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Writing Inuyasha and That Day

Guest Shaniqua Anime

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Guest Shaniqua Anime
Years ago in Japan, a priestess named Kikyo was the protector of a magical ancient jewel. The name of it was the Shikon jewel.

Demons of all shapes and sizes were after it. One half demon named Inuyasha came and stole the Shikon jewel. Kikyo caught him trying to get away and shot him wth a magic arrow. He was pinned up against a tree.

For fifty long years he was on that tree. Kikyo had past and was creamated. A reincarnation of Kikyo, whose name was Kagome, fell into a magical well which brought her to Japan. There she was told to release Inuyasha during a fight with a demon seeking the Shikon jewel. She went to the tree and removed the from within his chest. He defeated the demon and Kaede concealed him within the words "sit boy" with a necklace. Everytime Kagome said those words, he slammed to the ground :D.

One day a crow stole the jewel. It was in the crow's body making it stronger. Kagome shot the crow and in the process the jewel, making it break and scatter. Inuyasha and Kagome now travel to find the jewel shards and in their quest meet a friend named Shippo. He joins them and they continue.:)
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