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Writing Neo Destined 02: Neo Chosen


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About five years ago, I began writing my [i]Neo Destined[/i] series. Neo Destined: Redefined (ND 01) turned out to be a huge success...and also a huge peice of work, at 219 pages and ninety-six episodes.

None of you have seen it before...I never posted it here. Thank whatever deities you worship, because you would not have been able to keep interest long enough. While at the time it was great, looking back it, it's beginning was childish, and it only got worth reading towards the very end (The Damondramon Cycle, in case any have read it before). I would give you the address to the ezboard it was located on, but that's not allowed.

Ask me if you want it, though. I'll PM you.

Anyway, I have decided that, an an insentive to write the second instilation of Neo Destined, namely, "Neo Destined 02: Neo Chosen", I will begin to post it here.

I'm now going to do something I don't normally do.

I am an excellent writer. This is the first time I've admited to this. But I am an excellent writer. Weather or not you like digimon, I garuntee you will like this.

I will post episode Zero first, and then I will give you a quick run-through of Neo Destined.

Just so you know, the combined Neo Destined saga is not a fanfic; it's to big. It's not a megafic; it's too big.

Neo Destined, I believe, is something bigger...a fic of monolithic proportions. Monofic! That's a good name for it.


Neo Destined 02:
Neo Chosen

Episode Zero: Sin

[i]Editor?s Notes: Thanks to no one; this is my own. Hahaha!
However, I hope everyone notices my Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within references in Sin and the Phantoms, respectively.
Oh, this is going to be a short series. It?s almost a miniseries. I plan on 50 episodes.[/i]

To humans, ?sin? was a concept, an idea. But to the digimon of Nova Modem Continent, it was a horrible reality. To them, sin wasn?t a harmless, intangible idea.
Sin was a being, a creature - a conqueror.
Ieterdramon flew through the skies slowly above Modem Nova?s primary city, Datalyne. He looked out towards the horizon, and saw their approach: the Phantoms, the servants of Sin that were intangible and even somewhat invisible to Digimon. And amongst them, enslaved Digimon that Sin had taken control of, twisting their minds and bodies, turning them into zombie-like servants, marched.
To the digimon of Modem Nova, it seemed without thought, without voice, without soul - but Sin was very, very real.
Ieterdramon looked down at Datalyne?s defences. Thanks to his experience seven years ago - fighting against the Overlords of the original version of Modem - he was fairly good at battle tactics. With a glance, he could tell that Datalyne would not hold. After Datalyne, Sin had two options: head southeast to the Skyshaper Peaks, or southwest to the Skywater Forest. Judging by how it attacked the areas with most life, Ieterdramon surmised that it?s next target would be Skywater, although the Skyshapers were closer.
And, Ieterdramon realised, Sin could cut through the Skyshapers and head down into the Darkwater Swamp. From there, it could attack Skywater from both the north and west.
?Not good,? Ieterdramon said as he flew away from Datalyne, making full haste for his domain at the Skyshapers and hoping Kysiramon escaped Datalyne when it fell. ?Not good, not good at all??

* * *

The core of Sin was located on an island off the cost of Modem Nova. In a great fortress shaped like a hand clawing the sky, a black orb hovered in a chamber deep underground, cared for by eternally loyal Phantoms. The land all around this island had been scraped clean; there were no mountains, forests, swamps, anything, just a grey, desolate wasteland.
Sin searched now, searched with all it?s willpower. It looked as far as it could, it?s consciousness only limited by however far away it?s farthest servant was. It would not stop until it found what it was looking for, would never need to eat or sleep. All this - the armies, the enslaved beings, the land wiped clean - was done for the soul purpose of finding what it was looking for.
It would find it, if it took a millennia or longer. If it had to stop rivers, level mountains, drain swamps and burn plains, it would. If it had to tear open the sky, it would. It would find what it searched for.
Deep in its recesses, it dismissed any fears or worries that sometimes developed with the thought of what it looked for. It would find it - it would stop at absolutely nothing to find it.
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Incedentally, I'd like responces, please; I crave them

Okay. This is a seperate post for organizational purposes; forgive me moderators.

