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Writing Shera's adventuer part 2


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:) Chill out Ashley just take a breath" said Shera "just go to sleep" "No no" said Ashley "its just when we get there will the like us? I hope they dont think were nerds or something!" "Please Ash u think for a moment a 15 year old is going to go on an airplaine to live on her own without parents going to a new School with boys..cute boys without make-up?" "She opend up her minni book-bag inside was about $900 for rent until they find jobs at atleast a fast food resturant and tons of make up Shera smirk everything is going to be fine wen we get there Ashley u just wait now.. get to sleep" Shera closed her eyee rubing the necklace that was given to her....she couldn't rember who or how again but it was her favorite color and it was beautiful... that was pretty much all that matter and soon she fell asleep.

"Excuse me, Ladies?" Said a tall flight attendant "Its time to get off ur escourt to the School is waiting for u i belive" Shera woke up at once she grinned "ASHLEY WAKE UP WE MADE IT!" "What said Ashley "We did-" but befor Ashley could say another word they were off the plaine Ashley yawned and called her mother "Yes mom were here...uh hu....ok.......right....k talk to u soon" Ashley hung up "Whats going on? Ur mom was over and turns out my mom got me an early-early birthday present" Ashley walk over to the nearest ATM mechine put in an credit card and got out about $1800 Shera wasn't suprised Ashley's dad owned a huge business "And!!"said Ashley Shera soon joind in "TO THE BATMOBILE!!!!!!!" They ran until the saw a blue car "May i offer you a seat my fair madin?" Said Shera "Why ofcourse!"

After Miles of driving the reached the town its was beautiful it was near Tokyo by the country side Ashleys face was pressed aginst the window "ahhhhhhhh this reminds me of that movie spirited away hehehehe" Shera smiled and looked left "well were here" The big suprise was that it wasn't a apartmen it was there own house there place"OMG!" said Shera and Ashley together :D
They enterd the house and it was wonderful....."Well im tired im going to go take a shower" said Shera "K im going to the store we need to have a big breakfeast for tommorw!" And with a big SLAM Ashley was out the door.While in the shower Shera pinched herself..(is the really happening? And Why us?) THese thoughts driffted thoughout her mind her necaklace was getting warm that meant a warning in this case she had better get some sleepits going to be a long day tomorrow
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