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Cowboy Bebop: Oscar Petition

Guest Teammayhem

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Guest Teammayhem
[I]This has been posted already, but i need to spread the word... so here it is again:[/I]
I have started a petition at petitiononline.com to get Cowboy Bebop: The Movie eligible as an Oscar-nominee.

Currently, it is unable to be a nominee (or considered to be a nominee) due to the release date in Japan (September 2002). This is unfair because the movie required extra time to be redubbed in English.

Please, pass on the news. Forward this message. Post this link in your websites. Make this petition known!

Petition HQ is at [url]www.teammayhem.net[/url]

Thank you for your time.

Daniel Orta

"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines" -Unknown


Extra note 12-11:
According to some information I have received (Thanks to JazzMess.com) Cowboy Bebop was not released a year later because of dubbing, but of political issue. Allow me to explain before sending us (my team, Team Mayhem) mad emails. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie was released a year later because of its terrorism themes. Columbia/Tristar (The people who released the movie) thought people would get offended because of 9-11. This little tidbit, however, should not derail us from what we believe in. Cowboy Bebop should be considered in the least even if it was the fault of the studio. Please, spread the word
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