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Writing Please Don't laugh

Guest Dark Demon467

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Guest Dark Demon467
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OK you guys I wrote a poem.....its kinda a love poem,please dont laugh at me,if you like it send me a post or a message!Its halfway done but I will do another post for it.

It has no title though

I want to tell you what I'm thinking
but I dont know how to start.I want
to tell you,but now I'm afriad,that you
might break my heart,and never want to
see me agian.
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[size=1] [color=tomato] Why would we laugh? Believe you me, I've written some aweful poetry in my day and yours, sir, does not qualify!
I'm a little confuzzled though. What is the rythem you are going for? Does it read like this:

I want tho tell you what I'm thinking
But I don't know how to start
I want to tell you, but now I'm afraid
that you might break my heart
and never want to see me again....

anyway, Like I said, It's not bad. You should finish it![/color] [/size]
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