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RPG PSO Revalution:Episode 1

Neo NnM

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A dying planet forces its inhabitants to search for a new livable planet. They start a project named Pioneer Project to send unmanned probes into deep space to search for a new planet. A probe sends back information of a possible planet and they named it Ragol. They launch a large scaled interstellar transport ship called Pioneer 1 to set up a colony on Ragol. Pioneer 1 confirms that Ragol is livable and sets up Central Dome. Seven years later Pioneer 2 reaches orbit of Ragol and open communications with Central Dome. At that moment a large explosion occurs and all contact with the men and women of Pioneer one is lost. What exactly happened on Ragol?

This will be covering up to the end of the Mines boss battle and PSO Revaluton:Episode 2..that is if we ever get that far...will be covering the ruins and episode 2 of the pso games.
And I'll still be excepting people so ether pm me or go to the recutment thread.
-Princapal's Office-

"Hello,and thank you for coming Hunters of Pioneer2."The princapal walks up onto the stage "As many of you already heard about the explosion on ragol that happen right befor we were able to open the link to Pioneer 1."

The Hunters starts to raise a ruccuse as ragol and Pioneer 1 are mentioned.

"Quite down!All your questions will be answered afterI tell you why you were all called here"The Princapal pulls out remote and hits a button to make a VR screen apper"As you can see the planet is very much like Pioneer1 had stated but the native animals of Ragol have recently gone out of control and became more aggresive after that explosion"

"Who cares about that!"A hunter in the front yells out"We just want to know what happened to the people of pioneer 1!"

"Thats exactly why we called you all here today,"The Princapal starts to pace around the stage"There isn't even one trace of them other then Central Dome still being there"

The princapal stops pacing faces the crowd and starts looking around the bunch noticing a few hunters that stand out from the group.

"Those Hunters must be the ones that know Rico.."He wispers to himself."Well any way,the legandy Hunter Red Ring Rico was on Pioneer 1 and we have found a message from her on Ragol,but no sign of Rico herself."

"What!The greatest hunter of them all Red Ring Rico!"a Hunter at the back yelled out"But that was the best Hunter We've ever seen!How do you expect us to serviv there if she coulden't!?"

The Princapal sighs then continues"As I was abou to say..we are only going to send those willing and strong enuf to Ragol so those that are unwilling please leave."

About half of the Hunters that showed start heading towards the doors.

"Well,for those who are left we will split you into groups and send you down to Ragol.Don't be serprized if you get a new recruit in you group wial your down there ether."

Most of the Hunters start heading towards the door by the stage to get in their groups wial the rest chat in between each other waiting for the princapal or his assistance to pull them into the back to get in their groups.

-Out side the Princapal's office-
"Even Red Ring Rico coulden't servive that blast people say."Falco leans agenst the wall serounding the transporter"Its pathetic that they make judgements befor they even know whats going to happen."

Falco looks up and sees a buntch of Hunters coming out of the princapals office with Pinkal Section IDs.

"Their handing out the IDs already!"Falco starts walking to the Princapals office"As long as I'm not stuck with some begining Hunters this Ragol stuff will be easy as can be."
OOC:Well I looked over this post...sounds like the first episode of pokemon....*slams head on table*and please keep your post to atlest a paragrph long.
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