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Writing Heartbeats....(Advised 15+, Mature References)


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I hear them from so far away.
I see their owners, laughing, holding hands.
Am I destined for such a privelege?

[i]Am I....?[/i]

Pulsing through their veins...
They love each other.
Everyone has somebody....but me.

[i]Am I even.....?[/i]

The sounds of silences breaking....
That's all I hear, though I see hearts healing.
Will nobody care for me....ever?

[i]Am I even here....?[/i]

That's everywhere I see....
But my heart is shrouded in darkness.
Nobody could ever care for me.

[i]Why am I even here.....?[/i]

I fight my way through the darkness....
I fight to get to her.
To the one that abandoned me......

[i]Why am I even here?
To be punished?
Why am I to be punished when she tears me apart?
Why does she escape this purest hell?
This torture of seeing love?
She, who sexes everyone alive?

Heartbeats....hers grows rapid.....
While mine slows.......
And stops.[/color]


This was the final poem I ever wrote under an old surname. i decided to put it up to do honor the my former self. Now, I destroy him completely. May I never look upon the *itch this poem references again. She destroyed me. Now, I look out for myself and my [color=teal]sister[/color]!
-In memory of [size=4][font=vivaldi][color=silver]Locke Oldrey Hyral[/font][/size][/color]
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[color=teal]Let him live on. But let me describe how he lives![/color]

All around me. So thick...I can taste it.
The repressing blackness...of harsh midnight eaves.
While i hear nothing but the ruslting willow's leaves.

Twisting forever, the sword's thrust pierces again.
More and more, his face scarred by scratches....
A woman's claws scratched him. So bad he would bleed.
Why does he hate me so? He says it's for my own good.
His black blade pierces my heart yet again. I hold back my tears....

No avail.
They flow like rain, marring my resolve.
Again and again, the weapon falls through.
Denied life, wishing for death, and enduring pain.
Another torture at the bloodstained Demon's hands.

His grin....
Hitched to his face like a needle-bound doll.
It reviles me, makes me recall the man I once was.
Just like him. That's why he does this to me.
So I'll be his brother again. So I'll be...like him....again.

It stops....
He stops slashing my chest.
He shows me what he's done.
Repelled her from me. With mere words.
I wish I could kill him, knowing I couldn't.

My brother...
I couldn't kill him. Even with a blade.
My tears stop as I slide down, the blade not pinning me.
It hurts more than anything. Knowing she did it to me.
I can't blame her. it wouldn't hurt.

She'd just....
She'd just laugh, say she didn't care....
Then she'd just walk away. Like she did then.
Like she's always done. Abandoned me.
Left me to my tomb, where I constantly brood....

[i]Should I become the Demon again? Should I....embrace...HIM? And give up my life?[/i][/color]
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