This is how things work, people.
A long time ago, before the invention of computers, there was a single, combined world - the Myth World. However with the advent of computers, the Myth World became the Digital World. However, in the process, the Digital World was split in twain - a Lightworld, composed of Light energies, and a Darkworld, composed of Dark energy.
The Lightworld is the one that we all know of in digimon season 1 and 2.
The Darkworld is a differant one. Here the sun never really rises. The sky, even in the deserts, is always gray or dark. The largest and most important continant is called Modem
Modem was taken over by eight powerful digimon, the Overlords. They were as follows:
- Scorpiusmon: Lord of the Forests
- Wyrmdramon: Lord of the Deserts
- Kaalmon: Lord of the Plains; the Dread Lord
- Gorgonmon: Lady of the Swamps; the Lady of Apathy
- Hyderamon: Lord of the Oceans
- Cybermon: Lord of the City
- Damondramon: Lord of the Underworld
- Quellmon: Lord of the Mountains, the Overwhelming Monster
Of all of the Overlords, Kaalmon was the most feared and, despite being a champion (Gorgonmon, Hyderamon, and Cybermon are Ultimates, Damondramon and Quellmon Megas), the most powerful. He was known as the Dread Lord, and his name invoked not just fear, but absolute terror. However, in a rebellion, he was killed.
Into this chaos came six humans:
- Zachary Peter Bramner: A nerd in almost every way, but has a big heart. Never thinks of himself. Has the Crest of Darkness
- Sarah Angela Nelsini - a half-black girl that Zack has a really big crush on. She has a kind of peaceful air about her. Has the Crest of Faith
- Johnathan Montag - Sarah's boyfriend. LOVES to pick on Zack, and has few redeeming qualities in the beginning. Has the Crest of Imagination
- Dana Silverman - a surprisingly intelligent blond. At first glance, she's like Mimi, but she also has a few tomboyish qualities. Has the Crest of Joy.
- Alexander Miramak: a six-year old who Sarah babysits. Overactive in every sense of the word. Has the Crest of Trust.
- Kailine Odette Tsamino: A quiet Japanese girl who smokes and is very standoffish ([i]Editor's Note: Kai is not my own character...a friend gave her to me.[/i]). Has the Crest of Life
There are also six digimon. Respective to the above humans, they are as follows:
- Gheldingmon: A quiet and ruthless digimon who teeters on the edge of evil insanity; the reincarnation of Kaalmon the Dread Lord. Looks a bit like a demonic, four foot tall velociraptor
- Tymoramon: Quiet as well, but it's just her nature. Very kind but positively hates Gheldingmon, becuase she, too, is reincarnated, from someone else...she's a plant, and also a Druid.
- Aziirmon: Another quiet digimon, but then again most telepaths are. Looks like Abra from Pokemon.
- Kysiramon: An early love interest for Gheldingmon. Birdlike in appearance, and colored pink
- Ieterimon: Almost a mirror for Alex; looks like a large red salamander with orange wings
- Halamon: A kleptomaniac and a maniac in general. Looks kinda' like Pikachu.

Anyway, their digimon friends, acutally specifically Gheldingmon, inform them that the onyl way they could return home is if they destroy all the Overlords (minus Gheldingmon, who is no longer an Overlord due to a deal he made with a mysterious entity we know only as "Darkness").
A brief overview of each cycle is as follows.

Intro Cycle: Nothing special to this; just introducing characters

Scorpiusmon Cycle: A minor love theme developes between Gheldingmon and Kysiramon. In other news, the Chosen defeat Scorpiusmon. No major events

Wyrmdramon Cycle: Wyrmdramon, the Overlord of the Deserts, mounts a surprise attack upon the Chosen, but it is easily thwarted and he is killed in the process. Things are looking deceptively easy...

