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Anime I saw the "eye of twilight" ep.!


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I saw that eye of twilight ep.!
Okay for those of you who missed it here is the main point :

BT and Krim find a red gate to find an unknown server.

Heck, I still think that I have that episode on tape...Oh well, this is the important part: Bear and Mimiru are talking about a weird email that Bear got from Sora's friend.It mentions that there is 1 place in "the world" that is different.Meanwhile, BT and Krim talk abou it too and they find out what it meant other than the location. so BT and Krim go over to a scary server(you know, that freaky area with the church)
and BT casts a spell and they find a red gate.Well this is it for now!
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Guest MetalSonic700
That IS more. It ends there, but incase you didnt know, there was a thread for this made by a mod that might be better... and the freaky place was hidden-forbidden-holy-ground.
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