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Writing Shera's adventuer part 3


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Shera ran around the house trying to find her shoe Ashley wated and yawned Shera would had gotten up sooner but she had the strangest dream the kind of dreams were u cant rember what happends but then when u see something the dream because clear again."Ashley help me out or were goin to be late!" said Shera . Ashley stood up and went to the suit case and picked up a brown loafer and smirk "Thats why u put everything out first" "heh heh" said Shera. All of a sudden a nock was at then door Ashley stood up and opend it "Uhhh hiya" said Ashley. "Oh hi I'm Tino I'm to show u around the school i guess " He smiled and Ashley blushed Shera came to the door "Ok then lets go" Tino started walking. "Um ware are you going?" "Duh to school" Ashley giggled "We have a car you know." said Shera "Oh"Tino replied blushing.

"Over there is the cafetirea and thats the gym.........oh u can park here"Tino explaind everything there is to know about the school every nook and crany "So we'd better go thank u so much Tino" said Ashley, Tino blushed "hehe no prob." While Ashley was being so flirtish she went off to class she had calculus first . She took a deep breath and rubbed the blue gem on her neacklace for good luck she steped in and ducked befor a flying paper airplain could hit her "Ah!" Shera yelped the teacher was hoolering trying to get the class under control "CLASS CLASS SETLE DOWN!!!!" A boy about Kye's age and some of his friends started shooting paperballs one was coming strait at her then she felt a tug on her wirst "woAh!..mmm ouch! hey what was that for!"Shera said A boy with buch teeth and huge bug like glasses turned around and he was breathing pretty hard and spoke with a stuffy nose "If I hadent pulled your armb youd be sick with his cold" At that same momment Ashly walked in, Shera pulled her under the table Ashley was laughing "Whats going on!" The nerd spoke "Until Cojy, Meoga,Lisa and Tidus come in it is always like this" "Oh ok gotcha" said Ashley.About 45 minuets later four people walked in the room and it got quiet the nerdish boy got up from under the empty chair and sat in his seat "I we have fresh meat here at our skool then lets see shall we?!" AShley stood up and so did Shera.The tan boy with silver her looked at Shera.Shera couldn't keep her eyes off him "YO HELLO I DONT WANT TO BE HERE ALL DAY SO LETS GO!"said one boy.
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