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RPG Monster Rancher: Reincarnation


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Aurora looked up at the clouds as a gentle breeze blew across the plain. She closed her eyes as she laid down in the velvet soft grass. She started to doze off, but something tickling her nose woke her up.

?Rise in shine sleepy head,? a Gray Wolf said as his tail swished across Aurora?s nose. Aurora sat up and looked around her. A Pixie with blue hair, hoofs, black wings, and a leather outfit on, was standing to the Gray Wolf?s left. She was shaking her head. A gold and white Hare was standing to the Pixie?s left. He was tapping his foot.

?Hi Silverfang, Poison, Prince,? Aurora said as she stretched. Her three monsters shook their heads at their master?s laziness. Aurora stood up and looked across the plain. The sun was going down. She had been goofing off all day.

?So,? Poison said as she fluttered next to Aurora, ?what now.? Aurora sighed and shook her head. She turned and walked toward the forest. The three monsters quickly followed her.

?We?re going to have to camp,? Aurora said as she put her hands behind her head. The monsters sighed and looked at their master.

About a half hour later, Aurora stopped in a clearing. Silverfang yawned as he watched Aurora quickly gather firewood. Aurora stopped and glared at Poison. Poison stopped looking at her nails and looked up.

?I gathered the firewood,? Aurora said as she threw the wood into a pile, ?and you?re going to start the fire.? Poison pointed at herself. Aurora nodded and pointed at the wood. Poison sighed and fluttered over to the wood. She used her flame attack on the pile. The wood went into a blaze and settled down.

?There,? Poison said as she floated by the fire, ?all lit.? Aurora sighed and looked at Silverfang and Prince. Both monsters shrugged their shoulders. Aurora walked over to the fire and sat down. Silverfang and Prince did the same. As soon as he sat down, Sliverfang?s ears started twitching. He quickly jumped up and started growling at forest. Aurora jumped up and stood next to her Gary Wolf. Something was there, but what.

OOC: Maybe starting this might attract people who want to be part of this. Hopefully! ^_^;
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Ganute was walking through the forest with his monsters behind him. "How are you two holding up back there" ganute asked. "We're doing fine back her boss" req said. Ganute just slapped his hand to his face. He liked his monsters alot but the thing that bugged him was what they called him. "I told you guys i'm not your boss. I'm your partner rancher so don't call me boss" ganute said letting his hand down as he turned around. "Yes but in a way you are our boss master kearen" gali said. "I'm not your master eather guys so don't call me either of thos names" ganute said turning back around.
"Yes sir" both req and gali said at the same time. Ganute just shook his head and continued walking. As they walked they saw a fire get started. "Hey req. Fly up and check out that camp" ganute said. Req nodded and flew into the sky. He came back down after looking around. "There's a small camp ahead boss" req said. Ganute didn't say any thing but nodded. As they started again they herd a tigers growl. "We're not here to cause any trouble so you can back off" ganute said walking into the clearing with the others fallowing.
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"Hey," Aurora said with a sneer, "don't talk to Silverfang like that whoever you are." Ganute looked at Aurora and rolled his eyes.

"The name's Gantue," Ganute said with a smile, "and you are?" Aurora looked at Gantue. She let out a sigh of relieve. At least this guy was telling the truth.

"The name's Aurora," Aurora said, "would you join us and tell us why you're got in the middle of nowhere?" Gantue nodded and walked over to the fire. His monsters followed closely. Poison looked a little unsure about this. Aurora looked at Poison as she sat next to Gantue.
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Ganute looked into the fire as he thought about an answer he could give. "I'm just traveling around to improve my ranching skills and to give these two some training" ganute said looking at his monsters. "From what I know jokers and gali's are hard monsters to raise so you must be pretty good" aurora said. "I just see my self as a normale rancher. I can get along with these two well excecpt when they do some thing to anoy me" ganute said. "And what kind of things do they do" one of aurora's monsters asked. "They keep calling me things like boss even though I tell them to stop" ganute said as he closed his eyes. "But we do see you as our boss, boss" req said. "See that can get realy anoying after about a month" ganute said hanging his head down. "We've answered your question on why we're out here so what is it that you four out in the forest" gali asked.
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"I'm a lone wolf," Aurora said with a sigh, "and I promised myself not to go back to my village until I found my parents." Gali looked over at Ganute. Ganute shrugged his shoulders and looked over at Poison. Poison was floting with her eyes closed.

"Hey," Ganute said, "aren't you a Poison." Poison creaked opened one of her eyes. She nodded her head and closed her eye again. Silverfang perked his ears up and looked at Ganute.

