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[size=1] Yes, that's how the title of this manga is originaly spelled.

In short, this manga is based around characters from various CLAMP comics, mostly from CardCaptorSakura. It takes place in the Land of Clow, with Touya as King and Sakura as the princess, next in line to the heir. Syaoran is sort of an archaeoligist who's trying to find some secret to the whole land along with some other people. As for the romance, Syaoran is Sakura's childhood friend [and yes, Touya still hates him with a passion] and Yukito, the Palace's Magician, is still very close with Touya.

Well anyways, Sakura secretly has this magnificent power that she does not realize, and often has 'visions'. She also has a nifty pair of wings, which are called her 'soul', and in the beginning of the manga, her wings are taken away and Syaroan has to go out and rescue her memories and soul. He's accompanied by two other men, but both have their own reasons for joining Syaoran on his quest. Etc, etc.

Other CLAMP characters' appearances are:
-[b]Yuuko[/b] from [i]XXXHolic[/i] as the witch of demension.
-[b]Tomoyo[/b] from [i]CCS[/i] as a princess of a neighboring land.
-[b]Souma[/b] from [i]RG Velda[/i] as Tomoyo's assistant.
-[b]Chii[/b] from [i]Chobits[/i] as the servent/creation of Fye, an original character.
-[b]Ashura[/b] from [i]XXXHolic[/i].
-[b]Mokona[/b] from [i]Magic Knight Rayearth[/i] as Yuuko's pet.

Fortunately [^___^], Tokyopop snatched up the liscence, and it's planned to come out in 2004 [along with DN Angel.] [/size]
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[color=hotpink][size=1]Oh, that sounds very interesting. I love it when CLAMP makes appearances from other series within series. It's pretty neat. And I like CCS, so I'm sure I'd enjoy this series. ^_^

Chii as a servant? I don't know if I'm down with that, lol.[/color][/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by maladjusted [/i]
Fortunately [^___^], Tokyopop snatched up the liscence, and it's planned to come out in 2004 [along with DN Angel.] [/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

Yes thank god! Sorry I just really wanted to read this bit of CLAMP goodness. heh. Hey didn't you have another thread about this maladjusted? I just remember posting in it....oh well mabey my memory is going.*shrugs* Yes I remember saying something about Aoshi and Sorta being married in this....oh well. It's all good. But I want to see Monkana as a pet! So cute. But that's a bit of a down-grade. One series your [spoiler]God[/spoiler] the next you're a pet.
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[size=1] There was another thread about this earlier on...it wasn't by me, though. I thought it would generate more discussion now since it's closer to its release date. *shrugs*

To Cahoots: They probably just made it like that to make it look cool. ^_~[/size]
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