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RPG Stones Of Neir


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[I][COLOR=darkblue]In the Land of Neir there live lifeform very similar to humans. They look like humans, act like humans, there is only one thing that seperates them from normal people. The stones of Neir. Billions of years ago, Neir was discovered by 6 warriors who each had a great power. Earth, Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Rock. This land they discovered was pieceful and evil had never stepped foot on it. But the 6 warriors knew that once there kind settled into the amazing land that evil would soon attempt to take over. The Warriors made a plan just in case evil ever came. So, over the years the population grew and Neir became a great place and was watched over by the 6 warriors. Unfortunatly, the warriors predictions cam true. An evil man from a dark continent came to Neir with many fighters. The forces were great and couldn't be destroyed. In their last efforts to destroy the evil, the Warriors sacrificed themselves and their amazing powers to defeat the evil. The last attack was sucessful. The dark man and his forces were distroyed. Even though the warriors who sacrificed themselves died, their abilities did not. Earth, water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Rock, the powers that each warrior controled were cast into the world and took form into small pebble sized stones that became almost a natural resorce for Neir. The legendary weapons they had were hidden in the Land. Now, the stones that posess the powers of the warriors are givin to everyone in Neir.
The Stones are givin to a child when they are 6 months old. Its the stones that choose the person. The stones fit in between the nuckles on the hands, this allows a person to have from 1 - 6 stones.
Neir has been free of evil since that day, but now a new evil from the same continent has arrived with power as great as the stones and more, But the fighters of Neir won't go down without a fight. 6 fighters with same blood as the legendary founders of Neir have risen and have discovered the legendary weapons of the ancient warriors. They will fight with the great stones, weapons, and Spirit of Neir.[/COLOR][/I]

[B]Right now, everyone is starting off somewhere in a forest called Noktor Forest. We will all meet up eventually and then will be attacked by the assasin (KYO) and he will tell us that the evil will destroy us all and stuff. The we will start our journey on finding the legendary weapons and 6 Jewls that will create a map to help us find where the evil fortress is (I'll have more detail on this later). G.D. Ryoko, for now you can either post about how your character is going to destroy Neir or wait until I PM you to join. You could also post about killing people i guess :sweat: [/B]

Note: Remember to follow all the rules that were posted in the recruitment area. No script posting please. And be detailed. I want at least 3-5 paragraphs for each post. Ok, here we go!

Legendary Earth User: Queen Asuka (Ivory)
Legendary Water User: Sweetreyes (Yui)
Legendary Fire User: Black_Phoenix (Quel)
Legendary Lightning User: K.K.C. (Kia)
Legendary Wind User: Stick Fairy (Tujia)
Legendary Rock user: Arika (Tsuchi)
Evil of Neir: G.D. Ryoko (Izume)
Evil soldiers/assasins: Kyo no Ryu (Kyo)
[I][B][COLOR=green]She was running. Running threw the woods. A dark woods. She dared not look behind her to see how close it was to her, infear of running into something or triping. Over a log. Over a stream. It continued to follow. She had to see it. Kia turned around. Nothing.... but shadow. Leaking threw the trees like liquid coming closer and closer. Closing in... Darkness...

Kia gasped, sitting up straight from where she had been sleeping. The sun was up and she was laying in the shade of a tree. Cold sweat trickled down her forehead from the nightmare. Her hand was shaking as it rested on the pole of her Glaive that was always right beside her.
"Damn dreams..." She mumbled and closed her eyes taking in deep breaths. This had been the third nightmare this week. What was wrong with her? Kia then felt a soft warmth nuzzling againts her sholder. She looked up to Caotan, her good companion and friend. She smiled and stroked the young griffin's neck. "I suppose you slept well?" She asked standing up to stretch herself out from the nights sleep on the forest floor of Noktor Forest. Caotan fluffed out his head fethers and made, what Kia guessed, a smile.

Kia made her way over to a small creek that cut through the forest. She was, as always, closly followed by Caotan who always felt as if he should protect her. She took a drink and then splashed her face with the icy cold water that cleaned her face from sweat. Kia looked to the east and met her gaze with the sun. It was still fairly early. Not even close to the morning meal. She waited until Caotan was done taking in his amount of water and then they went back to their small camp. Kia picked her cloak up from off the ground and shook it to get dirt and other forest debre off of it.
She quickly slid it on and faced Caotan who had a face that was asking, "What? No food?" Kia laughed at his expresion and pulled a fairly large piece of snake out of her pack and threw it to the hungry griffin who caught it in his mouth gratefully.

