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Writing this is what happens when im bored

Guest Zanakou

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Guest Zanakou
The Mind Can Play Tricks On You

Standing there
Not knowing what to do
Frozen there like an ice cube
As it slowly creeps across your foot.
You dare not move.
For if you do
It may be your last

You cannot help but to let out a chuckle
For your senses tell you that it is almost over.
It looks up at you
Straight in the eyes
You were told not to look
But you cannot help it for it calls to you.
It sees your fear and rears up
Shows its fangs as it curls up.

Everything is silent except for the rattle
It lurches forward and bites your ankle
A searing pain oozes through your foot.
You jerk your eyes open,
And your mom has your foot!
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