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Writing A few poems (Hopefully someone will review this time.)


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[color=crimson][size=1][b]Death of a Daemon[/b]

I pricked the dawn
so that nothing ever shone
So nowhere is the fate, I bury myself in synthetic hate

Blood that runs so thick
Never had my mind been so quick
To the adrenaline that flicked
Through my fruitless body of the sick

The grapes of wrath that blind
My mind, burning through the eyes
of a soulless beast, burning it carcass, hide.

The wind amorphous to the day
All the dues buried in savorless pain
To the guardian at the porcelain gate

Crystalline perspective, plundered in a pain
From the one I buried
Alive, in thy shallow grave
O? collateral flesh
That burns for another wish, sympathy of nothingness

In a surge of fire
Languished in the pyre
The stench of rotting flesh
So sat the raven that awaited the mesh
Of the caress to the burning cedar mess

Shot of veins running through the sword
Flaming through the burning slit of cord
Of wrists that spit in line, nature of the kill
No suicide only the death of a daemon zeal

No healing of the bonded dark
Quietness in the devious heart
Reeking of the sewer depths
Only there it sat in a dark tranquility rest

[b]To The Fall of The Sun[/b]

So routed with flavor
Consciousness of sight
hated avatar
Brooding of the night

Sleepless wells
cracked and pale
littered of brimstone, ale,
Liquor of the poison knife

Satin, blood and crimson
A spewing cut from veins
Overwhelmed in a death divined state

So here the raven cry
To the fall of the sun that dies
Well beyond the meaning
Ripped and torn without feeling

The rays that beat
To the night of the deceit
Left to the fall of the sun
A hellish dreary beat

The only ones
Slip in the darkness, stealth.
Are vampryes and in this common hell
Reigns to the fall of the sun
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[color=crimson][size=1]Thank you, you are the very first person on the boards to comment any single one poem. Once again thank you and I guess maybe the first one might be a little graphic. I thought it was more filled with metaphors really, which it is[/color][/size]
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