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Writing armitage the third

Guest Shugoblade

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Guest Shugoblade
i sit alone watching the world fall around me.
i think of all the things i could have done.
humans and thier ideals always running around and doing nothing.
i hear the seconds they do not understand the war that is going on.
what if i could have been a second? i would be better off that way
i would't be feeling this stupid human emotion then
i would't be wondering if i will die i wou'nt even care any ways.
this pain inside is lacking human enotion but it is still there.
i'll never be human i'll never hope to be real
but at least i can still breathe and i can still feel.
i've always wondered what it would be like though when humans complain about how real i was when they see me for me
i 've always wondered if humans did'nt want me why did they create me?
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