Before leaving, Kia and Kaotan colected some leaves and brush, scattering it over their camp to make it seem like no one had been their but nature.
"Ok then..." Kia turned and looked to caotan who was awaiting for her to speek. "It's still a two day walk, so lets get going!" She turned and her and the griffin started to make their way deeper into the forest.[/COLOR][/B][/I]

OOC: If anyone wants to meet up with me, go right ahead.
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[b][i][color=silver]Kyo stood on the edge of a small cliff, only 25 feet. It looked over a small house. The house was owned by a bladesmith. A single man that made very nice blades. He had givin his greaest one to an evil warrior. The warrior loves the sword and wants there to be no equal. He hired Kyo, a dark assasin.
Kyo stood waiting. Suddenly the man came walking out with someone else. The swordsmith carried a blade.... he would go first. Kyo jumped and began sliding down the side of the cliff. He came flying down to the path where his switchblade dug into the unsuspecting mans side. He quickly collapsed. The other man drew a short sword. He was armed! Kyo got and idea. Hit hit the switch on the blade and swung. The blade came off the hilt and went soaring into the mans head. He collapsed. Kyo walked over and grabbed his blade, reataching it. He washed it and kissed it then resheathed it.
"Didnt even need to use the powers."[/i][/b][/color]
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[color=green][size=1]As Kia wandered deeper into the forest, she came upon a small lake, well hidden until approached. Sun shone straight into the crystal clear waters, making the small ripples sparkle like diamonds. She stopped to gaze in wonder at it's beauty and seclusion when she noticed something she had never seen before. A beautiful white-haired woman was in the water, her hair so long that it covered her from behind. Her skin was almost as white as snow as well.

Upon further inspection, Kia noticed a white horse standing beside the water, drinking. It seemed as if the horse had a glowing, mystical quality about it. She took in a deep breath. As soon as she did, the horse looked up and she immediately realized it was a unicorn. She kicked up frantically, running into the woods. The white woman turned to look over her shoulder at the woman who had approached.

"Oh my, we have visitors, Aramina," she spoke, walking slowly out of the crystalline waters. She found her clothing and slowly stepped into it, waiting for Kia to approach.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=royalblue][SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic]

[I] The forset was too dark forher liking. Plus without any water around to calm her, she was becoming stressed out and mor nervous than ever. She looked everyway, hoping that her senses wouldhelp her to get out but to no avail.

She soon came to a tree and sat down. The ground was cool there, and a bit moist. Feeling the small ferns growing amoung the tree roots, with dew drops allowed her a moment to escape the vaste, dryness of the forest.

The sun sparkled in onwly a bit at a time. The criss-crossing leaves, allowed no more that a few trickles to beam down on her face. The bit of warmth she received allowed her to relax from the cold and dark raft surrounding her in the forest.

she soon began to relax a bit more and sleep came uopn her. Although she was weary she needed it to rest her nerves. Soon the noises and danger surrounding her became nothing more than a figment of her imagination

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*Quel lifted his head from the stream and shook the water off of his face. For two days he had been walking through Noktor Forest, looking for the nearest town, which hopefully had some real food. Living off of whatever he happened to find had left Quel rather annoyed. [i]I knew I should have bought something, anything, back at the last town.[/i] Quel sighed and began filling a small leather canteen with water.

As he was standing up Quel heard the sound of a woman's voice nearby. Grabbing his cloak and sword, Quel moved off toward the sound. His quest ended at the edge of the treeline where he came upon a lake, and two young women standing next to it. Next to the women were a large griffin and a white horse. Quel managed to duck back into the trees just before a large rock came flying his way.*

Kia: "Caotan, get him!"

*That is what Quel heard a second before the tree he was against splintered and the griffin pinned him to the ground. The young lady that had sicced the griffin on Quel now walked up to the beast's side and placed her glaive against Quel's throat.*

Kia: "Who are you, and why were you spying on us?"

Quel: "I was walking through the woods, not spying. How was I supposed to know you were there? As for who I am, my name is Quel. You mind getting this [i]thing[/i] off of me?"

Kia: "Caotan, off."

*Quel stood up and grabbed his cloak and sword again. [i]How do I manage to get myself in this kind of trouble all the time,[/i] Quel thought as he tried to convince the two he was sorry.*
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[color=silver][b][i] Kyo arrived at a shore. Just across this sea was his island. He didnt want to go back because it was a 2 day boat ride and he was low on food. He would have to go to the city. He took a few steps when suddenly a peace keeper appeared along with a man with a huge gash in his side. The swordsmith wasn dead!
"Thats him! Hes the guy!" The peace keeper turned toward Kyo. Kyo's eyes widened. The peace keeper went chasing him. If he killed this guy there would be peace keepers all over him! The peace keeper pursued him for quite a while, completely obliviouse to the fact that the swordsmith had just bled to death. Kyo turned many corners trying to escape.
The peace keeper turned another corner an kyo was gone. Suddenly kyo came flying down onto the mans shoulders and stabbed down. He then walked up a nearby cliff and did everything in his power to knock a rock over. He did and the rock fell, making the peace keeper incident look like an unfortunate accident.[/i][/b][/color]
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OOC: For anyone who desn't know. A Peace Keeper is like the police.

