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Writing Jaganshi's Poetry


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I am going to post my random poetry here.The first one I am going to post is a tanka.A tanka is a form of Japanes poetry that is comprised of five lines that follow a pattern of 5-7-5-77.

Life Death and Love; pain
Rip my heart out, let me bleed
And feed it to me
Now feel the pain you caused me
Vengeance is as sweet as you

The next one is haiku, another form of Japanese poetry.Haikus are comprised of three lines that follow the pattern of 5-7-5.

Torture, pain, anguish
The shadows are everywhere
Human Nature

One more for today.This one is a poetic cryptogram.It's basicly a sentence or phrase where you regroup the words.Try and figure it out.I'll give you a clue it's four words.

Onl yt hep ari noi dsu rv ive.
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I wrote this one in careers class yesterday and just got around to typing it.

American Dream

They tell you how to be,
How to see,
And how to live

How can I go day in and day out
Living the way I am told to
Having no freedom

Liberty and Justice for all is a lie
How can we go spewing those words from our mouths like fools
Living in the dark like blind mice

Turn a blind eye to people who are not like you
Who do not believe in what you do
Who do not live like you do

Freedom of speech is encroached upon
Privacy is no more
Women are minorties

All I strive for
All I believe
With as many rights I have I cannot be free

The hypocrisy has yet to end
We twist and bend to conform to society
But conformity deforms

I have another poem about the holoucast I have to get back from my english teacher.So it will be up soon.
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I love it. And I love your siggy WiccanSamurai. ^_^ The second poem I didn't exactly understand but the haiku and tanka I totally loved reading. Oh, and your last stanza on the haiku was.. 5-7-4. I hope you noticed that. Even if that mistake were made or not I still believe they were good poems. Do write more!
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