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RPG soul savor shingen

Rin Yhun

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the time is long before there was hope the characters are many.
general takeda looks at his son shingen and smiles

takeda-the war has begun it looks like the nobutsuna army has started to rise. they are making their move.

shingen-what about the others are they giving up hope?

takeda-no shingen they belive kenshin and rin will come but there is no telling

shingen-fate has given me a point to decide father i am joining the takeda army i will be a samurai

takeda-hmmph if you want my son. i need you to find rin the daughter of o'rang and daisaku. then find her follower kenshin
this war has started but only with there help will we win son ther is something else you should know

shingen- what?

takeda- rin and kenshin are lost in the world called chaos they have not been able to leave you need to gather the best priests,exorcists,warriors and samurai's to defeat the evil in the chaos world.

shingen-father i will find them is i have to die doing so

will the stage is set you have now entered the chaos world where dragons and warlord decides who dies
i am lost here
may you join in the war against the evil?
calling all
we need a shingen a kenshin and many others will you join and save rin*that's me!*and the warrior of a thousand souls kenshin or will you pass on by???
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Guest Shugoblade
well i luv the story line not bad for starters

i am shugo known as north star
i will help find rin and shingen whoever you will be i will find the warriors and help them defeat the nobutsuna army!
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[color=green]Right, hello. So, since you created another thread in the (correct) Recruitment section for this RPG, I'm going to close this one for now. Feel free to start a new one when you feel enough people have signed up. Shugoblade, please re-sign up in the Recruitment thread, sorry about that.

Please, [b]please[/b] use capitalization and proper grammar, both of you. It makes things about a thousand times easier to read, and their proper usage is one of the rules of OB.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or Arcadia. Welcome to OB!
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