"Don't mind her," Silverfang said with a yawn, "she has a attitude because she is suppose to be mixed with the blood of Moo." Ganute nodded his head as Aurora hit Silverfang in the back of his head. Aurora didn't like the fact that she own a monster that had Moo in it. Even though Poison is very nice and helpful. Aurora then looked over at Req.

"Your pertty nice for a Jocker," Aurora said with a slight smile. Req nodded.

"It all depends on how you rise 'em," Ganute said with a smile. Aurora nodded and smiled back.
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[color=red]Andrew was standing on a cliff looking at the pitch black night sky. A cool breeze pressed aginst his skin. He took in a deep breath of fresh air. Andrew turned away from the cliff to come face to face with his Joker.

"What are you doing," Joker said as he stared at Andrew. Andrew blew off Joker and went to sit at the fire. Joker shook his head and followed Andrew. A dragon like tail was twitching from the other side of the fire. Andrew leaned his head over the side of the fire. A dragon type Pixie was floting near the fire. She was taking in the heat.

"Diana," Andrew said as he looked at the Pixie. Diana almost hit ground when she heard her master's voice. She looked at Andrew and smiled nervously. Andrew shook his head and looked at Joker.

"We still have to find that disc with Moo's soul in it," Joker said as he looked in his sickle. Andrew sighed and fell backward. He looked at the stars and a angered looked crossed his face. He sat back up and stared into the fire.

"I can't wait to find that disc," Andrew said as he stood up, "we'll teach all those people who dare call themselves ranchers a lesson." Diana nodded her head and looked at Joker. Joker looked pleased with Andrew's sudden outburst. Andrew walked back over to the cliff. He looked down at the forest. He noticed there was a fire burning brightly in the middle of it.[/color]
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Ganute looked around. Even though he had met someone who seemed nice there was something that was bugging ganute. He looked at req and gali who seemed to be having problems to.

"Do you guys since something to" ganute asked.

"I believe we're being watched boss" req said as he looked towards the cliffs near by.

He could have just hit req on the head for calling him boss again but it wasn't the time for it.

"O.k then. I don't want to alarm aurora so go do some recon around the cliffs gali" ganute said.

Gali nodded and left into the forest. Once gali had gone beyond the forest line he looked at the cliffs to see if any one was there.
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Aurora watched Gali fly off. She was getting a little nosy. She made a head motion to Poison. Poison took off after Gali. Ganute looked at Aurora. Aurora stood up and looked at Ganute.

"I may be a blonde," a Aurora said with a smile, "but I'm not stupid. There is something up in those cliff." Ganute nodded at Aurora. Aurora sat back down and let out a sigh.

Up near the cliff, Poison and Gali were looking around. They spotted the fire that Diana was near. They couldn't make out Andrew too well, but they saw Diana and Joker as plain as day. They quickly flew back down to thier campfire.

"Boss," Gali said as he stopped next to Ganute, "there's a male rancher, a Joker, and Diana up there." Gantue looked as if he was going hit Gali for calling him boss. Aurora stood up again. Ganute looked up at her. She had a really stern look on her face.

"Do you think it's him," Poison said as she looked at Aurora. Aurora looked really worried. She didn't fell like getting into a fight. She clinched her fist and sat back down. Silverfang and Prince looked at her. They looked upset. Ganute could tell that Aurora most likely knew this rancher.
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[color=red]"Did you see those two monsters," Diana said as she fluttered above the fire. Andrew put his hand on his chin. He looked down at the fire in the middle of the forest. He knew that Poison belonged to Aurora.

"Yes I did," Andrew said as he turned and faced Diana. Diana looked really confused. She watched Andrew walk by her. Joker quickly floted in front of Andrew.

"Where do you think you're going." Joker said as he glared at Andrew. Andrew glared right back. Joker put his sickle to Andrew. Andrew moved the sickle, walked over to his backpack, and picked it up.

"I think it's about time we go unlock the Disc Stone I found," Andrew said as he swung his backpack over his shoulder, "There's a shrine nearby." Diana quickly flew next to Andrew. Joker sighed and started following.

A few minutes later, Andrew and his monsters were sneaking passed Aurora's camp. They had to rush because Aurora's purple stone started to react to Andrew's Disc Stone. Andrew knew Aurora and company was going to follow him.[/color]
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Aurora looked down at her purple stone as it started to point. She jumped up and started walking in the direction her stone was pointing. Her monsters followed and so did Ganute and his monsters.

"Where are you going," Ganute asked as he looked at Aurora. Aurora seemed to be drawn into her stone. She didn't want to lose track of the Disc Stone that it had picked up.

"Her magic stone must have picked up a Disc Stone," Prince said as he hopped along side of Ganute, "Now she's following where the stone is leading her." Ganute nodded and looked at Aurora. Aurora still seemed to be drawn into the stone.

