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RPG Killer Radiance [pg13]


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OOC: just so ya'll know, I used the name "Garren" on another adventure as well... so I might get confused.

IC: Garren walked aimlessly through the oppressive winter weather. His feet were numb, he could hardly breath through his nose, and his ears were beggining to ice over. This was one of the rare situations where he didn't feel very happy. The nearest town had to be at least another mile away...

Then he saw a fire over a hill... an [I]occupied[/I] fire. This was just what Garren needed to cheer him up. His ears perked up and he ran up the hill... well, sort of. He reached the top tot find another Felnohka. No, it couldn't be a Felnohka... he was, no, [I]she[/I] was different... like a wolf. Completely unlike the feline attributes of a Felnohka.

[I]Oh well, [/I]he thought, [I]company's company.[/I]
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Katana looked over at Garren as he climbed to the top of the hill. He looked almost frozen. Katana jumped up and ran over to Garren.

?What?s your name you poor thing,? Katana said as she helped Garren over to the fire. Garren let out a sigh as he rubbed his hands over the fire. He looked over at Katana. Her black furry tail was swishing back and forth.

?I?m Garren,? Garren said as he looked up to Katana?s twitching ears, ?and you are?? Katana looked across the fire at Garren. She smiled at him as she fed the fire some more wood. Garren noticed that Katana had fangs. She really was like a wolf.

?I?m Katana Weathers,? Katana said brightly. Garren smiled at Katana. He suspected she was a Howling, but she was kind. She was totally different from her species.

?So Katana,? Garren said as he looked back at Katana?s swishing tail, ?what are you doing out in the middle of nowhere.? Katana?s sweet smile turned to a slight frown. Garren wondered if he had said something wrong.

?I?m looking for my birth parents,? Katana said with a smile, ?but what are you doing out here in the freezing cold?? Garren stared blankly at Katana for a moment. He then let out a sigh and shook his head.
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"Well, I gues I just wanna see what there is to see, ya know?" Garren was already perking up. "I come from a forest in the north. I guesss you could already tell I'm a Felnohka."

"Uhh.. where's your tail then?" Katana asked akwardly.

Garren looked around to discover that his tail had disappeared again. "Oh, it comes and goes all the time." Katana gave him another odd look. "Er, I'm a shape-shifter."

"Ohh... just a side-effect?"

"Yup... kind of annoying sometimes." He rubbed his sore feet. [I]I'm gonna have to get some boots...[/I]

"Headed toward the next town?" Katana smiled.

"Ya, thought I might not make it."

OOC: c'mon guys, we need other characters eventualy. lol.
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[size=1][b]Hubert had been walking for some time in the cold. He wasn't very cold though, for his body was large enough to produce lots of body heat, and he is walking at a brisk pace. The forest he is walking in most of the year is very beautiful, ever since the turning of the seasons, the trees have lost their leaves, along with all of their beauty.

When he stepped out of his door earlier, he decided to walk until he couldn't see the cityscape. Now hours and miles away from that point, he didn't care. He didn't care that everyone would worry about him, about how his businesses would collapse or fight over who gets control, or anything. He was in a perfect state of peace.

This peace was rudely interupted when he accidentally stepped into a fire. Apparently the occupants had been yelling at him, but in all his peace, he ended up with a burned foot and two cat-like people with weapons pointed at him...

Out of Context: Pheonix, when did I give you the idea for Pheonix of the Fire?[/b][/size]
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OOC: sorry that it took me so long to post, I've been reely buisy with a drama production.

Khandol loped through the snow, humming quietly to himself. He moved quickly to keep himself warm, bounding erraticly as he moved along. He was enjoying himself, he had just left his old life and was ready to start a new one, full of adventure and mystery.

He spoted a small fire up ahead and quickened his pace, jumping over the snow covered ground. He tucked his legs up and landed neatly on the ground by the fire. Khandol looked at the suprised faces of the creatures arround him, It looked like there was already quite some comotion before he arrived.

His jointed tentacles waved - he was smiling at their confusion. "Hi, I'm Khandol, he chirped "why are you here?"

OOC:sorry bout the length, not much time.
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