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Writing dark king the book

dark king

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a wile ago i had a dream, the dream wich i thank my name to.
what you are about to read is my dream.
i started to write and added some things to make it more like a story.
but here is my book.
still unfinnished and much dialog to add, i bring you.....

the tale of the dark king

once in an Aera of light and darkness.
the one of light was known as god, together with the prince of light.
and you had the prince together with lord of the darkness, satan.
but the tale was longer than just those four.

where two sides are there will be an inbetween.
to be more specific, what if you balance darkness and light together
in one person and lose track of him.
yes that could result in an interresting though fearful...

well it happened a long time ago, in the times long before swords and shields, honor and pride.
no living or undead being could have been prepared for this.
the endless battle for earth has left darkness behind.
as well as light left it`s marks.
the two powers wanderd around and finaly earth absorbed it an molded a human shape and gave it`s power such as wind, water, earth and fire.
then it returned it to the earth`s surface and let it grow into a man.

that is how he came in existance, not born but created by mother earth.
but then something happened what the earth had not forseen.
the moon, the sun and the stars reacted on the birth of earth`s child.
the stars gave they`re power to the sun, and the moon gave power on it`s own.
the sun then made the spirit of soul and the moon the spirit of mind.
the spirits then came to earth and got to the earth`s child and forged with
him into one being.
but that was not all...
the universe stirred and awakend, and created with it`s might, age and knowledge the sword of Aeges that the universe placed in the hidden realm of Aege.

the battle still is waging and the sword still to be found.
the hidden realm lies a hairlength away, but is millions of miles beyond reach.
let us take a look at the stars and let the moon guide us into the rest of this legend.

chapter 1 companions

earth has changed, the old are the new but still the names remain.
people still live here, through the streets walks a man clothed in dark,
watched by every passing soul wile he walks with thougts no one can enter.
with his half steel boots and steel plated shoulder pieces on his long cloth as a dark blanket
hanging around his upper-arms covering his back and a large piece of
his front, where his dark throusers hang wide over his legs.
he is different, he lives alone at a distance of the rest of the other villagers.
though it is a some what crouded village where a rouse between people is quickly made, he doesn`t have a sword or any other weapon at his side, but then again nobody has ever attacked him.
affraid of his appearance they walk away from the door as he enters the local tavern called
the wanderer`s haven.
he walks to the bar and orders a pint and then goes to a table.
it was the last one empty, then a roudy group of men armed to the teeth
walked in ordering pints and they saw there wasn`t a table left anymore.
he you move my men want to sit down, sayd the leader of the group, a giant that looked quite
strong but rude as a bandit as he probably was.
well then sit down, the man in cloth sayd.
are you being smart with me, i don`t like that in a person.
you better go our boss here is known for his bad temper.
that`s right, as the man already taking out his sword.
suddenly a voice said: leave him alone! that man was armadeus a brave and strong man, tall and honorfull.
oh i can let you feel my sword aswell if you like, the bandit said.
then the man in dark stood up but he did not walk away, but walked to the giant, grabbing the man his sword and squeezing the tip of it, the blade bent.
the giant stumbled dropped the sword an attacked.
the dark man hit the giant and he flew trough the air like he was nothing.
everybody looked amazed at the dark man and then laughed at the roudy group who left for saver ground.
then armadeus walked to him and asked to come with him.
man that was some move, now i know why you don`t have a sword.
but tell me what is your name.
i have aquired many names in my life.
so name a few or something or do you wish to speak somewhere else.
yes we go to my place.
alright, let`s go.
another thing why is your house at distance.
because nobody cries for me as a neighbour and it is for another purpose.
you will see it when we get there.
and so they get to his house and when they entered armadeus could not believe his eyes.
it was a room the size of 40 square meters and 5 yards from the door there was a large
mirror with inscriptions not understandable.
in the middle of the room was what have appeard to look like a dark throne.
the rest of the room was just a little dimmed and there where some doors and quite some paintings on the walls.
the rest of the room was decorated with all kinds of weapons and some candeliers with halfway burned candels that where shining somewhat strange and some where giving sparks of light.
so you like my little hideout?
oh yes certainly, how is all this possible?
i will tell you everything.
from the beginning of time there where 2 beings of great power god and satan, both got a child
the prince of darkness and light those four battled for might.
they harvest souls, people for they`re own use so that when they have enough souls they can strike.
but alas that fight will never end, and mother earth had grown tired of the constant battle waged over her.
in the mean time with they`re fighting some darkness and light, powerfull might and energy where gone unnoticed by the four of light and darkness, and the powers roamed around untill mother earth isolated those two intens powers.
she molded that into a person of light and darkness.
then the sun the moon and the stars reacted on this event and agreed with mother earth and added they`re power to it aswell.
it formed the spirit of soul and the spirit of mind, and they forged together with the other power.
that power formed a man already grown up with the knowledge of the moon, the spirit of the sun and stars, and the strength of the earth.
armadeus that person am i.
what the hell, that`s kind of erm... can you explain again, i could not follow all of it.
and so after a long period of explaining armadeus understood all.
listen armadeus i need your help this day has finally come, you must join me as a companion.
you posess a great power aswell.
what power do i posses, i am a forgotten king, what could i possibly do.
you posses the spirit of truth armadeus, i must unlock it inside you and then you can only see the truth, and the rest of your normal vision ofcourse.
now come with me to the mirror over there tell me what you see.
i see...nothing special...but...what is that over there...i...feel....sleeeepp..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
sweet dreams and know the truth, see you in the morning.
and so he lays him in a bed and then he returns to the room again with thoughts...
he sits back in his throne and falls asleep.
dreams, caught in paradox not knowing of sleep or wakefullness