A few minutes later, Aurora, Ganute, and their monster were standing in front of a shrine. Aurora's stone died down. Aurora walked into the shrine. Everyone else followed.

Moments later, the group was standing in the unlocking room. Aurora looked on in horror as she spotted Andrew. Andrew was throwing a Disc Stone up and down. Joker and Diana were floating behind him.

"I knew you would follow me," Andrew said as he sat the Disc Stone down in the unlocking area. Aurora stepped foward as he monsters jumped in front of her. Diana and Joker jumped in front of Andrew.

"Don't unlock that step-brother," Aurora yelled as Andrew walked over to the unlocking device. Andrew didn't listen to Aurora and hit the button. Aurora helplessly watched as the Disc stone started to spin and glow.

"Now let's see what we have," Andrew said as he watched a monster form from the light. Aurora looked over to the unlocking area as a Evil Hare appered from the light. Prince looked a little offended as Evil Hare walked over to Andrew. Andrew patted Evil Hare on the head and glared evily at Aurora.

OOC: Maximillion404 wanted me to put a twist on this and I did. (laughs evily)
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Ray was riding on zumms back while his lionel was hopping next to them.

"When do you think we'll find the next town" lionel asked looking at ray.

"Who knows when. Why do you ask" ray asked looking back.

"What else. I'm hungry again" lionel said.

"Did we just stop to eat awhile ago" ray asked shaking his head.

"Ya but I do alot more exercise than you or zuum so let's get to the next town so we can eat" lionel said smilling.

Ray just shook his head. He looked around and saw a unlocking shrine ahead of them.

"I guess we'll see if there's any one in there. We'll set up a camp there" ray said.

Lionel smilled and went ahead of them. Zuum had to start running faster to catch up.
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OOC: Thanks T man and fire otaku. I really appreciate it and I know It's embarrassing to be begging.:blush:

Aurora was getting tense as she looked at Andrew as he stood next to his new monster. He had a smug grin on his face. Ganute looked the stairs as he he heard foot steps. Ray came down the stairs with Zuum and Lional. Ganute looked happy as Ray came down. He ran over to Ray.

"Should we finish this here now," Andrew said as he pushed Evil Hare foward slightly. Arora nodded her head as Silverfang, Poison, and Prince moved foward.

"No," Joker yelled, "we have better thinks to do." Andrew clinched his fist. He was moments from decking Joker. He listened to Joker's command though. He started to run for the stairs.

"Someone stop him," Aurora said with a stern voice, "don't let him escape. Ganute and Ray both tried to stop Andrew, but it didn't work.

"Parton me guys," Andrew said as he shoved his way pass Ganute, Ray, and their monster. Joker, Diana, and Evil Hare quickly followed. Aurora slammed her fist to her sides as she watched her step-brother escape. Ganute and Ray turned and looked at her.
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Ganute didn't realy know what he could say to aurora. Some one she knew and hated had been able to get past them. He knew that he shouldn't ask what she had against him but there was one other thing bothering him. The problem was ray who he had to keep ditching. Ray was nice but he got on his nerves when ever he was around.

"So why are you here" ganute asked looking at him.

"My lionel was hungry and we came here to see if there was any body here" ray said.

"Ya so you got any food with ya one the moment ganute" lionel asked hopping around ganute.

"None in here but if I give you some will you guys be on your way" ganute asked walking away.

"Probaply not. When ever I find you, you always dissapere on me" ray said smilling.

Ganute just hung his head down as he headed back to the camp.
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Aurora quickly followed Ganute. She put her hand on his shoulder as she caught up to him. Ganute looked at Aurora.

"What's wrong," Aurora said as she looked at Ganute. Ganute looked back at Ray, who was following them. He let out a sigh and put his hand on his forehead.

"Nothing," Ganute said with a sigh, "but I'll race you back to the camp." Aurora gave Ganute that "you're on" look. She started running and so did Ganute.

"I should warn you," Aurora said as ran, "I'm faster Silverfang." Ganute shrugged his shoulders and picked up speed. Aurora and him were leaveing Ray behind.

Moments later, Aurora and Ganute both stepped on to the campsite at the same time. Aurora laughed and sat down.

"What's so funny," Ganute asked. Aurora looked at forest as Silverfang came running in followed by the rest of her monsters and Ganute's. She shook her head and watched Ganute sit down.

"Nothing," Aurora said as she looked into the fire, "I just never met someone who could keep up with me." Ganute grinned at Aurora's words.
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Ganute looked back as ray and his monsters caught up.

"So how is it that you managed to keep up with me" aurora asked.

