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A lil' script of mine


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In my broadcasting class, I'm currently working on an animation (Hand drawn). My teacher expects it'll take from this year (grade 10) till' grade 12 to finish (15 minutes long is what I'm aiming at).
I wanted to add voice acting, so I have to right up a script to make sure the animation will be right. And here it is!
Please give me any input you have on it. The writing isn't the best, I've left some actions and stuff out as well, but I'm aiming to make it a comedy, so please tell me if the dialogue works.
Now, without further adue, my script:

~Kyo?s maniacal laugh can be heard in the darkness~
~Christine is asleep when Kyo walks into her room and attempts to take her from her bed, only to be hit with a bat~

~Amy wakes up on a ship~
Amy: Uuuugh? Where am I?
Kyo: Welcome, Amy, to the SS Kyo?s Wicked Cool Ship Thing!
Amy: Nice name. Very original. ?Why am I here?
Leon: Yawn Oww, my back. I feel like I was sleeping on a boat.
Kyo: Ship
Leon: Boat, ship, whatever. When?s breakfast.
Kyo: Food! I knew I forgot something.
Amy: Idiot. Why are me and Leon here anyways?
Kyo: I was feeling scared about traveling alone.
Leon: Did you try to kidnap Christine too?
Kyo: Yes.
Amy: Well, where is she then?
Kyo: Inside.
~Christine emerges from inside the ship~
Amy: Why did she get to sleep inside and we had to sleep out here!?!
Kyo: After she hit a couple of times with the bat, I thought it would be easier to just take the whole bed.
Chris: Boy, I slept like a baby last night? Hey, um, where are we?
Leon: The Ocean I think.
Chris: Oh, hi Leon.
Leon: Hi Christine. Um? Nice day isn?t it?
Chris: Yeah, it is. Nice breeze.
Amy: Look at those two lovebirds. It?s so cute, isn?t it?
Kyo: I just realized I have no idea how to steer this thing.
Amy: (Looking at Leon and Christine) Yeah?
Kyo: And where did this big red button come from?
Amy: Uh-Huh.
Kyo: Maybe I should push it.
Amy: I totally agree.
Kyo: Ok then.
~Kyo pushes the button. For a moment nothing happens, then his hair light on fire~
Amy: What?s that smell?
Kyo: I dunno. Maybe a seagull caught fire somewhere?
Chris: Hey, Kyo, your hair?s on fire.
Kyo: Oh thanks Christine. At first I wasn?t sure if red suited me or not, but it looks like it worked out.
Leon: No, Kyo, your hair is seriously on fire.
Kyo: I see.
Amy: Perhaps we should put it out.
Kyo: Put what out?
Leon: The fire.
Kyo: Fire! Where?!?
Amy: On your head.
Kyo: My heads on fire? Aahhhhhhh!
~Kyo runs around the ship screaming~
Chris: Hey, what?s that on the horizon?
Leon: Looks like another ship.
Shrike: Prepare to be boarded.
~Shrike and his ninjas board the ship~
Shrike: Do you realize your hair is on fire?
Kyo: Yeah. It?s all Amy?s fault. Stupid red button. Anyways, could you help me out?
Shrike: I?m the bad guy. I don?t help good guys.
Kyo: Please?
Shrike: No.
Kyo: Pretty Please. The flames are burning me.
Shrike: Fine.
~Shire dumps a bucket of water on Kyo?s head!
Chris: Why isn?t Kyo?s hair gone?
Leon: His head is flame retardant.
Chris: Oh.
Shrike: Can we please get on with the fighting now?
Amy: Sure.
Kyo: But you won?t win. I have evil monkey locked away inside this ship, ready to attack you at any moment.
Amy: Kyo, no releasing the evil monkeys.
Kyo: But why?
Amy: Because the artist doesn?t have the skill to draw monkeys.
Kyo: Oh, I see. Well, let?s get it on then!
~Shrike and the Ninjas proceed to fight the gang~
~Leon pulls out a sword~
Kyo: Where the heck did that sword come from?
Leon: I keep it in my pants.
Amy: Ohhh, so that?s what it was. Sorry for slapping you that time Leon.
Leon: Erm, yeah.
~Fighting Continues until only Leon and Shrike are left, locked in deadly battle. In space~
Chris: So, you guys have any idea how they got up there.
Kyo/Amy: Nope.
Chris: Hmm? I hope he?ll be ok.
Amy: (Playing chess with Kyo) I doubt it. Shrike is a lot stronger than him.
Kyo: Yep.
Chris: But, Leon?s a good guy, and good guys always win!
Amy: Yeah, that?s usually the case, but there?s one thing you forgot to factor in.
Chris: And that is?
Amy: The artist is a lunatic.
Chris: Well, I?ll take matters into my own hands then.
Kyo: You go girl!
~Shrike and Leon continue their fight in space~
Shrike: You?ll never beat me Leon!
Leon: How do you know my name, Shrike?
Shrike: How do you know my name?
Leon: I have no idea.
~More fighting~
Shrike: Your pretty good, but you?ll never beat me.
Leon: Wanna bet on that?
Shrike: I don?t think the odds are in your favor, brother!
Leon: We?re not brothers!
Shrike: Actually we are.
Leon: How?
Shrike: I would explain, but we?re running short on time. Stupid lazy artist.
Leon: Don?t make fun of the artist! He voices me!
Shrike: So?
Leon: He voices you too.
Shrike: So, he was basically just making fun of himself right now?
Leon: Um, I guess.
Shrike: ?
Leon: ?
Shrike: Any who, we?re brothers and that?s that.
Leon: Ok then.
~The fighting never ends!~
~Shrike looks like he?s beating Leon~
Shrike: It?s over Keon.
Leon: Leon.
Shrike: Sorry, typo in the script.
Leon: I see.
Shrike: It?s over Leon.
Leon: (Smiling) Well then, goodbye.
~Shrike raises a sword above his head~
Leon: ?Don?t miss me? too much? Christine?
~Christine smashes a baseball bat into Shrikes skull~
Chris: Looks like I won?t have to!
Leon: Christine!
Chris: Leon!
~They embrace and float away~
~Credits roll~

Please forgive me if the format looks weird, I copy and pasted from microsoft word and some forums don't allow big spaces in their posts. :)
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