Pain Cycle: The Chosen are attacked on their way through the Frozen Plains, and Tymoramon and Gheldingmon are seperated from the rest of the group and end up at the Citadel - the old keep of Kaalmon. A small band of Zelingmon, small Zermon-type digimon, find Gheldingmon and Tymoramon; they used to serve Kaalmon and submit to Gheldingmon. Gheldingmon, however, is sick of giving orders and orders them to find someone else to obey. They decide on Tymoramon. Tymoramon at this point uses them to try and kill Gheldingmon, and unveils that she was an inhabitant of Rootshroud, the dense forest that once took up the Frozen Plains, and which Kaalmon destroyed, and tortured the inhitants, including Tymoramon, to death. Gheldingmon managed to trick Tymoramon to bind her up and drag her back to everyone else (leaving the Zelingmon behind). Tymoramon breaks free, however, and tries to kill Gheldingmon again. Ghelding this time doesn't fight back, and invites Tymoramon (who has evolved to Askitaemon) to kill a defenseless him...just as he killed a defenseless her. Basically, Tymoramon realises that in killing Gheldingmon, she'd kill Gheldingmon - not the Dread Lord, who is already dead. Horrified at her actions, she de-digivolves.
Meanwhile, Kai has left the group and wandered into the Black Swamp, where both she and Halamon are taken control of by Gorgonmon (my most favorite Overlord)

Gorgonmon Cycle: The Chosen, minus Kai, enter the Black Swamp. They are swiftly attacked by an evil Kai and Halamon, who defeats and imprisons them. Gorgonmon has some fun tormenting the prisoners. Meanwhile, Zack and Gheldingmon are also taken over by Gorgonmon. Both Zack and Kai want to replace Gorgonmon, and they (and their digimon) end up fighting over the other four...Kai wants to make them slaves to her, wheras Zack believes that they shouldn't take the risk and just kill them. They are, in turn, liberated. Gorgonmon takes the time to strike, and torments the humans more by showing them their worst fears. Kai is especially effected, forced to watch as her father, mother, and sister are killed in the Oklahoma City bombing. The cycle ends with Kai traumatized, but everyone else is more or less okay...but that's the worst they've had yet

Hyderamon Cycle: After a week's worth of treking through the Black Swamp, the Chosen come across a beach. They think to relax...but Sarah is kidnapped by what seems to be the water itself! A desperate serch leads them to a Whamon, who takes them to Hyderamon's Coral Kingdom. There, Hyderamon holds Sarah captive, and taunts the Chosen. Zack offers himself in the place of Sarah...and Hyderamon merely tricks the Chosen and takes them both, leaving (and destroying) the Coral Kingdom and fleeing to his Trench Fortress, far deeper then Whamon, or most digimon, can go. While there, Sarah and Zack get close, aided by the fact that John and Sarah have, in fact, recently broken up. Meanwhile, the rest of the Chosen stow abord a supply ship and go down to the Trench Fortress, attacking Hyderamon and killing him. However, in the battle, the Trench Fortress is damaged, and the Chosen would have died if not for the fact that Cybermon's robots show up and take them captive...

Cybermon Cycle: the crew wake up within the depths of what the digimon identify as the Metal Empire, a massive city. They are attacked several times by digimon, including Borgmon an Agenmon. THey eventually realise that they are in fact in a Matrix-like world, and after defeating a false Cybermon, Dana and Kysiramon awake (but not the rest). Dana and Cybermon kind of have a conversation wherein the Cybermon - a very old digimon - reveals that he's tired of his rule as Overlord, tired of most everything, but he has to fight Kysiramon anyway to defend his kingdom. Kysiramon evolves to her Ultimate, MechaCelestimon, and Cybermon, after my most favorite fight, surrenders. He reawakens the other Chosen and is pretty much going to go and retire, but then Damondramon invades his body and takes it over. He has to fight again, he's forced to, but he is swiftly dispatched and has a kind of meanigful ending (although i was disapointed with it)

