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Anime tribute to the greatest swordsman ever


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Ei elow again (^_^) in the whole series of samurai X there was there many villians and goons claming to be the greatest figter among the rest but we all know kensan deafeated them all even though i think kensan is not the strongest of all i think Shishio Makoto is the strongest if you think im crazy but heres some facts about their fight :

1. shishio has a limit he can only fight for 15 min ei common how laim can you possibly get ? (how can you even beat the crap out of some one in 15 min )

2. there were some interferance this was suppose to be a one on one fight

here is just 2 facts there about 2 more but the fact is he was the only one that has comed so close on deafeting kensan

but theres also on character that stands out Gouro Fujita A.K.A
Saito Hajime he not that tough but i think hes the coolest

(ei to all those that who whould reply please use default setting when typing your message so i can read them properly )

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[color=darkblue][font=trebuchet ms]Hey, kid, punctuation would be nice.

For your first fact, as you know, the fight covers more than just a couple of episodes, so "15 minutes" is just a way of adding excitement to the battle.

As for your second "fact," there was no interference. [spoiler]When Kenshin fell to Shishio, their fight was supposedly over, so Saito and Sanosuke would respectively be next. No one interfered [i]during[/i] their fight, except for Shishio's woman.[/spoiler][/color][/font]
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