chapter 2 the journey begins

next morning armadeus awakens from a slumber, looking left...looking right and scares
of a bright light, black, blue and gold flowing trough eachother.
suddenly it stops and the colors grow a solid form.
a voice, armadeus don`t be frightend by my appearance it`s just me.
so that is what you realy look like.
yes but here eat this first and then put this on it protects you from light and darkness for
the most part.
we must find the others.
the apocalips will start not too long from this time period, you are the first companion i found.
there are five others all with unique powers like you, together we must stop the apocalips or mankind will be destroyed asweel as the earth.
we have much to do and since you have not many to leave behind as a honorable king.
yes but kingdoms faded away but i was always fair.
ofcourse, that is why you hold the spirit of truth, let`s go and look at the mirror from a new point of view.
i see...a man he looks different from us, a street filled with peopl..he they are standing still,as if they are frozen...the man walks further...what does this mean?
it`s our new best friend, and that he looks different is because he is an mirrir.
he was a thief but realized he had no need for a life like that, and he lives between time and it seems he discoverd his power a long time ago.
i could never reach him because he is in another dimension and if i tried then
i would get stuck between dimensons because i cannot see the path that is true.
and i can i see say ehrm...now that i think about it you never told me your name.
again i have many names but call me thalen.
now another thing about the mirror, it`s a different one and not realy a mirror but a gate.
it is the gate to luidra, to dimension.
but now let us go now this is just the start of our journey.
gate open thy doors into thy luidra.
the gate glows and they make a step into a blueish chamber stretching miles and miles away.
look for the true path my friend.
ah i see a door down? how is that?
dimensions go all directions, there is no direction whitout dimension.
we are there we must drop ourselves in there i presume.
yes, he what is that.
there, yes i see, it`s a person he glows lightly...he is gone.
another traveler i presume, let us move on.
they drop themselves in the door down and they land in a strange enviroment gigantic
and so they walk untill the night falls.
here let`s rest for today it is almost dark.
yes i want to sleep too and i am hungry can we get something to eat here?
ofcourse, you saw that group of trees?
yes, what about them?
we can get some food of them.
wait a minute how do you know?
some things are the same in every dimension, like earth is my mother, darkness and light are darkness and light, all those things stay the same.
so what is that with the trees then?
the trees are like my nephews and aunts, and then the spirit of forest is my brother.
hahahaha, true but funny how you say it, hahahaha.
then a sudden noise breaks armadeu`s laughter.
what was that?
thalen look at those trees there is a light coming from behind them.
what? are you sure i cannot see it.
it is gone now, but what if those where demons or angels or hostile people.
how can i defend myself if they surround us?
you can call for your weapon, here i will show you.
stand up raise your arm or just stretch it downwards then speak your sword his name.
like this, aerensar! a long blade appears with a solid handle you can only call your own sword.
but what is the name of mine?
search with truth in your hart.
minutes pass and armadeus stands up stretches his arm.
a flash fills the sky and a shape forms in the hand of armadeus.
the light stops and the sword appears.
a long sword with a sharp lemmet and a firm handle with on the tip and beginning the symbol of truth.
therean means the sword of truth in ancient words.
wow it`s long but i can even handle it with one hand, you would think you needed
it`s light for you but another person or being could not lift it from the ground.
aswell that one who toutches it will be shown in his true form.
i feel no tyredness in me anymore.
that is because you have completed your search of yourself.
you are now connected with my mother giving you strength.
the light is back!
he there is something underway...my sword, i can see it with my sword...dark creatures.
demons no we must stand or hide.
no we stand like warriors.
yes don`t let them bite you if one did tell me.
they`re comming.
surrounded by demons now one jumps forwards losing his head by the sword thalen called for.
armadeus found himself eager to slay some demons aswell.
as the demons lost their lives by the blows and strikes of the swords of thalen and armadeus,
armadeus was now surrounded by five demons they struck but armadeus planted is sword in one of them descending to dust.
the other four backed of a bit but then one attacked again, he blocked his attack and saw an open spot to kill two others with an combinated strike.
then he turned arround and pierced his sword trough the other demon, and then in an upward slash he killed the last of the group.
thalen had it buysy too, he had already taken out seven demons.
armadeus joined him and together they covered eachothers backs and soon the demons where defeated.
they sat down, this was fun armadeus said.
yes with two is more fun, but we must move on.
yes to the trees because i might be stronger now, but still hungry.
the dew on the short grass already appeared because it was alreasy getting dawn.
they arrived at the trees and thalen placed his hand on a tree.
a long deep sound very loud but not painfull to hear.
it was the tree that woke up.
who disturbes the forest spirits.
it is i thalen, child of earth.
ah thalen the tree said with it`s deep voice.
what is it what the forest can do for thyne brother.
my friend and i are hungry, we came to ask thee for thyne permission to take
some food of the forest.
hmmmm, only if thee does not interrupt the growth of my children, then thee
can always take something to still thyne hunger, my brother.
thank you and i always will guard thee my brother.
thank you and have a save journey.
the tree returned to it`s slumber, the comapanions searched for food and ate untill the hunger was stilled, they stored some of the food.
now we have to go where i saw the light.
yes, but we have to hurry before they find out they`re scouts in this area are gone.
yes indeed, there is the light again, it`s another door, hurry!
they stand at the door and enter it.
so many dimensions, wich is the right one

