first time at £12.99 i thought i'd buy it as it's cheaper than buying from amazon.

But i'm not sure if it's tree of might or not

the back mentioned a seed from the tree of might, but when looking on amazon.CO.UK people give this reviews and start talking about Garlic Jr.

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the other (super battle in the world) thread can be deleted if need be, as i've just watched the DVD

ok this movie is just weird, and awful. SPOILERS.....

it starts out the pig (oolong?) getting muck on his face. He's camping with Krillin & Gohan & Bulma.

Krillin has an unbalivably girly voice, as does Gohan. (this is English dubbed by the way)

while on the theme of voices, Goku's is soooo deep compared to usual. Tiens sounds almost robotic. Goku's twin sounds the same as Goku.

As for names, Gohan is said like, gohAN, Goku is like gok-oooo. And as for Piccolo, well, there is no Piccolo. They call him "big green" ????????????

in the movie, Goku and gohan take a bath together
Gohan finds a new friend (dragon)
a hell of a lot is taken out of this movie to be used as a later DBZ intro (Gohan turning into an ape, Goku running quick with his arms out to the sides, Goku fighting a load of guys blocking their hits, Krillin standing on a tree stump firing off a disc to name a few.
Gohan gets his head squeezed, looks at a fireball and turns into an ape
then he beats on Goku and only stops when he see's his dragon friend.
The evil guys is called (and characters say it differently) Turles/tarlz/tarz ?? he looks exactly like Goku.
somewhere at the start, a robot spider like thing gets fired into the ground, and it runs off.
Turles bites some fruit off a tree and becomes amazingly strong
It ends with Piccolo, oh, i mean "big green" meditating by a waterfall.

oh, he also calls King Kai "sire" and some other name which i forgot,, but something like master or sir or something.

What is this movie called? Because i'm guessing "[i]Super Battle in the World[/i]" is the UK version for it.
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[size=1][b]I just merged your threads instaed of deleting this one.[/b]

The movie you speak of is the equivalent of what is probably most commonly called [i]The Tree of Might[/i] ... That is what it is called here in the USA anyway. I am not sure what its Japanese title was.[/size]
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i really should've done this at the start, but i typed in super battle in the world in the IMDB and it brought back tree of might, and said "super battle...." is the USA title.

either way, it was quite cr*p, what with the weird voices and piccolo being called "big green" and Kai being called "sire"
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