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Unfinshed story and a poem


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Screams echoed across the room. Steven wakes. The spirit had invaded his dreams yet again. Steven wipes his forehead which is bathed in a cold dewy sweat. A girl she looked so happy, and then she'd died. She knew. 'The answer will set you free' she'd said in a tormenting whisper.
?What answer?' Steven cried 'You'll know it deep in your heart' she said. Then she eyes rolled into the back of her head, she pale and lifeless. Death had taken her and proverbially not literally thrown her into the darkness. This was cruel. No answers just questions which could never be answered. Questions circled his head. He lay down pain seared across his face; he felt his face once clear now had 3 deep slashes. Pain seared throughout his body. Coldness entered the room and left just as quick as it had entered. A shadow once Steven's now horribly disfigured his shadow transformed unlike it was before. 'What is your answer?' a voice asked from nowhere unlike before this voice wasn't calm but threatening and cold. Steven looked at her piercing eyes the atmosphere ran cold and Steven now felt more scared than he had ever done. Steven said in a nervous voice that he didn't know and suddenly his body flooded with warmness. Steven was having a violent fit, his eyes flickered and darkness gave way to light. As Steven opens his eyes a searing pain forces him to jam them shut again. A throbbing across his temples arose; Steven was thrown by an unknown force across one wall to another. The unknown force, a spirit went into his body making it pulsate and shake violently, having battle between good and evil. 'Leave me alone' he screamed. The white of his eyes turned a bloody red, his morals and mannerisms disappeared. Steven in spirit anyway had gone his body lived but with a different energy, Steven had been reborn, a new evil. He screamed. The goodness in Steven had gone to seek out that spirit from before to see if he could help now the he was free from his body. Finally he found her image her spirit he looked deep into her eyes and saw she was crying. ?Can I help? he asked. ?In your situation I doubt it, I?m sorry I didn?t mean to snap? she said ?I?m Kyria? she said softly. ?I?m Steven, well was anyway? he said. ?I know I needed you?? Kyria said ?Now we must begin searching for another? ?Explain who is that down here? Steven said pointing to the creature that once was he. ?That is Beria, a creature that looks and preys on innocent souls, your soul should have died too yet it hasn?t? Kyria said

Every rose has its thorns.

Pretty little flower, why do you hurt me so?
I see your beauty never your flaws.
No person you may be, just life I?m afraid.
Why do I never see the thorn until I have hurt myself?
And when I bleed why do you laugh so?
You see me through everything yet understand nothing.
All I can say is?.
I?ll sleep on it.
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