chapter 3 light temple

the companions end up in a piece of forest that mounds out on a field with a
huge building about 20 meters high.
they stumble when they hear a deep voice.
hello again brother, i thought you would come here.
yes i may be a tree, but i am connected to mother aswell as to the other trees in the world.
that monstrocity over there is a temple.
they have cut down my kind and built that to praise the lord of light.
but i cannot act i cannot move, so i am asking thyne help brother.
i can tear the place down and plant seeds if thee would give me some.
but later is the time for planting, i will help thee now brother.
and so they walk over the field to the entrance.
we must be on our guard for angels, they try to lure you into they`re arms
and so they gain your soul.
they walk trough a large luminating gate covered with white stones and big kristals
and diamonds.
as they walk into a large hallway with statues of angels and with many windows, they reach an open door leading to the main chamber, it is high and broad.
the same statues and an big alter for god.
suddenly a song together with the apearance of 7 angels.
watch it don`t get enchanted by they`re singing.
i`am not, for i can see the true form of these creatures.
the singing stops.
come with us, it is the best thing to do.
we will save you from evil.
you are as evil as those from hell!
you don`t fool us with your sharade!
then feel our wrath!!!
the seven angels melt together into an large angel.
therean!, aerensar!
with our swords we shall destroy you vultures.
the angel forms an ball of light, and just when it was large enough to throw
a light appeared and a person in white clothing jumped out and with it`s sword
it slashed the angel in half returning it from where it came from.
the person walked over to thalen and armadeus.
that was quick.
hi there, i am mordea i followed you trough dimension after dimension.
and stumbled upon you now and that..angel.
you are luidra.
how do you know that.
women of luidra are verry quick.
but you hold the spirit of luidra.
yes i know my quest because i folowed you.
but something is not right, show your sword.
she grabs her sword and shows it.
no it does not show as something as the sword of luidra.
or wait a minute luidra is not the complete name.
luidramo..no..luidra luidra luidra....min, that`s it luidramin.
try it.
raise your hand and call your weapon.
mordea stands and raises her arm and shouts.
a shining light appears.
but not in her hands, a door appears.
what is that a door instead of a sword?
i see...i think that`s your way to gain your weapon for the first time.
if that is what you see armadeus than i will have no other choice.
mordea steps into the door.
she faces her weapon but it`s not a sword, but a long stick of metal
and a broad lemmet.
and a shield with te mark of dimension on it.
she returns from the door with her weapon and shield.
so you have a shield, why don`t we have shields aswell.
maybe because yours lie in another dimension, mordea answers.
i think we will come upon them in time.
first i have to do something thalen says.
get outside, armadeus show her the way to my brother.
i see we will go.
what is with thalen he has a strange glaze in his eyes.
remember he is earth`s child, so think of the rage against god for the slaying of his brother`s kind.
mordea and armadeus reach thalen`s brother.
then they hear a rumble to the delight to the forest spirits.
the temple collapses and the foundations disappear, the temple is destroyed.
then thalen comes out of the smoke.
there is thalen.
suddenly they hear deep voices comming from everywhere.
don`t worry it are the forest spirits who give they`re gratitude, for brother has
stopped the threat of more deaths of our kind.
thalen my brother here are the seeds you needed.
yes we will plant them for victory.
and so the three companions planted the seeds from the afternoon untill the
next morning.
they went back to brother tree and recieved their thanks and blessings.
there is our door we must travel through there.
and so they stept through.
trees are the earth`s knowledge trough all times.

