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Writing The Skeleton - December Issue


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[color=006699]Well, before I left, I posted an auditition paper that I wrote for my school newspaper, and guess what? I got in! I've already had one article published, but that was in October, and there wasn't one in November, so here's the two I did for December. Tell me what you think.

[center][size=3][b]How Has the Skeleton Changed?[/b][/size][/center]

As the times, fads, music and movies change over the years, so has the Skeleton. It?s been around for a while, and most of your parents can remember seeing or reading the popular newspaper. How has the Skeleton changed? Well, I?ve interviewed two high school graduates to find out.

First, I interviewed Miss Alyce Smith.

[b]How has the Skeleton changed since you graduated JHS in 1964?[/b]

A lot, really. It was larger, and sized like a normal newspaper. It had a lot more articles such as award ceremonies, dances, music, choir, and drama. The band even had their own section.

[b]Is there anything you would like to change or bring back to the Skeleton?[/b]

Well, I?d like to see that instead of focusing on the same individuals all the time (I.e. football players, basketball players, cheerleaders, etc), pull ?Johnny Nobody? aside and pay attention to him. Ask him a survey question. It might just keep him from smoking a joint or popping a pill.

Next, I interviewed Mrs. Becky Taylor, a past editor for the Skeleton.

[b]How has the Skeleton changed since you graduated JHS?[/b]

The stories are more like news reports with a true journalistic slant. There are many more ads with more of a variety. Also, the sports column has more delegation of responsibilities.

[b]Is there anything you would like to change or bring back to the Skeleton?[/b]

No, I really like it. I like the surveys because it really pulls the student body in and attracts them to the Skeleton.

[b]What is your over-all favorite feature of the Skeleton?[/b]

I love the baby pictures in the senior issue.

[b]As a past editor, is there anything you would like to say?[/b]

I really enjoy the present Skeleton.

[center][size=3][b]Where Do Elves Come From?[/b][/size][/center]

Elves - the mystical, the mysterious, the [i]short[/i] children-like beings that work for that big tub of joy Santa Claus. They work away all year to make toys for children of the world; toy cars, trucks, dolls and much, much more, there?s almost nothing they can?t do. But there?s always that unanswered question, that one thing that everyone wants to know: Where do elves come from?

When you look into the midnight sky and see that star that shines so bright, that?s a really bright star. But if you look closer, next to it, you can see exactly where elves come from: New Elfland. As beautiful as it is mystical, it?s where the elves are born and raised until they are ready to be shipped off to Santa.

In New Elfland, the buildings are all made out of diamond - Tiffany?s to be exact. The streets are made out of ice, which explains why no one gets a car for Christmas - elves don?t know what they are. They use dogs, though they are way bigger than they are, to pull their sleighs. Don?t be surprised, that if you ever get to go to New Elfland, to see a dozen or more elves riding on one sleigh.

In the center of New Elfland stands the great New Elfland University, which teaches future elves to make toys. Many courses have to be taken to be able to be sent to Santa himself, and if you don?t graduate, you get sent to the horrible, the disgusting Munchkinland! Alright, it?s not horrible or disgusting, but those outfits are so five minutes ago.

Yes, those Munchkins from over the rainbow are actually rejected elves. They always hold a grudge against Santa and the University, but they are all kept in line by Glenda and her sister, Hilda. If it weren?t for these two, New Elfland and the North Pole would be over run with rogue Munchkins or Bad Elves, either way you want to look at it, they?re bad news.

But our elves don?t let their counterparts ruin their lives. They?re the happiest, most magical beings in the universe, and probably will stay like that for millennia to come. With their pointy ears, bell-ringing shoes, and shortness that?s kind of freaky, they?ll be Christmas idols for years to come.[/color]
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