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Anime Gundam Suggestions!


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[color=darkblue]Well, I've been interested for some time to see more of the Gundam series. The thing is that, there are many Gundam series out there, and frankly, I don't know where to begin.

What sparked my interest in the series was that I saw just a few minutes of Gundam Wing-Endless Waltz and I liked it. I would like to know any suggestions on what MSG serie should I begin with.

If this thread is to be closed, please, PM me with any information and suggestions.[/color]

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I recommand starting from the beginning with Mobile Suit Gundam(1979). Then follow by the one year war side stories 08th MS Team and 0080 War in the pocket. This will give you enough knowledge for the One Year War.

Universal Century Timeline
Mobile Suit Gundam, TV series
08th MS Team, OVA side story
0080 War in the pocket, OVA side story
0083 Stardust Memories, OVA side story
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, TV series
Mobile Suit Gundam Double Zeta, TV series
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, movie
These conclude the wars between Earth Federation and Zeon.

These are from the UC timeline but not directly related to the above:
Mobile Suit Gundam Formula 91, movie
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, TV series

All seriesfrom alternative universes are not related to each other or the UC timeline storywise. They can be view individually.
Mobile Fighter G Gundam, TV series
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, TV series
Endless Waltz, OVA and movie, follows Gundam Wing
New Mobile Century Gundam X, TV series
Turn A Gundam, TV series (The series is condensed into 2 movies, Moonlight Butterfly and Earth Light)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, TV series

The live action movie G-Savior is listed as an alternative UC timeline. I don't recommand it anyway.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Thank you very much Qukey. Definetly a great help you have given me. I'll try the begining of all Gundam, I don't like to be lost if I begin from another point in the story. But I will most definetly get Endless Waltz, I liked that movie. The first time i saw it was on Cartoon network and really liked it.

Thanks again for all the help

[i]PS: I had to print your post, I don't want to loose any name of the series. Thanks again[/i][/COLOR]
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ohh Gundam X i wouldnt recommend it its about as interesting as dish-water..proven by the fact that it got cancelled before the show was even through...i do like 08th MS team becasue of its great story and wonderful art..gundam wing..is sadly a mostly fangil loved show but il still love it anyway...Endless Waltz is truly awsome!! thea rt the story...everything..i highly recommend it.^__^
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I would not recommand the 39 episode series GX as well, but not because it is bad. The show is cut short, just like Mobile Suit Gundam which is cut to 43 eps. from 49. However, it doesn't mean the story or the characters are bad. In fact, it is very very good. The major problem of GX lays in the setting which is very closely related to the Universal Century. Unlike G or W, it follows the more "realistic" feel of UC timeline with the story centering in the concept of newtype. To understand the plot of GX, one has to really spend time watching UC Gundams and understand the meaning of UC newtypes first. GX concludes the most pure and original meaning of newtype and it is done very well. The character development is amazing. Within the 39 eps., almost all characters grow. Jamil and Lancelow can finally face their dreams from 15 years ago and Garroad, the main character, has learnt a valuable lesson about being alive. The best development is done on Tifa in my opinion. She starts as a child who closed her heart to protect herself to willingly becomes part of the human race. I highly recommand it only if one has watched all UC Gundams.
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