[i]Editor's Note: The first Neo Destined moviefic, "The Decimation of Rootshroud", takes place durring the Cybermon Cycle[/i]

Damondramon Cycle: The cycle begins with everyone treking through a forest, wondering how the Hell to reach Damondramon. Tymoramon kind of wanders off, and meets up with Leabirmon, the rookie form of Janjimon, a digimon who used to be Tymoramon's apprentice in Rootshroud (before being deleted). Janjimon doesn't believe in forgive and forget, and is convinced that Gheldingmon has to die. He is horrified when Tymoramon admits her love for Gheldingmon and is convinced that Gheldingmon has poisoned her mind. Obviously, however, a rookie is no match for Gheldingmon, who evolves to Ultimate and basically just sits down and waits for Leabirmon to get bored...Leabirmon runs off in disgust at himself, and it's believed to be the last we'll see of him...afterwords it's kind of implied that Gheldingmon and Tymoramon got "it" on, if you know what I mean.
In the next part of the cycle, the Chosen find and enter some caves, but Sarah, Kai, and Tymoramon are taken over by Geistmon, secretly, to infiltrait the Chosen and learn their weaknesses. The Geistmon in Kai is effected by Kai's memories of the happy things, like sunlight, love, and friendship, which do not exist in the Underworld at Damondramon's command. Geistmon Kai betrays the other two Geistmon, and she, with Zack and Gheldingmon, descend into Pandemonium, the capital city of the Underworld, to kidnap a DarkWizardmon to exorcise the three Geistmon from their hosts (They can't leave willingly). However, Damondramon knows, and dispatched Tabrimon to kill them. Tabrimon deals a death blow to Kai, but the power of the Crest of Darkness preserves her, and also forces Geistmon to evolve (and leave Kai) to her Ultimate, Reimon. Reimon defeats Tabrimon, and Zack, Gheldingmon, Reimon, and (unconscious) Kai leave the underworld, since Reimon can preform an excorsim. Durring this time, Zack and Reimon have kinda' fallen in love with each other
Reimon exorcieses the Geistmon, who flee, but then the Chosen are attacked by Horrormon, an amorphous and very powerful Ultimate. Horrormon kills Halamon before they can escape, although Halamon reincarnates herself into a digi-egg by Kai when they flee the tunnels (Horrormon can't exist in sunlight). Durring this time, a darker side of Reimon emerges and tries to kill Sarah, who competes with Reimon for affection. After being stopped by Gheldingmon, Reimon becomes Ramielmon and basically wrecks havoc trying to take Zack. She is KO'd, but Zack (who still loves Reimon) won't let them kill her. When Ramielmon wakes up, Reimon is in control of her. Reimon realises what she's done and what she might do again, and so she kills herself. Zack is very traumatized by this, of course.
Next, they have to defeat Horrormon. In the battle, Gheldingmon is killed, further adding to Zack's problems. After the battle, the Chosen descend again into Pandemonium, and they are attacked by Damondramon, who kills most of the Chosen before Aziirmon can evolve into Morpheusmon, his mega, and defeat him, however Morpheusmon is reduced back to an in-training in the process.
The crew, beaten badly, leave the caves. Though wounded, they are ecstatic that there is only one more Overlord left: Quellmon. Unfortunately, they are attacked and captured by a legion of plantlike digimon...

