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Writing why i'm awesome

Guest sonicdivision

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Guest sonicdivision
I'm awesome because i'm cooler than Jesus
I'm awesome because i'm cooler than you
Jesus is cooler than you, but I'm cooler than Jesus
Jesus thinks I'm awesome and everything I do

I can't get over how much better than everyone I am
I like to show young girls my penis on cam
some girls laugh and some girls get excited
when a girl goes down on me i slap her if she bites it

Im so awesome that i dont need anymore words..
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How incredibly meaningful. I'm just shocked by the sheer profundity of your words; reading this poem (if that's what it is) was definitely a life-changing experience.

Um, in all seriousness, I'm just about speechless. The [i]only[/i] way that your piece might work would be if it were made into a humorous song--and even then, it wouldn't be particularly interesting or funny. I hate to be overly critical, but I'm not getting the sense that you poured your entire heart and soul into writing this.... so please excuse my harshness.

EDIT: You might want to provide some kind of warning regarding the poem's content. I personally find it rather offensive.

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