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RPG The Story Of Death Knight


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In The Times Of Knights, Wizards, Prince and Princesses there was a knight named Kenneth, he was the gaurdian of the kingdom of Aden... He was a mighty knight that slayed dragons and such...

On one such dragon slaying journeys, he was traveling deep into dragon valley... slaying the giant scorpians, skeleton fighters and all those that stood in his way. He went into the dragon valley caves and fought his way down 7 floors of caves, filled with Ettins, Trolls, and Skeletons... on the 7th floor he stood before the Earth Dragon Antharus, and he proceded to attempt to slay him... he almost won but right before he gave the final blow to the dragon the dragon called a curse upon his blood, as the knight killed the dragon the blood spilt upon the knight... the curse the dragon put caused the knight to go insanely evil, and he was cursed to live forever, even after the organs... flesh... skin... even after all that rotted away... after 40 years as a insane human knight, his skin and all rotted away and he was turned into a skeleton with a thirst for blood. Driven by hate for his actions and hate for what he had become he studied black magic, and became a master at it. He learned how to liquify the organs of a person with a simpled flick of the wrist... he could start powerful earthquakes at will... He can summon armies of undead at will... He destroyed the kingdom of Aden... city by city...
The horrified citizens fled as the Death Knight bowed on a knee and put his palm on the ground... and skeletal hands pushed up thru the surface, zombies rose.... the cities were overrun with death and decay.... he would summon powerful Ghasts and evil Liches that turned ppl undead instantly.... the death knight used spells that made ppl rot away in a matter of seconds... he cast earthquakes which swallowed ppl to their deaths, then made them arise as power undead that followed his commands. as the scene unfolded... the sky turned black with thunder and lightning and rain poured, as undead rose... the mothers picked up their children and ran... but to no use...
then something happened.... God's voice damned the knight to the depths of hell... as the knight was sent down he swore to get revenge.... and he hasnt been seen since... it is said when there is a full moon, at graveyards his power rises the dead from the depths of hell... if he is ever to return, god have mercy on the lives he takes....

and thats my story....
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