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Writing A Poke-Dream


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First off, I would definitly want to say that this is my very first time posting a fan fiction. This is a pokemon fan fiction. In special note; I don't own any pokemon.

Here's how it started. On a Sunday morning from 2:55am to 3:02 am, I had this weird dream about the six season of Pokemon. I ended up wondering what happened to Misty when the gang split up. (I know now anyway) Some movie, which I wasn't watching, played this music that made me dream this dream. Here it goes. (I'm telling you what I heard and saw in this dream)
May's telling the flashback.

Along the road, a boy with a red cap and a girl with long/short grey hair (who also wears a red hat) were traveling to a next town. The girl had a small thought about the boy she's traveling with. He misses someone; someone very special. She did heard and knew about another girl who used to travel with him. She had a togepi too. Somehow, when the boy kinda turns and looks at the new girl while walking, he can just see that red-headed girl he once knew. The grey-hair girl can see it too. She had a vision of how this traveling alone might of happen in the first place.

There was a scene of a resturant where a red cap boy, with a pikachu, a red-head girl, and a spikey hair teen guy went. At the center, the spikey hair teen was asleep on the bottom bed; the red-head was on the top bed. She looked down and saw the red cap boy tucking her togepi in bed; while smiling. She smiled and waved good night. She had secret feelings for him; and so did he. They both had a dream about eachothers feelings. The boy slept and dreamed about the girl holding his hand with love and a smile on her face; even while sleeping in separate beds. The girl also had the same dream; but there were doubts coming ahead. She saw the boy in one bed and another girl in with him. He turns and begins to kiss her. The red-head woke up and frown. "What if he likes someone else and not me?" She thinks. The boy was still asleep, but felt the same way. He, too, was worried.

Then, one day, a flash appeared. I didn't see the cause of this, but there I saw the red-head; who was in a hospital bed and holding her stomach like she was in pain. The doctors rushed her out of the room. Then, I saw other trainers in beds at the hallway moving back and forth. Then, a young girl with a head bandage was in bed; and being sent to the same way the red-head was going. Until then, her bed stopped and the red-head collapsed on the floor. The head injured girl came out to help; but she wasn't moving.

Then, the doctor's voice appeared saying; "She's going through the tough stage. If we don't act now, she'll probably....."
After that, "I'm sorry. She didn't make it in time but....." Then, a nurse's voice came. "Doctor; we have her she's...."

Then, the dream stopped; and I woke up; curiously.

I wrote all of this on that night. It was weird, but cool. So, what do ya guys think? It's kind of a short fan fiction.
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