IC: [B][I][COLOR=green]Kia grabbed the mans hand and lhelped him back on his feet. Caotan growled at him, not seeming to like him even though he was just some wanderer lost in the forest.
The young lady Kia almost met before Quel came along walked up next to her. The unicorn stayed a distance away, not seeming to want to get into all the action.

"Sorry for the misunderstanding." Kia apoligized and gave him short bow. She placed her glaive back on her back where it belonged. Quel just smiled not really knowing what to say.
The young lady smiled at the incident and then looked over at the unicorn. It almost seemed to read her mind, for as soon as they met gazes the unicorn trotted over to them standing close to her.
A small silence went over the group as they seemed to study each other without words. The lady with the unicorn finally broke the silence.
"My name is Ivory and this is my good friend Aramina." She said introducing herself and the unicorn. Quel made a weak smile and shuffled his feet. What was he so nervous about? "I'v slowly been making my way to the town on the other side of the forest. Not very many come this way, but I would rather save 3 days of travel ina forest then traveling on a road." She continued adding in the Noktor path that went around the forest. It was a weeks travel while cutting threw the forest was just 4 days.

"Yeah, I know what you mean...." Quel said half laughing. He turned a bright red and started to say his own tail. "Like I said, my name is Quel and I was just making my way threw the forest as well. I didn't think anyone else would be here and I really wasn't planing on spying on anyone.... not that I did..." He rushed threw his words at a slightly quick pace. He seemed really embarassed. Caotan just growled at Quel again.

"Well, Im Kia. I think we have all been going threw this forest for the same reason. This is Caotan, ym companion." Caotan looked to Quel and growled again. "He's just in a bad mood because he hasn't eatin much." Kia excused her partner and gave him a small glare indicating that he needed to watch his manners. [/COLOR][/B][/I]
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[i][b][color=silver] Kyo just kept walking. He had actually brocken into a whistle. He wistled an unfamilliar song, something that seemed foreign, something so sad it made him grin. This boy had seeriouse problems. He just kept walking and whistling. After about three and a half minutes he stopped and looked around. He started playing the song again. He was still walking through that area, which by this point had become a desertlike wasteland. He didnt care where he was. He probably didnt know since he was whistling with his eyes closed. He could be standing in a pen of venmous snakes and he wouldnt care. He just kept going. His song ended and he started another. Something still sad but in a happier way. Like joyfull death. He opened his eyes just as he stopped whistling. He had reached the end of the wasteland. He was standing at the beginning of a forest. A big one. He looked at the nearest tree and jumped to grab a brach. He flipped up and stood. He started another song. He walked and hoped along branches. It was gunna take a while to get through.[/i][/b][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic]

Yui soon awoke to a familiar world. Although she awoke a bt forgetful, she soon remembered the forest. The sun still peaked through the hig canopy of leaves and she still felt the moist ferns around her.
Oooh how she yearned for home. But she realised the scent of water was frsh in her mind and she was able to pick it up a lot better thatn before. She allowed the sun once more to touch her face and then she stood. The forest around her, once considered dark and formidable now seemed peaceful and light.
She began walking, by pure instict in one direction allowing alll the doubts in her mind to slip away. The scent of her home soon became stronger as she walked in that direction.

"Water," she said softly and soon her pace quickened. She kept goingo no longer lookin back, and in the distance, maybe a mile or so she thought, she saw a bright opening in the tress. " The end, the end of the forest I have found it she said, and soon blasted off in a full run towards it. The entranced inched closer and closer towards her. And feeling her freedom even more her fears became gradualy lighter and soon were completely gone.

She finally reached the end, and befre hr stood a vast clear lake. With no othe thought in mind she jumped in. The water was cool, calm and relaxing, she swam around mostly stying inder the water to soak in every bit that she had missed since her adventure began. Shen she rose up out of the water she saw that she was very far from her original spot.

She didn't leave the water just yet but began to look around. 500 feet from her present location she saw a group of strangers. Wanting to find a way home, she begn to swim close to them. But soon they spotted her as well.

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Izumi paced around her palace, waiting for Kyo to return. She had wondered what had happened to him. She walked into her bedroom, where she was followed by her white wolf, Hikari. She then walked to her balcony and looked down at the world below her.

"I wonder what happened to Kyo? I heard rumors from an oracle that warriors plan to stop me from destroying Neir. Can you believe that Hikari? As if there is anyone stronger than I. That oracle was just a hagged old woman looking for money. Well come Hikari, lets get some breakfast." said Izumi.

Izumi then left her bedroom, with Hikari following behind her. As they walked through the hallway, they bumped into a guard.

"Do you have any information about Kyo?" asked Izumi

"Yes, My Lady, he was last seen in a forest." answered the guard.

"Really, which one?" asked Izumi

"I don`t know, sorry." replied the guard

"Useless. If I want something done, I guess I`m going to have to do it myself. Why do I keep these idiots around." said Izumi, as she stormed off.
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