chapter 4 power of purity

they land in a forest mounding out in a sea with a few islands.
wow it`s a beautifull place.
unfortunatly two islands ahead is a fight.
armadeus what do you see else.
it`s between angels and demons, it appears that there are two stronger beings.
maybe they`re leaders.
let`s get them.
excuse me but do you want to swim it will take hours to get there?
we fly.
fly? we can`t fly.
yes you can, only because you never did it, doesn`t mean that you are not able to.
well then, how do i fly!
just relax and think of flying.
like..what the...i...i fly.
yes me to.
well since you discovered it come with me.
they fly like rookies but with speed to the third island where the fight is.
a woman tries to sneak away from the angels and demons who appearantly
have eye for only eachother.
the three arrive the two parties stumbled at the arrival of the companions.
therean!, luidramin!, aerensar!
mordea starts of immediatly at a few angels, wich cry as they are struck by her weapon, then she is surrounded by two demons, she holds out her hand creates a portal and jumps in wile striking the first down coming out a second portal at a distance from where she stood before, and slashes the second down.
armadeus already finished off three demons and five angels and was getting on to the next.
with his sword he jumped in an upward slash killing his sixth angel and as he lands he plants his sword
downwards into a demon.
thalen got in battle with the two leaders of both groups.
they fly up in the air as the remaining angels and demons get slayed.
the demon leader shows his sword as well as the angel.
they strike intensively but not one gets trough they`re moves are swift and hard to predict by the audience down below, yet thalen seems to have no trouble at all.
then the demon and angel stand back for a break, thalen then opens his arms holding his arms next to his body, a ball now surrounds thalen and it starts to show flames.
a raw scream comes out of thalen and the flames come so intens that the two enemies
drop they`re guard, and on that same moment thalen stretches his arms and the flames go to his hands and form two rays of fire, setting the demon and angel in flame, and when the fire burns out they turn to ash and float away on the wind.
thalen returns to earth.
what was that?
as the earth`s child i have control over the four elements of earth, consisting
out of earth, wind, water, and fire, so i can use it in my advantage.
now where is the woman.
here she is.
leave me alone, what do you want from me?
your companionship if i am right.
what are you talking about?
i mean are you the holder of the spirit of purity?
yes how do you know that.
a demon still alive lies behind armadeus, and he sees a chance to bite him.
aahhh, armadeus turned around and punctured his sword into the demon who finaly died.
what happened?
i got bitten oooh it hurts.
here let me.
a beautyfull sword appears a broad lemmet on a firm handle with two points at the bottom of it, the tip of the lemmet was a piece out to hook onto someting at wish.
she held the lemmet against armadeus who`s wound quickly recovered.
he will be healed at the end of the day.
now you tell me what it is you want from me and in the mean time you can take
a bath, a well earned diner and a good sleep.
i live five islands away from here, i was on patrol for the maintenance of the islands and that`s where i met demons a second later out of nowhere angels appeared and then you came.
first come with me then we talk more about you three.
and so they fly to the house of the woman.
is that boat yours?
yes what about it?
we will fly.
i can`t fly.
i`ll carry you now, i`ll teach you later.
they wash up eat, and then thalen explained his quest for the sword of Aege.
rashira as her name was, listened with great care that she heard she was crucial for the completion of thalens quest.
but why didn`t you fight back, you have the sword the strength.
they where with too many at the same time and because they were fighting with
eachother i found chance to hide away.
but why here? the light and darkness want us dead.
you do realize that you cannot stay here.
will you join us?
i would like a second girl in the group so we are with two.
well alright then, i will.
they talked furter and practiced on some blade skills, and rashira learned how to fly.
hey it`s getting late, we better go to sleep now.
and so a companion richer they go to sleep, and the morning is in full purity.
good morning, did you all have good shut eye.
yes we did, now let`s eat something.
after they`re breakfast they searched the horizon, armadeus saw the true door
because mordea could open several.
it was a high door and so they flew trough it on the way for they`re quest.
the purity of soul is the purity of existance