Llanomon Cycle: Llanomon, the evolved form of Leabirmon, has become an Overlord at the offer of Quellmon. However he has no desire to defeat any of the Chosen, except for Gheldingmon, who he hates.
The Chosen awake to find themselves in a lush forest, surrounded by friendly digimon, including Llanomon. However the forest looks exactly like Rootshroud, and Gheldingmon more ore less goes insane and runs off into the forest. Llanomon treats the rest kindly, although he uses his magik to "cure" Tymoramon of the Dread Lord's poison...in fact, he has brainwashed Tymoramon, and the rest of the digimon in the forest.
Tymoramon is hunting Gheldingmon. When he sees her, he is ecstatic...but then she tries to kill him. He kind of snaps out of it, and restrains her with a NecroTreefolkmon he created (Gheldingmon's dark energies can be syphoned into living trees to turn them into NecroTreefolkmon; it's how he destroyed the first Rootshroud). The rest of the Chosen meet up with him, having firgured out what Llanomon's really like, and basically work on trying to find a way to undo Llanomon's mind poisoning.
Durring this time, the brainwashed Tymoramon (who is quite nice to everyone else...imagine an incredably nice person on cafine) lets slip that Zack loved Reimon, something which Sarah did not know. Heartbroken, Sarah breaks up with Zack. Zack snaps, and basically, leaves thr group with Gheldingmon, who's darkness has reawakened.
After Tymoramon is cured, Llanomon attacks, believing all of the Chosen wanting to destroy the forest he has made. The Chosen fight, and defeat, Llanomon, and the forest he made shrinks and becomes a wasteland - the Bleak Eternities, the site of the last battle between two once epic empires.

Quellmon Cycle: The longest cycle, nearly half the size of the entire series! Much of it is redundant episodes, however.
Basically, Zack is pissed off incredably, but he's still good, so rather then taking his anger out on the Chosen, he and Gheldingmon are attacking Quellmon's mountain fortresses head-on, working their way towards Oblivion Mountain, a megalithic, seven-mile-high mountain where Blackguard, Quellmon's castle, is located. The other Chosen are always weeks behind them, and have no choice but to strike along the side to liberate other towns and cities, which obviously slows them down even more. Whenever they come across the sight of a battle between Zack, Gheldingmon, and Quellmon's armies, all that remians are scourched craters, burning ruins, and soldiers who speak of a demon of terrifying power - so terrifying that some killed themselves rather then face his wrath
Gheldingmon, durring this time, evolves to his final and most terrifying phase: that of NecroKaalmon, the Undead Lord of Death and one of the four Lords of Death, digimon with virtually godlike powers. He evolves to this form to fight Bedevirmon, one of Quellmon's generals, at a temple devoted to Thanamon, a dead god worshiped by Necramon. Zack and Gheldingmon are drained of power, however, and are forced to stay at the temple to recouperate. Durring this time, Zack learns the art of Necromancy, one of four schools of magik.
In other news, the rest of the Chosen are pushing towards the fortress of Galahamon, another of Quellmon's commanders. Sarah along the way learns Elemental magik, another school, and uses it not only for defense, but also in a desperate search for Zack - she repents driving him to such insane, nearly suicidal levels. However, they are defeated and captured.
Zack hears of this, and rushes to their rescue. Using a combonation of fright tactics, Necromancy, and other tricks, he makes it into the dungeon where Sarah is and frees her. They share a small moment of love before Galahamon attacks...but is defeated by a combination of Necromantic and Elemental magik from Zack and Sarah.
With Galahamon defeated, the Chosen push for Morgamon, the last of Quellmon's commanders. However, Morgamon has fled, because she has seen an image of horrific proportions: the Digital World is falling apart. So, the Chosen push straight for Quellmon. They besiege Quellmon's fortress, and find the Chaos Knight digimon dieing, for he pulled the gray sword Sorrow from it's pedastel, and it's killing him. They are kind of happy...but then Quellmon kills John (and Aziirmon in the process...a human's death means a digimon's one), and evolves again, into EviPendragon, a Final Evolution digimon. One by one, the humans are killed, until only Zack and Gheldingmon (obviously NecroKaalmon at this point) are left alive. NecroKaalmon absorbs the souls of the humans using one of his four attacks, Death Maw, and in the process gains the attacks of each of their digimon friends. in an all-out attack, EviPendragon is killed...but Zack is alone, the last human. NecroKaalmon recognises his pain, and uses his last ability, Dark Gift, to bring the humans back to life, but in the process, killing himself. However he re-formats as a digi-egg, and the series closes with Zack hugging Sarah close, ecstatic that she is alive.

