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Anime (US/CAN) General thoughts and ratings for .hack//SIGN 5, "Captured"


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[size=1].hack//SIGN - "Captured" - Episode 5 - March 03, 2003

1. This is for your thoughts AFTER you've seen the episode. Don't post advance spoilers here, or your thoughts about such spoilers.

2. Please rate the episode from 0 to 10. Please put your ratings at the top of the body of your post and in [b]BOLD.[/b]

3. This is for your ratings and general thoughts, comments, and impressions. If you have specific thoughts or comments on specific issues or points, a new thread would be more appropriate.

4. Normal spoiler rules apply: spoiler tags are required for any spoilery statements. Very vague "I liked it" type comments don't need tags.

5. If you're going to mention any spoilers for future episodes, please use spoiler tags correctly.

6. Please try to keep this thread on topic.

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[b]Rating: 9/10 [/b]

I have to say that episode number 5 has always been one of my favs. in the .hack//sign series. (And not just because it's crim's first appearance!)
The reason I mainly liked it is because I never thought that they would capture him because of not being able to log out and I thought they wouldn't be able to catch him because of the monster (Hoho! Crim proved me wrong!). The episode has some interesting parts. BT getting mixed up with Sora was a good part, when I first saw it I slighly saw it coming because Sora and BT seem to both have a bit of a rotten attitude in different, but the same way... yeah, I confuse myself too.

Ofcourse, the new character, Crim, was the most interesting part in my opinion. New characters are always fun to examine. You get to learn about their personality, skills, and looks (^_^ Yeah!).

It was a fine episode to me, but I always thought it odd that Subaru was angry when they were attempting to capture Tsukasa... sure, she didn't want it so rufly done, but she put the bounty on his!
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