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Poetry by the blr


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[color=royalblue]Your love is like a memory,
Your touch is like a curse to me,
I'd rather face eternal sleep
Then spend a night inside your keep

The ultimate betrail,
I was just a little girl
I knew nothing of the outside world
but you took away my pride, then stood
and took away my childhood

I hope you never die,
because death is too good for you,
I hope you live forever Ben,
and see others sleep in you stead

Suffer for eternity,
for you mean nothing to me.
My love for you is gone.
Daddy dearest, so long!

I hate you, your scum
and I can't wait for the day,
when dear ol karma comes along,
and makes you pay.


She breaks the toy upon the floor,
just to make the child want it more.
Not caring about the child's thoughts
just breaks the toy, then goes out the door.

one plus one plus one is three
three charges a mighty fee
It went to the girl who broke the toy
and had her heart broken by a boy.

He sneaks out in the dead of night,
to dance under the disco lights
He got drunk, then he got high
then punched another, got into a fight.

one plus one plus one is three
three charges a mighty fee
That boy that got into a fight
was hit by a drunk driver that night

A husband wanted a little fun,
so he went to the beach, to lie in the sun
A hot little blonde caught his eye
So he took her to his room... the deed was done.

one plus one plus one is three
three charges a mighty fee
the husband that cheated on his wife
ended up living a lonely life [/color]
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[color=royalblue] I'm soooo glad you liked them. I wasn't sure that anyone would. They were both inspired, and the first one is from personal experiance. Fortunally, i haven't had too bad of encounters with karma...


The buildings standing tall and proud...
The people walking, hurrying around...
Inone second it all came down...
The dust is flying all around...
The people runnimg, screaming loud...
Then all of a sudden, another resounds...
So much destruction to be found,
More people screaming, running 'round
People bleeding, people dying,
People crying,
No longer clueless.[/color]
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[color=royalblue]Moved on
I will not go that way again
I've already been there before
The visions there are painful
I don't want to know more

Spare me the explanation
stop the pointless hype
Ive been there, I know there
I've lived there before
That place is not a friendly place
I don't want to know more

I hate that you keep asking
about that evil place
Please stop showing me old pictures
of that man's evil face
I've already been at that house before
And left when I had the chance
so I don't want to know more

I've moved on, I'm gone from there
please respect that, and leave me be
I've left that place, locked the door
I don't want to know more[/color]
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