chapter 5 door to time

coming out of the door the four companions land behind a town.
thalen knows who they will encounter, for he recognizes the village.
ah look mirri.
mirrir, a race of people known for they`re harvesting and strength.
here we will find the spirit of time, i`m sure.
it is true i can see the person he is heading his way to the mountain.
suddenly they hear a cry.
it is a demon.
and then a cry of many demons.
armadeus can you see something?
yes there must be a hundred of demons there, we must hurry to the mountain and
reach the spirit of time before they do, and at the mountain we have better
then let`s hurry!
they fly trough the town low to stay out of sight.
they reach the mountain and fly to the top where they find a person.
he stumbles.
who are you people?
listen explaination later fighting first.
there are about hundred of demons comming this way.
rashira create a barrier of purity around the top with an entrance here.
therean! luidramin! safaras!, aerensar!
the barrier is created and the demons get close to the entrance.
get ready for battle!
few demons get through the entrance and get slain directly, wile many die at the barrier because they`re spirits are not pure and so they cannot stand purity.
thalen slayed a few demons with some exelent sword handeling and making use
of his elemental powers.
mordea slays many with her weapon and skill to strike from anywhere, she slays demons with her blade wile she stays untouchable.
armadeus kills the demons with a true hart and that gives him advantage seeing trough the magic and lies of his enemies.
can you hold out?
sure, let them come thalen, let us fight like kings hahaha!!!!
half an hour later the battle is almost over, and not many demons are left,
rashira lowers the barrier and mingles in battle where her sword stays clean
and pure, wile many demons faced their death by that very sword.
then thalen attacks with a energy ball, a demon catches it and dies.
a large demon comes up behind thalen.
but before the demon can sink it`s teeth in thalen the event stops.
it is the mirrir that stopped time but it did not affect the companions,
who pleased with this discovery took their chance and killed the other demons.
then time continues the demons are defeated.
thalen comes forward to the mirrir.
thank you for that move mirrir, what is your name?
gildahn, strange you look so familiar, who are you and why do i feel so good?
calm down we will explain.
and thus again they explain their quest.
so that is why god and satan want us dead.
if they could just harvest the soul of one of us one side will be dramaticly
so i ask you to join us, as the spirit of time.
i don`t know i have everything here, a house, a piece of land where i grow my food.
i just, give me one good reason why i should come with you?
i already anticipated that you where not so easy to convince.
ok then, if you join us you get company by friends, you have a weapon of your own with it`s
own power, a shield, further you will keep this where you want to stay for.
if you don`t eventualy demons, angels and higher forms will get to you killing you or harvest you, your world and a few others will be destroyed and the quest fails and earth will lose and die.
i don`t want to push you but what do you find a better choice?
wow..eh...i think i would want to try the first concidering the alternative.
ok then.
if you look in your hart wich word will you come across.
i have to think about that for a wile.
i will stop time so we will keep day for a wile.
hours pass...more hours pass.....finaly gildahn stands up saying
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