"I belive that if you're going to be a rancher you should be able to keep up with the monsters you raise" ganute said smilling.

"And what if you can't keep up with them" aurora asked.

"Then you have to beat them in another skill" ganute said as he pulled some things from his bag and started cooking.

Once he was finished he handed it out to the others. As he ate he saw lionel hopping around ray tring to get his food. Ganute just shook his head.

"So how is it that you guys know ray" aurora whispered to ganute.

"We've meet him a couple of times in the towns we travel to and the boss always manages to ditch him" req said.

Ganute could of just hit req on the head for calling him boss again but he would just do it again later when req called him the name again except the hit would be alot harder.

"So why is it that you try to avoid him" aurora asked.

"He gets on my nerves. He's a newbie rancher and he wants me to teach him how to be a better one. I keep telling him that you become a better one as you gain more skill but he doesn't stop asking me" ganute said as he ate his food.
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[color=red]Andrew was back at his camp. He was looking at his new Evil Hare. He grinned and looked down on Aurora's camp. He snorted and looked at Joker.

"My step-sister thinks she's so great," Andrew said as he walked over to the fire, "I think she needs to learn a lesson." Joker nodded his head. He just enjoyed Andrew's anger. He knew Aurora could get in the way and now she has friends.

"It's alright Andrew," Evil Hare said as he placed a paw on Andrew's shoulder, "She'll be thought a lesson one of these days." Evil Hare really didn't know what he was talking about, but he was trying to make his master feel better. Andrew shook his head.

"Were leaveing as soon as it hits daylight," Andrew said as he laid backward. Evil Hare nodded and hopped over to Diana. Diana shook her head. She looked at Joker. Joker was stareing down on Aurora's camp. What could he be thinking?[/color]
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Ganute had finished eating his food. He looked around to see that most of the monsters had gone to sleep. He saw gali looking at the cliffs.

"What's up gali" ganute asked.

"We are still being watched but it's not andrew who's watching us. I sence the one who is watching us has been planning things for awhile" gali said.

"Can you tell who it is" ganute asked.

"I'm not sure but I know it's one of the monsters with andrew" gali said looking at ganute.

"Then we should probaply keep an eye out for one of them" ganute said as he stood up.

Gali just nodded and went back to watching the ciffs. Ganute climbed a tree and sat down on a branch. He took a final look around then went to sleep.
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OOC: Sorry about this, but I'm in control of Aurora and Andrew now. Oh well!

The next morning, Aurora woke up to a wet tounge on her cheek. She fluttered her eyes open and discovered Silverfang licking her. She yawned and hugged Silverfang. She then looked up in the tree Ganute was. She then stood up, streatched, and climbed the tree.

"Yes," Ganute asked as he turned to look at Aurora. Aurora gasped and turned a slight shade of pink. She quickly cleared her throat and looked into the sky.

"What'cha thinking about," Aurora asked with a smile. Ganute shook his head and looked toward the sky. He then let out a sigh.

"I was just thinking about what we could do about your step-brother," Ganute said as he looked back at Aurora. Aurora was smileing as she looked at a butterfly. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Ganute's face. He wondered if Aurora even heard him.

"Don't worry about Andrew," Aurora said as she put her finger out, "He's nothing to worry about, but Joker is." The butterfly landed on Aurora's finger as Ganute stared at her. He shook his head.

"Why is Joker the one to worry about," Ganute asked. Aurora didn't responed. She just looked at Ganute when Poison suddenly flew up between them. She had an armful of berries.

"Want any," Poison asked as she looked at Aurora and Ganute. Both breeders nodded thier heads, but Poison fluttered down to the ground. A tension mark appered on Aurora's and Ganute's foreheads. They both jumped from the tree and tackled Poison.
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Ganute looked around. He didn't see ray and his monsters around.

"Req, gali where did ray and his monsters go" ganute asked.

"He left to the river awhile ago boss" req said.

Ganute would of hit req on the head but there was more things to work on.

"Gali take alook at the berries that were brought" ganute said.

Gali floated over to where poison had dropped the berries. Once floated up to gali's face as gali looked it over.

"It's a berrie normaly fead to monsters for training purposes. A bitter tast becuase of a type of poison in it. The poison doesn't effect monsters but has a bad effect on humans" gali said.

"How does gali know that" aurora asked.

"Gali knows alot on plants, fruits and berries. Good info to know for a rancher. Req go and search around for ray and come back if you find him or if some thing happens" ganute said.

Req nodded and left. Ganute watched req leave then went to the matter at hand. He looked over the pixie that they tackled.

"I think we have an imposter here. It's the same type of pixie but not the one you were with" ganute said as gali got ready to fight.
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