I'll do another posts for the moviefics. However, I will take some time to detail the digimon, and their forms. The format:
Stage: Name; attacks (Name origin)

Rookie: Gheldingmon; Smallblade, Prayer to Darkness (Based loosely off of gelfling, a race from the Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal)
Champion: Kaalmon; Darkblade, Call to Darkness (Kaal is a misspelling of Baal, an exceedingly evil Canaanite deity, God of Storms, who demanded the sacrifice of children. Also the most powerful Canaanite deity, and the supreme male deity (more powerful then El or Dagon, both of whom are older)
Ultimate1: WarKaalmon; Warblades, Hail to Darkness (Kaalmon with "War" added on. WarKaalmon is the form of Kaalmon's mega we see in the Cybermon and Damondramon cycles.)
Ultimate2: DreadKaalmon; Dreadblades, Hail to Darkness (Kaalmon with "Dread" added on. DreadKaalmon is more powerful then WarKaalmon. It is the form we see in the Gorgonmon Cycle (when he's under Gorgonmon's control), the Llanomon, and the Quellmon cycle.)
Mega: NecroKaalmon; Nightblades, Nocturne to Darkness, Death Maw, Dark Gift (Kaalmon with "Necro" added on. The prefix "necro" means "death" or "dead")

Rookie: Tymoramon; Earthen Claw, Spore Seeds (Tymora is the goddess of luck in the Forgotten Realms Camapaign Setting of D&D)
Champion: Askitaemon; Vine Growth (No name origin)
Ultimate: Harvemon; Scythe Lunge, Double Growth ("Harve" is short for Harvest)
Mega: Yavimamon; Spore Cannons, Twin Scythe ("Yavima" is short for "Yavimaya", a sentient forest in Magic: the Gathering)

Rookie: Aziirmon; Psychosis (Aziir was a living ship I made when I was 10 for an Animorphs fanfic. He was mildly telepathic)
Champion: Fhenduramon; Dream Wave (No name origin)
Ultimate: Arcanemon; Magika Mayhem (Arcane is a word meaning either "old" or "magical")
Mega: Morpheusmon; Thought Raider, Psionic Claw (Morpheus is the Greek god of sleep and dreams)

Rookie: Kysiramon; Wing Arch (no name origin)
Champion: Celestimon; Sky Arch ("Celesti" is short for "Celestial", derived from the Latin word for sky)
Ultimate: MechaCelestimon; Wing Blades, Wing Barage (Celestimon with Mecha added on.)
Mega: ExCelestimon; Ex-Wing Blades, Ex-Wing Barrage (Celestimon with Ex added on. "Ex" is a prefix meaning "out of...", so ExCelestimon means "Out of the sky")

Rookie: Ieterimon; Flame Burst (No name origin)
Champion: Calderdramon; Lava Burst (A Calder is a volcanic crater wider then it is deep. Dra is short for dragon.)
Ultimate: PyroCalderdramon; Liquid Fire, Flame Blast (Calderdramon with Pyro added on. Pyro is a prefix meaning fire)
Mega: CyberCalderdramon; Cyber Fires, Flaming Missile (Calderdramon with Cyber added on)

Rookie: Halamon; Lightning Dagger
Champion: Gasimon, Lightning Sword, Lightning Whip
Ultimate: Odenmon; Godscythe, Immortal Whip
Mega: MegaOdenmon; Blinding Force, Final Sacrifice
([i]Editor's Note: While I can guess, I do not know the name origins of this digimon, as I did not create her, but was rather given her[/i])
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I have nothing against Christians...but it really does feel like masturbating with a cheese grater. I've gotten into many arguments with Christians, so I'm speaking from experience. If you don't like it...then don't read it. Problem solved and it saves a whole bunch of rancor.


Yay! A responce! And it only took a week or so! I was wondering weather this would drift into obscurity or not.

And magik is deliberately mispelled, although there will be pleantly of mispellings comming up
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