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Writing Just a bit of poetry


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This is POV of a character from a series of sci-fi stories I'm writing, an Android designed for covert warfare:

[b]They made me[/b]

They made me from the stuff of their own
Carbon, black, soft
The medium of artists
They made me
Fullerenes sliding across float glass
Like hot blood on ice
Traceries of crystal
For a mind
They made me
My face, symmetrical and perfect
Were you to look at it, your gaze would not see it
Merely skim across the face of that alien ocean
And drown in the eyes, dark and deep like lakes of Bromine.
No, screams something inside
Turn back!
But how can you turn?
How can you extricate yourself from the hell that they constructed
To hold my soul?
It is simple to kill you
And your family
And your friends
The mordant fluids of your demise run down my arms, sprays up the walls
Clings to the ceilings.
I am the destroyer
Grim reaper
Made to kill, and to enjoy it
They made me,
So why can?t they unmake me?
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[COLOR=silver]Wow. That was so very.....depressed. But it was good. ::nods head vigorously:: I'm Serious. It kinda reminds me of this poem I wrote but mine was different. [/COLOR] [COLOR=teal]My subject matter was actually more leaning towards a abused mentally disturbed person but hey! Yours is that much better because your subject isn't freaky^_^[/COLOR]
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