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Anime Anime In Louisiana


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umm...i don't really know where to put this post, I guess i can stick it here huh?...Anywho I live in (central) Louisiana, near Alexandria. I have found only one store that sells Anime and they have like only one 3ft rack...does anyone know anywhere near there that I can get some anime? its a christmas gift for my little bro. so I have to do something...know what I mean? thanks a bunch!

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Hey lisha...

I live in mandeville :D

Im big into anime of course as you would guess. As for your problem, I can only help so much since Im a ways away from you. However, I can still suggest some stuff based on what I know about the state.

First off, check out best buy and places like babages. (in whatever you closest mall may be)

Down here the video stores don't seem to have much, but if you pay close attention you will find that most of the video game stores have anime.

Also, suncoast, they have alot for the area.

If all else fails though, I suggest best buy, they don't have a perfect selection or anything, but you should be able to find a lot of stuff there. Oh yeah, "fyi" (I think thats the name), they also carry some anime, but not nearly as much as suncoast, best buy or any of the gaming stores.

Good luck with it. (trust me, I know how hard it can be... I didn't always live in louisiana, so I know how popular anime is here compared to the rest of the country.) :(
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